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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Unexpected Token Of Appreciation From Follower (Ex-colleague)!

CW8888, Uncle8888, or Master8888 LOL!

He has spare $300K as capital to invest as NEWBIE, continue to save under low interest rate or reduce his outstanding housing loan. 

At last CNY makan session (End Jan 2020, STI was falling down like London Bridge) gathering with few other ex-colleagues; he was discussing and exploring options. He already has two investment properties in overseas but he has never in stock market. 

He didn't want more investment into properties so he is considering stock investment.  But as newbie he has no confidence in investing so he wanted to seek guidance from lao jiao who has made it! 

Same same as Uncle8888. Actually; our colleagues or ex-colleagues who are serious lao jiao investors among us are the most practical role model for NEWBIES to seek guidance or investing experience of DO and DO NOT ! 3Ms - Method, Mind and Money Management!

Read? Who influence you into investing?


  1. U really nice guy not like many on this blog, i vouched just by knowing U for so many years blogging here.

    If not because of Covid 19 we would like to meet U & your wify, sometime ago already.

    Should have opportunity in the future, we wish and hope.

    Shalom to U and family

    Happy New Year too.


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