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Saturday 7 January 2023

Year End Review Showing Off : Earn More Save More Gorillas Vs Earn Less Save More Monkeys. Size Really Matters To Make That Difference!

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In cash investing for passive income : Earn more Save more Gorillas can show off their 6 digits dividend income to impress others! Earn less Save more Monkeys can't follow "I Can. You Can!" that is the truth! It is very difficult for Earn less Save more Monkeys to hit 6 digits passive income to show off unless one day some Earn less Save more Monkeys themselves evolve into young Gorilla or they are Super Investors who can compound their investment portfolio without year-on-year large capital injection into their investment portfolio!

In 1M65 Movement : Earn more Save more Gorillas can show off their 5 digits Interests from CPF to impress others on 1 Jan every years! Can Earn less Save Monkeys also follow "I Can. You Can"?  Maybe possible!

In CPFIS investing : Earn less Save more Monkeys may have their chance to show off like Earn more Save more Gorilla in 1M65 Movement to impress others. How come? Why it is possible?

In CPF, there is a cap to mandatory CPF contributions from our jobs and also cap on any voluntary CPF Top Up so that Earn More Save more Gorillas cannot have extremely outsize CPFIS account even they are earning millions in salary and spare millions to top up CPF. Government doesn't allow Billionaire CPF members! LOL!

CPFIS is just 35% of CPFOA and that also includes CPFIS investment holding costs so our remaining CPFIS war chest is also limited after investing into the stock market.

E.g. even we have $1M in CPFOA; we can only have 350K in CPFIS account to invest. How to generate 6 digits passive income in CPFIS with $350K capital? Near mission possible? 

In CPFIS investing : Earn less Save more Monkeys may have their chance to show off their 5 digits Interests from CPF on 1 Jan every years like Earn more Save more Gorillas in 1M65 Movement without having to top up a single cent to their CPF accounts.

Uncle8888 fully agreed with SundayTimes : Use Cash, not CPF if you want to invest and let your CPFIS be War Chest of Last Resort! Be happy with 2.5% compounding interests and WAIT for the next Bear to hoot!

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  1. CW,

    Got chest show cleavage; got legs wear hot pants ;)

    You basically throwing the gauntlet, "Come show your CPFIS realised returns in dollars!


    You har!

  2. Congratulations CW! Very impressive!

    4 to 5 digit yearly passive income = monkeys

    6 digit yearly passive income = gorilla

    Do know that there are king kongs out there!

    King kongs = 6 digit passive income Monthly. 7 digit passive income yearly.

    1. Ha Ha! Any King Kong bloggers to follow?

    2. Unfortunately I dont think King Kongs blog.

      They try to avoid unnecessary publicity.

      On a separate topic, if using OA or SA funds to invest in treasury bills (T-bills), one only needs to leave $20K behind in OA and $40K behind in SA. The rest can be used for the T-bills.

      Of course right now the T-bill yield is still not attractive enough for SA funds to be used.

  3. Sharing an option other than CPF for the "King Kong retirees" (or near retirees) who value certainly of incomes more than wealth accumulation. OCBC 3% perpetual (1st call 30 Sep 2030) is currently trading below bar at around $89.7, with a yield to worst between 4.60%~4.84% (yield to maturity is ~0.3% higher). Reset every 10 years @ successor rate +2.19%. Admittedly, credit worthiness of OCBC (AA-) is less than CPF/T-Bill (AAA), but the yield differential is well worth the risk (my view). May opt for DBS 3.98% perpetual (yield to worst currently around 4.19%) if you think DBS is "safer" than OCBC (though also rated AA-, same as OCBC). I am risk averse, but don't mind the slightly to take higher risk to "earn more", recently withdrew part of my CPF OA to buy OCBC perpetual.

  4. Haha. Why need to show off? No need to be rich. Ownself know ownself have enough $ to cover expenses and responsibilities, that's good enough.

  5. hmm quite confusing, you have been using CPFIS alot but your advice to others is not to use CPF for investing. right? haha

    1. Now CPF OA or CPFIS investing strategy or climate in Singapore has changed to Use CPF OA 2.5% to hoot T-Bills for 4% . How many CPF members are confident to beat 4% yield with their CPFIS? LOL

    2. Read? Are You Treating Your Paper Money In CPFIS As Your Game Tokens? Hoot ASAP! Why Wait!!! Have Fun and Compound Early!

      But, now CPF OA or CPFIS investing strategy or climate in investing forums or blogs has already changed to Use your CPF OA (2.5%) to hoot T-Bills 4%. LOL!


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