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Thursday, 23 January 2020

How I Accumulate $1M In CPF OA! (Update)

Read? How I Accumulate $1M In CPF OA!

Year on year voluntary top up to CPF Accounts?  Not a single cent of voluntary top up to his CPF!

1. Mandatory CPF contributions as full-time employee

2. Becoming one patient and discipline CPFIS investor who is only active during STI bear markets. 

3. Compounding interests at CPF OA  2.5% rate.

From 2017 onwards; Uncle8888 is living off his yearly interests withdrawal from CPF SA and OA. This is how he took out his dividends coming through CPFIS via CPF OA interests withdrawal and the other way is to close CPFIS and then transfer stocks from CPFIS to CDP to receive cash dividends. 


  1. Hi CW,

    "and the other way is to close CPFIS and then transfer stocks from CPFIS to CDP to receive cash dividends".

    Why close CPFIS?

    Any big advantages?

    After closing mine i have realized must not close my wife's CPFIS till i really need cold hard cash for something or another.

    Don't forget it is protected from creditors and robbers and scammers if not mistaken.


  2. Usually don't hold stocks in CPFIS for long term.

  3. Aiya, because i want CPF "pow chiat" 2.5 %.

    Also my style is only keep for a few years the most then sell.

    Then buy again when stock prices revert to their means or lower.

    i found the main problem is the mean of a stock may have shifted lower or higher due to the stock may be a different cattle of fish now - especially with QE, Trump, technology disruption; in fact because QE, i think of market has been bullish for record 11 years liu.

    i am lost already because i think even the next Bear comes, it really a different kind of World - QE type of World?

    Bad for my style of investing. All "signs" point to recession but too much money is swirling around in the World?

    That's why i don't have even 1 or 2 baggers to show in my portfolio except my US portfolio.

    Also i try not to be in caught with the bulk of of my capital by the Bear.

    If the bulk of my capital is always more or less in the market, then i will definitely be caught with my pants down by the Bear.

    In short i believe "there is a season for everything".


  4. Also because of QE too much, see how the price of Gold behaves - almost going to the old highest peak.

    Gurus predict Gold will soon reach new peak because of most Central Gs are buying.

    Many countries trying to escape the "Sanctions of US Dollars" by Trump.

    He suka suka sanctions one.

    He weaponized the US$ as a Sanction against many countries.

    Even Russia, China, Euro Union are getting affected too much directly or indirectly.

    So the day of US $ is getting closer to closer to be just one of the internationalized medium of exchange, i think.

    Almost everyone is fed up with Trump's weaponized the US $ by using sanction.

  5. Dun think that you are damm smart & happy, cpf can change its rules anytime. Dun be surprised when the payout changed to 75 or 80 & by that time you might have gone underground already. Dun 4get the saying.. a bird in hand is better than two in the bush.

  6. Yes anything can change one day.

    Nothing in this world doesn't change except Death and Taxes.

    On the other hand who is asking U to keep all the birds in one hand - that is U happen to have more than one birds.

    Too many birds in one hand, some may fly away too.

    On the other hand if CPF's fund is your only bird, what to do?

    Don't think U have alternative choice then?

    For who doesn't understand "there no time like the present"?

    If u need it now, u need it now- the money.

    On the other hand if U have more birds than u can cook and eat all at once, than don't U put them in different baskets to prevent all the birds wipe out in one stroke due to avian influenza.

    Which is not very uncommon.


  7. "there is no time like present" happens to everyone i am sure.

    Me no exception due to our own particular reasons and circumstances.

    The most common is rushing to the toilet-LOL.


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