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Sunday, 13 June 2021

Winning The Loser's Game (3)

Spur commented on "Sembcorp Ind + 4.9 SML in specie Is Greater Than Sum of parts for Semcorp Ind with 61% SML holding ???"

Jun 2, 2021

Hi Uncle8888, The 8th ed. of Winning The Loser's Game is out. Think you've read the previous editions liao. 😉 Some nuggets from this article about the book: - More important than understanding the market is to understand who you are. "If you don't know who you are, this is an expensive place to find out," Adam Smith famously wrote in The Money Game. - Ellis' key insight for investors is this: The winner is the person who makes the fewest mistakes. To make the fewest mistakes, focus a little less on returns and more on managing risk, particularly the risk of serious permanent loss. I think the main thing new for this latest edition is a chapter on longer duration bonds ... and the conclusion is that they're bad for long-term holding at current prices. Another unspoken conclusion from this article is this: To beat the market on a long-term sustainable basis, you may need to focus on companies/things which are not mainstream & certainly not in the news or covered by 20 bank/broker analysts. 😛

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CW8888: More important than making fewest mistakes is don't ever make a few large permanent losses which may make us chopped our fingers and never touch the market anymore!

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  1. Hi CW,
    Chop hand permanent loss is definitely one to avoid. I am worried about that, hence I have a no bigger than 5 percent at cost of portfolio rule.

    That's only me. In the bloggersloogersphere. You can easily find 2 camps of diversification and concentration play.

    I no balls. I play diversification, so that if one day I kena permanent loss, I need not chop handa

    1. i can vouch after or even b4 30years in the market, in fact still Bei Kaming years, i was stunted or distracted by something in trading warrants and let it expired.

      To the tune of IRRC $20000 to $25000. Got record to check if i want.

      Till this day i couldn't forget why the Dealer of Poem did not alerted me?

      When she had realised the situation, she hit the panic button and started to chase me to pay up lol - even b4 the due date of course.

      i LL paid up lol as my reputation with trading brokerage houses matters a lot to me even now.

      With out missing a bit i paid up but that the end of my patronage@POEM

      She is still a dealer or may be promoted in Poems already.

      i wonder whether she bears any partial responsibility by "Laws" of this letting client's warrant trade going expired till this day?

      Why didn't i thought of chopping hand then?


      Because each time i went into speculation it was always "House Money"

      The same with China Chit (aka cheat) Funds The 1st IPOs all over in SGX in the past.

      i can only say "Thank God" i got spare money (House Money) to play.

      Now no such thing as "House Money".

      No more money mental accounting for me.

      Money is money once in my pocket.


      Talk too much again?

    2. i wonder if i didn't payout, what happened?

      Worse still if i really had not enough money to pay up.

      Would it be messy for her too as a dealer of Poems?

      i mean again, is she partially responsible?

      Any lawyer like to Freely talk male chicken?



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