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Sunday 8 January 2023

T-Bills Using CPF OA?

Read? The Dilemma Of Young Personal Financial Investment Influencers

Uncle8888 still not keen in T-Bills using his CPF OA. 

How come like that? 

4.2% beats CPF 2.5% by 1.7% hor!

Bar Bell investing strategy

With CPFIS, CPF members may be better off doing Bar Bell investing approach across market cycles by earning compounding interests at 2.5% safely during peace times and when opportunity arises; they take higher risk and moves over to the other end of the Barbell for investing return. Of course; it all depends on your investing skills; but have you put in 10,000 hours before the next opportunity arises?


  1. Replies
    1. Singapore Man of Leisure commented on "T-Bills Using CPF OA?"
      2 hours ago

      CW, That's the difference between 1st year experience times 30 versus craftsmanship with multiple bull/bear track records ;) 2022 is when stock market "virgins" discover stocks don't always go up... Some are capitulating towards Save More now... Then they are stock market "veterans" who already know the more they "invest", the more they lose... It was never about CPF all along :) They are "Teochew" yield hogs - where got shade, where they sit! Now it seems the flavour of the year has pivoted to bank fixed deposits, T-bills, and SSB? Hey! Where's the love towards CPF? These CPF acolytes were just cads, prostitutes, and man-whores? This is of course not new to old fogeys who remember why CPFIS was introduced in the first place ;) Last Friday was an interesting day. It was the first time globally since 2014 that we don't have negative yielding bonds (in nominal terms) anymore! Those who studied economics, how is negative bonds possible!!!??? I guess for the love of CPF to return, we need to return back to the negative yielding bonds era of 2014-2022?

    2. Uncle8888,

      Most can't wait 10 hrs let alone 10,000 hrs. They need dopamine hit now & the flavour of the month happens to be tbills lol.


      When recession comes & yields go down, cpf will become hot again. Then economy improves & the leveraged sreit trainers will be back in action!

      Re-runs of old shows don't just occur on TV haha.


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