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Sunday, 10 April 2016

I score distinctions in my exam but not in the stock market (Re-visit)

Read? I score distinctions in my exam but not in the stock market

For some retail investors, even after few decades of investing, reading and learning in the investing domain, it doesn't really matter as they can't manage to escape from Greed, Fear, Hate and DEEP LOVE!

3M's in investing: Method, Mind and Money Management.

Real Story. Real People. Real DEEP LOVE!

Uncle8888 asked this guy what is he monitoring and studying now!

Super Group!

Hmm ... after some cut losses and still sitting on paper losses by averaging down Super Group to large position; but forced to cut some losses to sleep better at night. He still haven't never give up on his Super Group.

DEEP LOVE indeed!

"We don't need to win back in the same manner that we have lost it." - Createwealth8888

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