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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Dark Side Of Investing To Become Rich That Is Seldom Revealed By Investment Bloggers!!!

Uncle, how arh?

Real People. Real Investing outcome since 2006.

Look at the year carefully and think about it!

The advantage of investing early to compound our investment and this is what many investment bloggers wrote or advocate!

Zhun bo?

He started investing (early) in 2006 and then what happen ....
Uncle, how arh?
With net losses at -45%, his current investment portfolio and together with his war chest, he will need to generate at least 60% return just to break even from current losses.
So how?
60% return?
Wait for the next market crash?

Parents And Gifts To Our Children???

As parents, do we bring our unspent money to the coffin?

No. Right?

Should we dispense some of "their" money as gifts to our children and see them enjoying their gifts while we are still alive or wait until we are gone and then let them spend "their" money?

Uncle8888 has budgeted some of "their" money as Gifts for their special occasion like new home and wedding.

How wrong can it be?

Why Investing Strategies From Rich Investment Bloggers in Singapore May Not Work For You

Read? Why Financial Advice for Rich Singaporeans Won’t Work For You

To think about it for the above article.

Same as Why investing strategies from rich investment bloggers with their multi-millions dollar portfolio in Singapore may not work for you.


Monday, 23 May 2016

Cash Flow Model For Building Up Sustainable Retirement Income For Life

 Government builds retirement schemes; but it is up to us to follow up with our implementation to build up sustainable retirement income for life on our own. We can start serious retirement planning in our 40s to retire at Singapore official retirement age @ 62.

Contribution from Raymond Ng with better and nicer one. :-)

Good thing must share around!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (6)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (5)

Assuming Uncle8888 has decided to quit investing for cash flow and use his current War Chest as additional cash flow to fund his future household expenses.

Will he still have enough money to last till 2038 and how bad is it?

Knowing his past annual household expenses for family of 5 members since 2002

Using the highest annual household expenses since 2002 as the base number with annual inflation rate @ 2.5% to know how much money he has to last till 2038 when he is about 81 years old.
His Tap 1 can cover up to 79% so it is not too scary to think about it.


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cost Of University Tuition Fee Per Semester (Inflation?)

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (5)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (4)

Friday, 14 November 2014

Today, at lunch. Uncle8888's female colleague in her early 30s asked this question:
Can save more than 60%. No need to invest. Right?

CW8888: That lunch with her and triggered the above blog post.

Last Thursday, Uncle8888 was having lunch with her again. She was glad that that Uncle8888 could retire voluntary. This is something that she doesn't see it happening for herself. She will have to keep working till her retirement by the company i.e. no voluntary retirement on her own as she still don't have faith in investing. It is just too risky!


Learning And Re-Learning. It Can Be Improved!!!

Even with an Image to present an idea.

Embrace learning and re-learning. It can be improved for more visibility and understanding. When you can't write or describe it better then show it and explain it better. Right?

Don't stop there!

Keep learning and re-learning. It can be improved!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

YOLO : Preparing for Taiwan Round 3

Read? Day 7 & 8 : Taipei

Likely to be 8D7N in Nov 2016 as Uncle8888 doesn't want to be away for too long and he doesn't mind spending more on multiple trips for airfares.

Round 2
Round 3


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Compounding Investment Return : Gu Shen!

Did our investment portfolio growing bigger and bigger due to our contributions from our saving from earned income or due to compounding investment return?

Without adding a single cent to Uncle8888's investment portfolio since Jan 2000; the rise and fall of his investment portfolio is nothing more than just due to market timing and market actions.

This is how he sees it as he is not Gu Shen!

Where is the compounding investment return that is advocated by many investment bloggers?


He is not Gu Shen!

So it is like that hor!


Monday, 16 May 2016

Are We Frugal When We Need Medical Treatment? We Need Class A??? (2)

Read? Are We Frugal When We Need Medical Treatment? We Need Class A???

Total Bill for B1 Ward treatment & stay for 3 days : $2,344.36

Govt subsidy for B1 : $393.91 or 16.8%

Deduct from Medisave : $1,350 (i.e. Consume 2.7% off MA of $49,800)

A&E : $110

Total Cash payable: $710.45

Exactly One Year Later! The Unforgotten One Year Kopi Appointment! (Time To Refresh)

Read? Exactly One Year Later! The Unforgotten One Year Kopi Appointment!

May be when Uncle8888 retires in Sep 16 ... he may get more free kopi sessions when he walks around Singapore. LOL!

Give The Cat A Fish!

What do you expect from this fat Cat?


Ask For Fish But You Will Receive A List Of Fishy Questions To Answer!

We, investment bloggers, are likely to receive email asking for fish so Uncle8888 is no different.

But , when you ask him for fish; he will reply you with a list of fishy questions to answer.

So far, few are able to pass through this fishy gate keeping strategy.

Do or do not. There is no try - Master Yoda

Sunday, 15 May 2016

New Gym Under Construction - Looking Forward To Spend More Hours At The Gym Soon!

Blog Reciprocacy???


I never thought I'll see this day coming!


I'm stunned like vegetable...


If you have noticed in My Blog List; I have stopped this blog exchange reciprocity too if these blogs have vested commercial interests!

So take note of blog exchange and do it your own risks as Uncle8888 will just delete your email request and doesn't even reply to your request.

Long Distance Jogging - Do it "Naked" and "Boring" Way And Listen To The Hints Of Your Body!

Read? Sickness or Longevity having close association to a person’s character and the exercise he or she does! (Part 2)

Keep it firmly in our Mind!

Exercise is PREVENTIVE measure and NOT corrective resolution to our developing poor body condition and health. Exercise can't! 

Exercise is not our medicine, drugs or surgery. But, one thing  that long distance jogging can help to throw out some symptom of poor health and body condition much earlier BUT, often we ignore them until it is too late or never. It is our job to catch the hints from failing body!

Uncle8888 admitted to AProf in TTSH; the root cause of this 4 days stay was due to his own carelessness of health care.

A 4 days hospital stay due to common FLU. Shit man! 

Read? Acceptance and Becoming Senior Citizen! (2)

Long Distance Jogging - Do it "Naked" and "Boring" Way And Listen To The Hints Of Your Body!

Prevention is still better than Cure!

Uncle8888 doesn't run in any official Marathon Race. The last one Marathon Race was some years after NS and then no more.

He runs his own race at his own pace and does it naked and boring way i.e. no music earphone on his ears and listen to rhythms of his heart and breath. Stress out? Tired out? Listen and take note!

Our body will always hint out before any major failure!

STI ETF : Hope For "Passive" Investing For Passive Retail Investors Akan Datang?

Saturday, 14 May 2016

New Mobile Phone Wall Paper replacing the previous Goal-based investing!

White rice is even more potent than sweet soda drinks in causing diabetes

Is the real problem with the rice?

Eating prawns, sotongs, and crabs are bad?

The root cause is not the food.

This is what we do after eating them.

Do we sweat it out enough or we continue to sit too long on our butt?

What Is Investing To Retail Investors???

What did you see and somewhat can you agree and practise it diligently?

Over the next few decades, we aim to collect interests, dividends and trading P/L.

That about all we need to do. This is called investing! Right?

NOTE: Special thanks to Raymond Ng for his continuous support and contributions to the community of readers!

Your Bull&Bear picture should be reverse...

Bear should be on the left side and Bull should be on right side.

Like that the picture speaks a thousand words.


Friday, 13 May 2016

I pay. I pay .... (Re-fresh)

Real Overheard!

Kay Poh with ears open wide!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Read? I pay. I pay ....

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Switching Gear When Going Down The Mountain!!!

It is about getting old and squeezing out the better part of it!

How To Start Your Investing Journey?

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad in Dec 1999, and in Jan 2000,  Uncle8888 has a mind flip and seriously began his investing journey and coupled with bulk of his saving locked up in CPF accounts over his lifetime of working as employee saying "Yes Boss!"; he has ...

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Saving, Lending and Investing (5) - Refresh

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Read? Saving, Lending and Investing (5)

CW8888: That was in 10 Apr 2012. Time past so fast!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Cost Of Freedom or Option To Choose???

The cost of freedom or option to choose what we like to do is the cost of receiving less financial compensation or none. Sometime, we may even have to pay or trade off for it to happen.

Even for blogging, there is "cost" of freedom or option to choose whatever we like to post knowing few of these blog posts may be distasteful or disliked by some.

Freedom and choices are never free!

What "business" can we pick and choose our "customers" as we like and when like and then drop them whenever we dislike them?

Any idea?

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Acceptance and Becoming Senior Citizen! (2)

Read? Acceptance and Becoming Senior Citizen!

Senior citizens reading here. Better be aware and take note!

The discharge of sympathetic nerves innervating the skin is reduced in aged compared with  middle-aged and young human subjects.

This reduction  poses problems because blood flow to selected areas of skin play an important role in regulating body temperature. If these neurogenic thermoregulatory mechanisms are impaired by age, then engaging in heat-producing activities might be dangerous for older individuals. For example, doing heavy work on a hot, humid day in July or August might cause your body to generate and store heat more rapidly than it can get rid of it. This will lead to an elevation in body temperature and possibly to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. One sign that you are overdoing things is if you are losing a great deal of fluid through sweating.

Acceptance and Becoming Senior Citizen!

Remembered some months back, after our outdoor team building activities, one younger colleague said: "Wah! You are fitter than many of us here!"

Being older and fit is never the same as being younger and fit; but being younger and not fit is not right. You have to do something about it!

Accepted and got started with this book and moves on to the next phase of life as senior citizen. :-)

Retiring but not rich so still need to watch his cash flow very closely to avoid falling into future financial pitfalls

Uncle8888's future cash flow from 2017 onwards will come from three sources:

Source 1: Fixed Income from Interests from CPF and FDs

Add on source 2 : Variable Bonus from Dividends

Add on source 3 : Performance Incentives or Claw Back

He is expected to be doing more activities on source 3 soon.

This is real part-time job with small carrot but BIG STICK.

This job is unlike his salary as employee with no claw back even he under-performed or under-achieved.

Saturday, 7 May 2016


Give Your Mother A Break!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Sell in May and Go Away! How far and how long???


The Truth Behind Building Sustainable Retirement Income For Life Strategy

Good read? The risk you can assume is determined by: your sleeping point, your age and the sources and dependability of your noninvestment income

It is more than investing for income.

That is the reason for Uncle8888's preferred model to build up sustainable retirement income for life - The dependability of your noninvestment income i.e. counting interests with partial asset draw-down strategy.

His Three Taps Solution

Lesser wealth but will likely to sleep better and worry less over future market cycles. This is the trade off! No free lunch in the market.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Stop Hitting At StarBuck Goers!!!

Some bloggers are just blah blah without really opening their eyes wide open!

What Uncle8888 really see at StarBuck ...

Drinking expensive coffee or having expensive taste meh?


Most of them are renting a spot for doing their home works, studying or working. Cheap hourly rental with cool working environment with nice companions.

So what wrong with StarBuck?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Sell In May And Go Away?

Encountering At Least One Major Economic or Market Crisis Is Good For Our Future Prospectives!!!

Uncle8888 after encountering his first economic crisis and market crisis in 1998 AFC since starting work in Aug 1977 and then seeing his close and grown-up colleagues weeping after being told of his retrenchment. His first time seeing an adult crying so badly out of funerals!

After 1998, he transformed into an Ant!

Not an ordinary Ant; but one super calculating and tracking Ant!

Grasshoppers dance in the Sun as they haven't look with their own their eyes long enough at their fellow dying grasshoppers in the Winter whispering to his Ant friend ... "Ya, I should at least listen to part of your planning for harsher Winter "

On Bonus

Since then he always spend his last year bonus after income tax. He doesn't spend on any future money and spend only what he has earned and deserved it!

So far, he has survived one pay cut and two pay freeze with zero bonuses.

On Housing Upgrade

For years he has resisted Auntie8888 from housing upgrade and he chooses to be debt free for rest of his life without having sleepless nights over future economic and market cycles.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Way Of Ants

CW8888 as role model Ant?

Plan in decades: His matured life insurance as now into self-insured for next few decades.

Think in years: His financial and investment goals including emergency goals. His household expenses tracking. All in years!

Work in months: Make a living from his monthly salary. Tracking his monthly CPF contributions. Month after month; this is how he build up his sustainable fixed income cash flow for life.

Live in days: Living on borrowed time; he certainly aware that tomorrow never come. LOL!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Money Brings Happiness??? (2) - Re-posting!

Whenever Uncle8888 came across any blog posts about money and happiness. He can't help but to recall that happy face!

No Theory. No Concept. No Hypothesis!

Real Happiness. Real Money Lesson.  Real People!

How much money is required to make someone smiling truly from his heart!

Money is relative so is happiness. At least some will truly experiencing that few moments of wonder and happiness!

Read? Money Brings Happiness??? (2)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Your Spouse: Love Him/Her More!

Just a short stay of 4 days, Uncle8888 made this observation ...

Relatives, friends, colleagues, and even their children all come and go. The ones who are the last person to leave or stay the longest are their spouses.

The surviving spouse is the one who suffers the most when we are the first ones to go down into helpless state.

What May Have Kept Us To Continue Working?

The difference in confidence level of serious retail investors and non/casual retail investors when come to retirement planning.

Medical benefits and/or Not Enough?

Pre- Retirement Monthly Household Expenses Pattern or Trend

If you have not been doing it; it is good to start from this month.

Remember it is TRACKING to know the NUMBER and not so much about CONTROLLING to REDUCE expenses as reducing will have some trade offs. It will involve some restraints and sacrifices. Pros and Cons always! Not easy!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (4)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (3)

This 61 yrs old ex-colleague came to visit me.

... then talking on retirement. She said she is on target to retire next year at 62 and she is not seeking for re-employment to 65 or 67.

She said she has more than enough saving and with CPF Life she can retire comfortably in her current lifestyle.

She doesn't have any single investment. She doesn't believe in investing and will not do so in the future. Why bother with the market?

She is single. She lives simply, satisfying and leaving the rest in the hand of God! She prayed for me to get well faster!

Are We Frugal When We Need Medical Treatment? We Need Class A???

How bad are the food in B1 for this frugal blogger who believe in practice even when he is dying without an entitlement mindset?
Not much different to his typical chye fan meals except missing his favorite fish item. This is understandable as fish is not cost effective as meal item.


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