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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sell losers sooner rather than later, and stick with your winners???

Talk is Easy!

How easy to mentally execute it?

When market begins to show signs of correction, your winners will be reversing and will slowly becoming to look like "losers" soon. 

So how?

Sell "losers" sooner rather than later?


Fed Up On Investment Result???

Most of the time in the stock market, it is quite hard to make real big money other than regular small cash flow of dividends. Right?

Total losing dollars = Past realized losses + current paper losses

Total Winning dollars = Past realized gains + dividends collected + Paper profits


Monday, 23 November 2015

Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk - Kulai

 Read? Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk - Mersing

1 hour bus journey and RM4 to Kulai from JB Central Bus Terminal.


The weather today at Kulai is too hot for Uncle88888 to explore the town so after his seafood mee hoon lunch at Jalan Ismail he decided to go back to JB Central for kopi-O and air-con. 

He also realized that seafood restaurants nearby Kulai centre are not open for lunch business. 

Just one hour bus journey, he can go back to Kulai another time for his seafood dinner.


His Residential Home As Asset/Cash Flow of Last Resort!

Uncle8888 has been in Operations for too long and naturally such thinking has also seeped into his investment strategy.

When everything else we have carefully and diligently planned failed?

What is our Plan B for retirement income for life?

His residential home as an asset/cash flow of last resort or bequest!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Six Traits that Separates a True Investor from the Rest???

Read? Six Traits that Separates a True Investor from the Rest

 Here are six traits that separates a successful investor from the rest.

 1. You track your returns properly

 2. You care about overall returns

 3. You have the patience of a saint (CW8888: How about patience of a fisherman)

4. You know the risks as well as the returns

 5. You know the value, not just the price

 6. You have a strategy


Sounds like Uncle8888 has all the six traits right to the dots!


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Contract Termination: MPM vs Sembcorp Marine?

Back to Sembcorp Marine's History.  

Does anyone doubt that Sembcorp Marine didn't learn much from this bloody painful lesson and their future termination clauses are not drafted with extreme caution to avoid another repeated case?

CW8888: 1995 to 2006 . That is more than 10 yrs and 3.3 times the contract value

SembCorp to pay Allseas vessel compensation

(Asia-Pacific) - SembCorp Industries has agreed to pay $424.8 million to Swiss group Allseas to settle more than a 10-year old dispute over the conversion of a vessel into a pipelay vessel.

Allseas had commissioned SembCorp's subsidiary Sembawang Corp Ltd. to convert bulk carrier Solitaire into a pipe lay vessel in 1993.

But it terminated the $142.34 million contract two years later, alleging that SembCorp had failed to complete the work on time.

Both parties then took each other to court and the case has been under arbitration in London since 1995.

Counting Interests vs. Counting Dividends??? (2)

Read? Counting Interests vs. Counting Dividends???

Interests including CPF OA, SA and RA received in Jan 2015.


The Chart is saying it loud and clear!
Spend so time but achievement is not that super!

Sibei sianz!


His 10-Year Progressive Goals. A Bigger War Chest But Still Miss It!!!

2015 ending soon!

With a bigger War Chest in 2015; but Uncle8888 still miss his 2015 Progressive Goal!

What does it mean?

Bo Lampar?

How to make your investing suck?

Try progressive Goals?

See who is laughing?

Friday, 20 November 2015


Read? Biosensors - Sold @ $1.35 at ROC 30%

IFA appointed. Game over liao!

More cash rotting soon!

Forced selling for Round 5: ROC 27.4%,  more than 7 yrs, B $0.655 S $0.84

Round 4: ROC 28.1%, 1192 days, B $1.03 S $1.35
Round 3: ROC 28.1%, 1186 days, B $1.03 S $1.33
Round 2: ROC 22.1%, 1022 days, B $0.98 S $1.21
Round 1: ROC 1.1%, 1 day, B $0.830 S $0.845

Gone At Golden Age When We have been parents for 20 over years!

Read? Tribute to Mr Kwek Leng Joo

As parents when we are at our 60s; we are at our Golden Age and about to re-gain back our free time without having much parental responsibilities but we are gone. Terribly sad!

Better strike off items in the bucket list sooner and not later.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Warren Buffett is having an unusually bad year


Read? Ackman's Pershing Square Holdings off 24.5 percent YTD

 It hasn't been a banner year for the Oracle of Omaha

Warren Buffett has seen shares of his Berkshire Hathaway fall more than 11 percent this year. Even worse, Berkshire shares have underperformed the S&P 500 by more than 10 percent.

What makes this highly unusual is that Berkshire famously tends to underperform when the S&P skyrockets and outperform when the stocks as a whole do less well, which makes sense given Buffett's long-term time frame. Indeed, Buffett is well known for instructing investors: "Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful."

This year, however, the S&P is slightly lower, with a 0.4 percent decline. And while there is still a month and a half left in 2015, it is notable that this would mark the first year that Berkshire A shares have underperformed in a down year for the S&P 500 since 1990. (Readers might note that this excludes 2011, when the S&P fell by less than 0.05 percent.)

Read?  Warren Buffett is having an unusually bad year

Even the world best also have bad years.

So don't need for Uncle8888 bang his head for giving back so much to Mr. Market!





Book : Rich Dad. Poor Dad??? (3)

Read? Book : Rich Dad. Poor Dad??? (2)

See what Uncle8888 has received in his WhatsApp this morning and his reply?



Ackman's Pershing Square Holdings off 24.5 percent YTD

CW8888: Not easy to be consistently best!

NEW YORK - Billionaire hedge fund manager William Ackman's Pershing Square Holdings portfolio has lost 24.5 percent this year, extending its fall this week as its biggest holding, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, declined further, the company said on its website.

Valeant's stock price has tumbled 72 percent from its high this summer with the losses accelerating in recent weeks amid questions about the company's accounting and business practices and criticisms for price gouging. It has lost 11 percent in the last five days.

Ackman's $14.5 billion Pershing Square Capital Management paid roughly $186 per share for its 21.4 million shares of Valeant. The stock closed at $72.58 on Wednesday. Last year, the hedge fund was one of the industry's best performers with a 40 percent gain.

Pershing Square has several portfolios with Pershing Square Holdings being the most aggressive, so the losses are modestly less at its other portfolios, a person familiar with the numbers. 


Counting Interests vs. Counting Dividends???

Counting interests is low but steady steady!

Counting more dividends through re-investing or investing more saving. It may be shiok during rising market but not exactly that shiok when our portfolio value is falling lower and lower. 

Okay. Never mind! We can self-deceive and don't think too much.  

Don't measure. Don't track. Thing will be alright soon. Right?

This is World of Difference! Even some investment and financial bloggers also confused with compound interests and investment return.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book : Rich Dad. Poor Dad??? (2)

Same book but different view from another angle!

Read? Book : Rich Dad. Poor Dad???


Singapore will be a land of millionaires by 2020, predicts report

Almost 1 in 30 residents will be ultra-wealthy in five years.

Millionaires, or high net worth individuals (HNWIs), will grow at a faster rate in Singapore than in Hong Kong, according to a study by WealthInsight.

Singapore currently has 154,000 HNWIs that collectively hold US$806.3b in net wealth, reflecting a population growth of 17% from the 130,000 millionaires in the country in 2010. By 2020, Singapore HNWIs are expected to number 188,000- roughly 1 millionaire in 30 people. This reflects an 18.3% hike in the next half-decade, versus the expected 15.6% HNWI growth in Hong Kong.

Read? Singapore will be a land of millionaires by 2020, pr
edicts report

Monday, 16 November 2015

No More Haze. Time to resume night jog along Punggol Waterway!

No more haze. Uncle8888 has resumed his night jog!

Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early? (3)

Read? Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early? (2)

"She decided to work three half-day part-time per week and recently upgrade to four half-day part-time per week."

The difference between working for a living and working to pass time is that we may have reached the level that we don't really want to monetize our time and effort. :-)

Auntie8888 is doing it on own time and initiative just to make the children happy when they have completed one level to receive as prize/reward. These are hand-made and the shape of stickers representing the First Letter of their name. 

Children are allowed to choose from a few designs available.

On the next trip to Taipei, we have to look out for bookshops to replenish the stickers.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

My last life insurance policy maturing on Mar 2016 and no more for me! (2)

Read? My last life insurance policy maturing on Mar 2016 and no more for me!

Read?  Health insurance & Cancer

 "We have bought insurances coverage on good faiths but don't ever expect the insurance companies to pay our claims on good faith as they are not our father or mother who helps to pour milk into our mouth as they exist to make money for their Management and their shareholders." - Createwealth8888

For past medical treatment for his family and himself, it is all done by government hospitals and polyclinics; so far so good. Waiting is part and parcel of life. What so wrong with it?

We may heard a few cases of horror of seeking medical treatment; but many more cases of satisfactory medical treatment at public hospitals were not told or mentioned. We can't sell these stories to attract attention!

For those who haven't taste the real waiting, go overseas traveling. 

Once we missed that train or bus schedule, the next one can be few hours later or even the next day. This is patience!


What Next After Reaching the EDGE of Financial Independence???

Read? Your Investment Portfolio is your Accelerator on the Road to Financial Independence!

What next after reaching the edge of financial independence?

Everything well done?

How about SUSTAINABLE retirement income for life planning? 

When we read about retirement planning in the public sources, social media and cyber world, many of them will mention about having an investment portfolio that provide passive income from dividends or/and rental income, adequate or comprehensive insurance coverage, some emergency fund, and other sources of fund e.g. CPF OA, SA, MR, CPF Life, annuities, etc.

BUT, when retirees or financial independence folks live long enough, will they have the necessary financial resources or strength to overcome many future years or decades of inflation?

So it is beyond financial independence or plain retirement planning; after reaching the edge of financial independence, Uncle8888 begins to realize that there are still some works to be done i.e. create SUSTAINABLE retirement income for life. The evil of future inflation is going to affect him badly. Future bad market cycles are going to hit him even harder. Since he cannot possibly escape so it is better for him to prepare and get ready to mitigate for these bad things that are going to happen.

After years of drowning in the vast domain of financial and investment, Uncle8888 has finally managed to simplify his idea or concept on wealth into one slide, one image and less than 10 minutes to explain the ideas and concept behind his Wealth Formula to help ourselves to reach the EDGE of Financial Independence.

Read? The most important chart in CW8888's blog to remember on Wealth Formula!!!

Similarly, he has taken the same approach on retirement planning.  He has been changing and refining his artwork to simplify his idea on retirement life planning into one slide, one image and less than 10 minutes to explain the ideas and concept behind his SUSTAINABLE retirement income for life beyond the EDGE of Financial Independence.

We should always remember bad things across future market cycles will eventually hit us directly at our investment portfolio. Our future passive income will NOT be sustainable after that many years or decades of inflation, we will need more than just our investment portfolio to maintain sustainable retirement income for life.  We may need to take our retirement planning one step above or higher to include sustainability. 

What is the best way can we make it sustainable for life?

One slide, one image and less than 10 minutes to explain it. 

CW8888's Three Taps Solution to Sustainable Retirement Income For Life ....

TAP 1: Interests from non-market volatile assets as cash flow and additional cash flow to offset future years or decades of inflation for household living expenses when it becomes absolutely necessary will be from asset draw-down till 2038 (Age 81+).

TAP 2: Self-insured medical and health care funding from CPF SA, RA, MA, and $XXk emergency cash on top of Medi-Shield Life.
TAP 3: Investment Portfolio of local stocks from SGX to generate cash flow from dividends and trading gains.

Last Resort: Where everything else failed, the value of his home will be the asset of last resort!



Saturday, 14 November 2015

Uncle, will sti hit lowest low and turn bearish again?

yeh: uncle, will sti hit lowest low and turn bearish again?

Hmm ....

Ask Mr. History?

Ask Mr. Probability?

See what you see!

The Most Important Thing In "Retirement" - Naturally Awake Every Morning Without Setting Alarm Clock!!!

Uncle8888 will soon challenge the other half to see who will naturally awake later!

While Uncle8888 is typing, she is still sleeping. Naturally awake later!

Some said Auntie8888 looked younger and Uncle8888 looked older.  Sianz!

Actually, when we sleep well and awake up naturally, our body has completed all its cleaning and repair tasks. Right? Any Bio tutor to confirm?

Friday, 13 November 2015

Becoming Landlord Or Ikan Bilis Stock Investor???

Saturday, 6 June 2015, Read?  Trinity of Investing??? (2)

This fellow after five months came back again to Uncle8888 to discuss on his investment strategy and want some advice on how to move forward.


Super patience or dumb?

Now, he has $40K spare cash as war chest for investing and $20K cash as emergency fund. He has no debts.

BTW, he is FT colleague.

After spending sometime talking and talking about stock investing strategy; he then asked Uncle8888 how about property investment in his hometown. He said that his father-in-law has a few properties in his hometown and surviving on his rental income. No need to work.

He said that with his $40K he can also invest in one property with four rooms and each with its own door for rental.


Becoming Landlord with $40K in his hometown or Ikan Bilis stock investor in Singapore with his tiny war chest of $40K?

The answer is clear!

To confirm that Uncle8888 didn't hear it wrongly so he what-apps him in the evening:


Wealth Formula : Balancing Act!!! (2)

 Read? Wealth Formula : Balancing Act!!!

Our wealth will be measured at all times in both absolute and relative term. It is extremely difficult to escape from this measurement. In fact, no way to escape. How about becoming a sage living in high mountain?

When in doubt on how to look at our wealth; how about Uncle8888's Wealth Formula:

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

Our cash flow will be measured in absolute, receive in absolute and real, spend in absolute and real; and save in absolute and real.

But, our Asset Value will be measured at all times in both relative and absolute, and both in imaginary and real! 

What we can control is how we periodically re-balance between absolute and relative value; and between imaginary and real!

We cannot possibly escape from both absolute and relative. Right?



Thursday, 12 November 2015

Book : Radical Immediate Retirement

No need to wait for financial independence or FIRE/FIRe!


Those with dependents can skip reading this book. Likely not for you!

Concentration Risk??? May Look Like One!!!

Someone quoted to Uncle8888 last night that she saw one blogger was doing well by taking concentration risks. She is thinking of taking that approach to average down on one stock - potentially good prospect.

What your favorite bloggers may not have say it loudly?

The highest weight-age in their current portfolio stock may look like having concentration risk at recent snap shot view.

Do you think that Uncle8888's Kep Corp is about 18% of his current total stock investment cost is a concentration risk?

So what is risk?

Read? Getting good returns without too much risk???

Risk is about permanent loss of our capital . Right?

In this case, the whole current Kep Corp position holding is FOC!

Not a single cent of his investing capital in it.

Now, where is the risk by the definition of the current World's Greatest Investor of our times?

He don't have risk; but he will have his greatest REGRET of not making more hays while Sun shines. Sianz!



Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early? (2)

Read? Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early?

Auntie8888 has retired from full-time employee to stay-at-home-mum since 1995 to look after three kids after she decided to terminate domestic helper who was helping less than expected.

Once children have grown up and not messing up the house to create more household chores and no more taking care of children's pets. Previously; home was a mini Zoo with rabbits, tortoise, birds, and marine fishes. All these pets were passed. None of the children wanted to keep pets anymore. Now only left with Auntie8888's gardening.

With so less household chores and limited gardening activities to occupy  so much spare time, it is not easy to become full-time retiree.

She decided to work three half-day part-time per week and recently upgrade to four half-day part-time per week.

The Moral of Story 

Do we really need more free time to do those activities that cannot be achieved during full-time day job?

If no, should it be better to delay our voluntarily retirement till more "enforced" retirement later.

Too much free time is not easy to manage. 

Don't be mislead. Some retirees are close to full-time activities in the stock market, basically it is another form of casual day job. 

So are you willing to become near full-time investors or traders to manage more time and engage in high risk activities?

Now, Uncle8888 has his Bucket List ready and more free time is needed. Bo pian! He has to retire from his full-time employment to have excess of 21 days annual leave and 9 public holidays.


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

YOLO and Bucket List???

It is when we have lots of money and lots of free time; but we don't have energy and health to do those activities anymore then we wake up and realize it. But it is already too late!

May be we should start preparing our Bucket List early since we YOLO.

Book: 40 Unbreakable Laws of Money: Laws for Business, Success and Life

For those who are seeking financial independence ...

Law #3 

... There are only two ways to become financially independent: 

Getting money working for you or getting people working for you.

The real key to financial success is to get both going at the same time.

CW8888: Not good at getting people working for me so has to be better at getting money working for me. Bo pian!


Monday, 9 November 2015

Tasteless For So Many Months .....

Thanks. Uncle, i shd learn fr u...enjoy life. Makan. Travel.

Yes. Makan! Bagus!

To eat and taste nice food is a great gift!

How many of us appreciate and treasure this gift of tasting nice food?

Once the radio therapy treatment began, slowly day after day and one day, Uncle8888 finally accepted the fact that he has lost his taste and switched to oat meals. Every meal was oat meal since all food were tasteless and there is no difference in food choice. 

Oat meal is nutritious!

Easy to cook and eat! 

Just eat to live!

When we don't lose it we may not learn to appreciate it. Right?


I don't measure my investment portfolio performance. No. I don't bother!!!

Whenever, Uncle8888 came across reading something like this; it really funny! 

The same folks who are saying it are the same folks who will put up detailed analysis of their investment prospects and why the investment prospect is that good.

Surely they know to measure company performance with those financial numbers and ratio; but no eyes to see their own investment portfolio performance using not-that-complicated CAGR or XIRR. 

Really funny!

Read? Education - Trading - Measuring


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Money Management - What to do with your year-end bonus? (Timely re-posting)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Read? Money Management - What to do with your year-end bonus?

Becoming an Ant to think ahead does have advantage. 

It is not just about living the present well. It is also to avoid living badly sometime from now.

Read? I can save, invest and retire with $1M

Get the moral of the story?

Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (38)

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (37)

We may have to work harder to reduce our Asymmetrical Thinking over long run to produce better portfolio performance result.

1. Unable to control their emotions over P/L.  They are so worry that their paper profit will soon disappear when market shows some sign of turning against them so they are fast to take quick profit but when they are on paper losses; they are so slow and patient. Their patience can withstand decades of sitting on paper losses without worrying too much.

Do we know that when we are very good and discipline at money management and position sizing (No deadly average down). We can only lose 100% of that position when we are deadly wrong; but when we are right and continue to be right for long time; we will make more than enough to recover that few deadly wrong

Uncle8888 is not preaching theory and concepts here!

It is real and has been done!

2. Seduced by high yield.  Is high yield due to high dividend payout? When we are not aware or don't even bother about it. Just happy with the high yield. Shiok! Dividends are coming soon!



Saturday, 7 November 2015

2015 - The Year When Children Didn't Eat Money!!!

2015 - This is the only year when Uncle8888's three children didn't eat his money. Two working adult children on their own and his youngest son surviving on his NS allowances.

Home Is My Coffin Money!!!

Uncle8888's net worth or asset value excludes his 4-room HDB flat which will become his coffin money when his Three Taps Solution for sustainable retirement income for life failed so badly!


Why Do We Want To Retire Early or early?

More and more new bloggers into the cyber world preaching financial independence and retiring Early or early.

FIRE (in late 30s, 40s or early 50s) or FIRe (in late 50s or before official retirement age @ 62 or 65 soon)

Unless we have some goals and plans to do and the execution of these plans to meet our goals have been limited by the amount of our annual leaves and Singapore public holidays and we need to have more free time to meet these goals; otherwise, why should we retire Early or early?

Voluntarily early retiring can be boring unless our day job is so stressful or so boring then it is better to retire so that we don't waste our life and harm our health in the office.

What do you think?


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Two types of investing

There are two types of investing, according to the departing partner of hugely successful and secretive hedge fund Baupost Group: "needle in a haystack investing" and "tide comes in and tide goes out investing."

One type takes rigorous work as you search for a small number of opportunities. The other, "chutzpah."

As a fisherman, Uncle8888 has the necessary patience for this type of investing -  "tide comes in and tide goes out investing."

Less Analyzing. More Investing - CW8888

Many financial and investment bloggers love  "needle in a haystack investing

More analyzing. Less Investing (i.e. less turnovers will mean more right analysis)

Read? A letter gives a rare glimpse into one of the world's most secretive — and most successful — hedge funds

Luck In Buy Out or Taken Private???

Like typhoons or earthquakes, they are such natural happening depending on where one lives. 

Luck element? when we huat from buy out or taken private.

Uncle8888 thought that these are natural happening in the stock market like typhoons or earthquakes when one stays in the stock market long enough. 

So far Uncle8888 has encountered quite number of lucky and unlucky ones:

1. Tat Lee Finance
2. Tat Lee Bank
3. Keppel Bank

4. SPC
5. SingFood 
6. Synear
7. Biosensors - coming soon!

Unlucky ones that went to zero:

1. FerroChina
2. JurTech


Medical Bill Shock???

Why medical bill shock?

Thought we are informed before hand; but we still "blur blur" sign for it when we should NOT opt for higher grade as we want to be frugal?

Uncle8888 is on company medical benefit on co-payment scheme i.e. 10% person and 20% for dependents; so far it has been No Thanks! Class B1 can liao!


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Biosensors surges more than 20% on Citic's offer to buy rest of company

SINGAPORE (Nov 4): Shares in stent maker Biosensors International Group surged more than 20% on Wednesday following the news that a private-equity arm of Citic Group Corp has agreed to buy the rest of the Singapore-listed company for about $1.1 billion.

Biosensors was trading at 81 cents, up 13 cents or 19%, at 12.24pm, after hitting 82 cents earlier. More than 17 million shares changed hands.

Citic Private Equity Funds Management Co, which already controls about 19.6% of Biosensors, is paying 84 cents a share for the stock it doesn't already own. The price is about 24% higher than Biosensors' last closing price of 68 cents

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Enjoying The Present?

So true!

We should when our body is still healthy!

Read? "Early" Retirement???

Real People. Real Case Study!

"With his heart problem, he said he can't really do much with his lots of spare time."

That is life!  

The sad truth of life when we forgot to enjoy the present till it is too late!



Wealth Formula : Balancing Act!!!

Once we get older, our legs are getting softer so there is a greater need to perform better balancing act to avoid falling!

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

and the balancing act Uncle8888 has to perform during his retirement phase ....

Monday, 2 November 2015

DBS Q3 net profit up 6%, beats expectations on higher margins

SINGAPORE: DBS Group, Singapore's biggest bank, on Monday (Nov 2) posted a 6 per cent rise in third-quarter net profit, beating expectations as higher interest rate margins boosted net interest income by 13 per cent.

DBS said net profit came to S$1.07 billion for the July to September period, versus S$1.01 billion in the same period a year earlier and above an average forecast of S$994 million from six analysts polled by Reuters.

The bank also booked charges of S$50 million to its trading income due to what it called "funding valuation adjustments" to the fair value of over-the-counter derivatives.

Earnings are slowing for Singapore banks as loan growth decelerates due to a sluggish economy, a weak property market and the lacklustre trade finance business.

United Overseas Bank last week posted a 1 per cent drop in quarterly net profit, while Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp saw a 7 per cent increase in core third-quarter net profit, but also showed a spike in bad loans.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

16 Years of doing short-term trading and long-term investing in SGX. The Records!!!

After 16 years of doing short-term and long-term investing in SGX, what else can Uncle8888 really show ....

His 16 years of past records.

About 9.X cm high! 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Enjoying The Present???

Feel like eating again!

Just go to JB even though he knows very well that during weekends; it will be very crowded. Lots of time will be wasted in queuing and waiting.

Ya! Enjoying the present since we have plenty of time to waste nowadays.

Even ta bao fishcakes from another shop; but eat them at the fish soup resturant. :-)


Create Sustainable Retirement Income For Life - The Final Countdown!

Uncle8888 knows too well that he can't replace his earned income with passive income. No way! But, it is still possible for him to adequately cover his expected household expenses and also to overcome future inflationary impact till 2038 (81 yrs old).

Based on Historical Annual Household Expenses of 5 Members since 2002 ...

The funding for sustainable retirement income for life ....

Getting to the desirable state with three taps solution ...

Uncle8888 still have one year to get it done. No hurry as 5.8% yield is not that difficult to achieve.

Tap 1 : Interests

Tap 2 (Safety) : Interests 

Tap 3: Dividend Income from Investment Portfolio of stocks from SGX. War Chest @ 54%

"Early" Retirement???

Yesterday was Friday again!

Following TGIF lunch break, Uncle8888 met his ex-colleague who went for "early" retirement in his late 40s due to poor health condition. 

He is taking a break to see whether his irregular heartbeat is due to work-related stress or not. He then realized that not working is boring but working is stressful! 

With his heart problem, he said he can't really do much with his lots of spare time.

To do or Not to do also die!

He repeated a few times during lunch.  Health is Wealth!

BTW, he sold his investment property and 5 Rm HDB flat in Bishan and bought one condo for residential before deciding for an "early" retirement or taking a break.

Many financial and investment bloggers are talking about early retirement in their late 30s and 40s; but, not sure how many of them are truly prepared to take out the boredom of their unscheduled time?



How boring 'secret' to being rich (3)

Read? How boring 'secret' to being rich (2)

For employees in corporation, how do we know we are over the high point of our career?

In our 40s, we just need to count the number of younger peers or ex-juniors overtaking us in climbing the corporate ladder. 

1, 2, 3...

How many count do we need to continue in this self-denial mode when we reach mid 40 or late 40s that we are not over the high point?


Friday, 30 October 2015

Oct 2015 has ended Today. So does STI History Lie to you???

Read? High Chance Of STI Bottom in Oct 2015 and Rebound. Who says? History said it may happen!

Don't laugh first!

6 out of 11 STI past Bear Market rebounded either in the month of Sep or Oct!

That is 55% accuracy!

So it is up to you accept it or not whether STI History has lied to you!

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