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Friday, 22 August 2014

Semb Corp: Round 54 Akan Datang???

Read? Semb Corp: Sold $5.49 ROC 4.1%

Round 53: ROC 4.1%, 444 days, B $5.24 S $5.49 (Bought back higher for short-term trading)

444 days of taking dividends as pain killer!

SembCorp is falling out of love again!


Keppel delivers fourth jackup rig to Qatar ahead of schedule

Keppel FELS Limited (Keppel FELS) has delivered its fourth jackup rig, "Dukhan", to Gulf Drilling International Ltd. q.s.c. (GDI) of Qatar nine days ahead of schedule, on budget and with a perfect safety record.

“Dukhan” is a high specification rig built to Keppel’s proprietary KFELS B Class design. Keppel FELS has previously delivered three similar jackup rigs to GDI; "Al Khor", "Al Zubarah" and "Les-hat".

Mr Wong Kok Seng Managing Director (Offshore) of Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) and Keppel FELS said, “We are pleased to deliver another major project to GDI early, on budget and to their highest satisfaction. It is a result of the strong partnership we have built with GDI over the years on a variety of projects. Repeat customers are a testament to the quality of Keppel O&M's products and services as well as the effectiveness of our proprietary designs. I am confident that "Dukhan" will be just as successful for GDI as the three rigs we have delivered to them since 2006.

“In addition, our shipyard in Qatar, Nakilat-Keppel O&M (N-KOM), is also supporting GDI with the repair and maintenance of their rig fleet. N-KOM has recently secured a contract to build a customised liftboat for GDI. We look forward to supporting GDI as they expand their offshore fleet and presence in the Middle East.”  

Customised for GDI with features that enable it to work anywhere in Qatar, "Dukhan" will be chartered to Qatar Petroleum for five years. The KFELS B Class is equipped with larger spud cans for reduced bearing pressure which expands its operational coverage, especially in sea beds where soft soil is predominant. It includes a 15,000 PSI choke system for well control and can drill wells through 30,000 ft with a cantilever that can skid out 75 ft from the edge of the hull to drill wells. It also features offline stand building and 7,500 PSI mud pumps.

Besides the four jackup rigs Keppel has built for GDI, N-KOM, its joint venture shipyard with Qatar Gas Transport Company, is constructing a self-propelled and self-elevating liftboat customised for GDI. N-KOM has also been awarded a six-year repair and maintenance contract for GDI’s fleet of jackup rigs operating in the Middle East. 

Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing (Re-visited)

When Your Doctor Has Bad News: Simple Steps to Strength, Healing, and Hope




Read? Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Confession of old timer in the market! (2)

Read? Confession of old timer in the market!

More than 20 years in the market across several market cycles, and these "lao jiao" just manage to breakeven.

Probably "breakeven" is a face-saving statement.

What went wrong?

Did they keep moving into different Circle of Competency to look for better Mouse Trap (Method) over their last 20 over years in the market and still finding?

Remember the 3M's?

The Mind rules them all!


Bumi, Eni sign $3bn FPSO deal

CW8888: Keppel got chance or not?


Mr Michael Chia, Managing Director (Marine & Technology), Keppel O&M, said, "We are pleased to be entrusted once again by our longstanding customer Bumi Armada to be part of their significant FPSO Armada Kraken project. We are indeed privileged to have the opportunity to continue to contribute to the expansion of their FPSO fleet.
Bumi Armada has signed a contract to provide a floating production, storage and offloading vessel for Italian major Eni's East Hub project at the oil-rich Block 15/06 off Angola. 
The signing formalises an award that saw a letter of intent signed in April and which Upstream had predicted in January. 

Bumi is providing the floater under a 12-year charter, operations and maintenance contract worth an aggregate value of around $3 billion, or $3.9 billion if all eight years' worth of options are exercised.

Due on stream in the fourth quarter of 2016, the floater will be equipped to store 1.8 million barrels of oil, with the capacity to handle 80,000 barrels per day of oil production.

It is the first time Bumi Armada will convert a Very Large Crude Carrier into an FPSO. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Confession of old timer in the market!

We know he is very active in the market; but he seldom talks about it. 

Surprisingly, today he confessed!

After more than 20 over years in the market trading and investing; he didn't achieve much. He said he probably just breakeven!

For trading, he has tried many different methods including margin trading and using high leverages to make from small price movements.  

He also tried to do value investing and invest long-term like Warren Buffet.

The only thing in the market he didn't try is forex trading.

Now, he bets on China market.

BTW, he started young too in his 20s!

The Moral of the Story

Time and effort spent in the market is irrelevant!

There is something out there in the market that many of us still can't get hold of it!




50 Unfortunate Truths About Investing

Read? 50 Unfortunate Truths About Investing

Sorry, but ... 

1. Saying "I'll be greedy when others are fearful" is much easier than actually doing it.

2. The gulf between a great company and a great investment can be extraordinary.

3. Markets go through at least one big pullback every year, and one massive one every decade. Get used to it. It's just what they do.

4. There is virtually no accountability in the financial pundit arena. People who have been wrong about everything for years still draw crowds.

5. As Erik Falkenstein says: "In expert tennis, 80% of the points are won, while in amateur tennis, 80% are lost. The same is true for wrestling, chess, and investing: Beginners should focus on avoiding mistakes, experts on making great moves."

6. There are tens of thousands of professional money managers. Statistically, a handful of them have been successful by pure chance. Which ones? I don't know, but I bet a few are famous.

7. On that note, some investors who we call "legendary" have barely, if at all, beaten an index fund over their careers. On Wall Street, big wealth isn't indicative of big returns. 

8. During recessions, elections, and Federal Reserve policy meetings, people become unshakably certain about things they know nothing about.

9. The more comfortable an investment feels, the more likely you are to be slaughtered.

10. Time-saving tip: Instead of trading penny stocks, just light your money on fire. Same for leveraged ETFs.

11. Not a single person in the world knows what the market will do in the short run. End of story.

12. The analyst who talks about his mistakes is the guy you want to listen to. Avoid the guy who doesn't -- his are much bigger.

13. You don't understand a big bank's balance sheet. The people running the place and their accountants don't, either.

14. There will be seven to 10 recessions over the next 50 years. Don't act surprised when they come.

15. Thirty years ago, there was one hour of market TV per day. Today there's upwards of 18 hours. What changed isn't the volume of news, but the volume of drivel. 

16. Warren Buffett's best returns were achieved when markets were much less competitive. It's doubtful anyone will ever match his 50-year record.

17. Most of what is taught about investing in school is theoretical nonsense. There are very few rich professors.

18. The more someone is on TV, the less likely his or her predictions are to come true. (U.C. Berkeley psychologist Phil Tetlock has data on this).

19. Related: Trust no one who is on CNBC more than twice a week.

20. The market doesn't care how much you paid for a stock. Or your house. Or what you think is a "fair" price.

21. The majority of market news is not only useless, but also harmful to your financial health.

22. Professional investors have better information and faster computers than you do. You will never beat them short-term trading. Don't even try. 

23. How much experience a money manager has doesn't tell you much. You can underperform the market for an entire career. And many have.

24. The decline of trading costs is one of the worst things to happen to investors, as it made frequent trading possible. High transaction costs used to cause people to think hard before they acted.

25. Professional investing is one of the hardest careers to succeed at, but it has low barriers to entry and requires no credentials. That creates legions of "experts" who have no idea what they are doing. People forget this because it doesn't apply to many other fields.

26. Most IPOs will burn you. People with more information than you have want to sell. Think about that.

27. When someone mentions charts, moving averages, head-and-shoulders patterns, or resistance levels, walk away.

28. The phrase "double-dip recession" was mentioned 10.8 million times in 2010 and 2011, according to Google. It never came. There were virtually no mentions of "financial collapse" in 2006 and 2007. It did come.

29. The real interest rate on 20-year Treasuries is negative, and investors are plowing money into them. Fear can be a much stronger force than arithmetic.

30. The book Where Are the Customers' Yachts? was written in 1940, and most still haven't figured out that financial advisors don't have their best interest at heart.

31. The low-cost index fund is one of the most useful financial inventions in history. Boring but beautiful. 

32. The best investors in the world have more of an edge in psychology than in finance.

33. What markets do day to day is overwhelmingly driven by random chance. Ascribing explanations to short-term moves is like trying to explain lottery numbers.

34. For most, finding ways to save more money is more important than finding great investments.

35. If you have credit card debt and are thinking about investing in anything, stop. You will never beat 30% annual interest. 

36. A large portion of share buybacks are just offsetting shares issued to management as compensation. Managers still tout the buybacks as "returning money to shareholders."

37. The odds that at least one well-known company is insolvent and hiding behind fraudulent accounting are high.

38. Twenty years from now the S&P 500 (INDEX: ^GSPC  ) will look nothing like it does today. Companies die and new ones emerge.

39. Twelve years ago General Motors (NYSE: GM  ) was on top of the world and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL  ) was laughed at. A similar shift will occur over the next decade, but no one knows to what companies.

40. Most would be better off if they stopped obsessing about Congress, the Federal Reserve, and the president and focused on their own financial mismanagement. 

41. For many, a house is a large liability masquerading as a safe asset.

42. The president has much less influence over the economy than people think.

43. However much money you think you'll need for retirement, double it. Now you're closer to reality.

44. The next recession is never like the last one. 

45. Remember what Buffett says about progress: "First come the innovators, then come the imitators, then come the idiots."

46. And what Mark Twain says about truth: "A lie can travel halfway around the world while truth is putting on its shoes."

47. And what Marty Whitman says about information: "Rarely do more than three or four variables really count. Everything else is noise."

48. The bigger a merger is, the higher the odds it will be a flop. CEOs love empire-building by overpaying for companies.

49. Investments that offer little upside and big downside outnumber those with the opposite characteristics at least 10-to-1.

50. The most boring companies -- toothpaste, food, bolts -- can make some of the best long-term investments. The most innovative, some of the worst.

Benchmark Your Monthly Gross Pay in Singapore???

Uncle8888 loves benchmarking exercise!

Read? Relating to Singapore's income

Check here: Benchmark Your Monthly Pay By Age & Gender 2014

Definition for gross monthly income:
For employees, it refers to the gross monthly wages or salaries before deduction of employee CPF contributions and personal income tax. It comprises basic wages, overtime pay, commissions, tips, other allowances and one-twelfth of annual bonuses. For self-employed persons, gross monthly income refers to the average monthly profits from their business, trade or profession (i.e. total receipts less business expenses incurred) before deduction of income tax.

Your benchmark for your monthly gross salary.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Retirement Income For Life - How come PM Lee didn't mention investment income from stocks at NDR???

Investment income from stocks are deemed risky for average folks?

Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Uncle8888 went to smell flowers again!

Is our long run investing journey looking like this?

Did you see what I see?

Monday, 18 August 2014

Lian Beng, Heeton, KSH to co-develop Brisbane asset

LIAN Beng Group, together with Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings will, through their respective subsidiaries, co-develop a A$150 million (S$173.87 million) mixed-use site in Brisbane, Australia.

The three companies on Monday identified two components to the joint venture:

The first involves a residential development joint venture with Australian counterpart Marvel Investments Pty Ltd, which will hold an effective interest of 67 per cent; the rest is held by Heeton, Lian Beng, and KSH consortium with effective interests of 18.15 per cent, 9.90 per cent, and 4.95 per cent respectively.

The second is a hotel development joint venture with Heeton and Lian Beng holding effective interest of 70 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Extending Lease Buyback Scheme to 4-room flats.

With the extending Lease Buyback Scheme to 4-room flats ...

Uncle8888 will have his fund of last resort firmly secured without having to leave his old nest. It can be very sad to leave an old nest to settle somewhere else in order to survive.

Read? Retirement Income For Life Planning Model

A fully paid home as fund of last resort.

Keppel Corp was mentioned by PM Lee in his National Day Rally!

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was so impressed by how some employees at Keppel have progressed in their careers despite not having much academic qualifications that he turned interviewer to find out their stories, he said at his National Day Rally speech on Sunday.

He said that when he visited Keppel Offshore and Marine in Tuas, he was deeply impressed by what management and staff had achieved, and their can-do spirit and confidence. He then went back again with a video crew to interview them himself.

Ms Dorothy Han told him that she graduated from the Institute of Technical Education and joined Keppel FELS as a draughtsman 25 years ago. She left then came back, and rose to lead the pipe design section of the engineering department, supervising 62 people.

Book: You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think: The 5 Money Secrets of the Happiest Retirees

The process starts with asking hard questions about your vision of a life without work. Will you travel? Stay at home? Volunteer? Keep working? How much will that life cost you?

Four of the five secrets to a happy retirement have to do with money, but the other one, the one about being happy, is what Moss always comes back to. Retirement gives you freedom, he says. 

Being able to fund the kind of retirement you desire gives you even more freedom. And freedom is what we all want.
Here are his five best practices for a happy retirement.

  • Determine what you want to spend your money on.

  • Figure out how much you need to save.

  • Create a plan to pay off your mortgage.

  • Develop an income stream from multiple sources.

  • Become an income investor.
  • Rebooting our trading/investing strategies???

    Like our computer, sometime it doesn't work as expected or taking too long to respond.

    What we do?

    We press ctrl-alt-delete button to reboot. Right?

    Like as in our trading/investing?

    But, how many of us will reboot our trading/investing strategies when we realized that these strategies have NOT been working to our expectation?

    Rebooting our trading/investing strategies

    Read? The Aftermath (August 2014)

    Read? Is this worth my time and effort to trade? (2)

    Read? How to know when I am wrong?

    CW8888's comment:

    When I was doing contra trading, I never have any consecutive months of losses. Once I have three consecutive months of contra losses in 2008, I stopped doing contra trades anymore.

    Since Nov 08, I didn't have any consecutive months of not making money from short-term trading. 

    When I have three consecutive months of not making money from short-term trading in 2011, I knew that I was wrong. I stopped too.

    We can't know where the market is going; but we will know how are we doing based on our own past performance.

    Self awareness is very important if we want to know whether we are right or wrong.

    Saturday, 16 August 2014

    Stress Test on Investment Portfolio for the next Fat Bear! (2)

    Read? Stress Test on Investment Portfolio for the next Fat Bear!

    (Carnegie 49)

     If you have a worry problem, do these three things: 

    1. Ask yourself: “What is the worst that can possibly happen?
    2. Prepare to accept it if you have to. 
    3. Then calmly proceed to improve on the worst.


    1. Doing nothing now i.e. no more re-balancing of portfolio.

    2. Current holding stocks drop 50% from last Friday market closing price.

    3. Start deploying War Chest after STI turns Bear i.e. drop of 20% from its recent peak.

    4. New positions from War Chest drop an average of 30% from their initial investment cost.


    Stress Test Result:

    Still a Winner!

    But, loser to inflation.


    Don't be a Yield Pig!

    Up to 1,500 investors in Singapore have reportedly poured S$70 million into projects linked to the UK-based company.


    CW8888: Do we think most of these 1,500 investors in S'pore are newbies?

    Read? Don't be a Yield Pig!

    SINGAPORE: Hundreds of investors here, who ploughed millions of dollars into the hands of a developer claiming to be working with the Brazilian government on a social housing programme, were left fearing the worst after the Brazilian Embassy said on Thursday (Aug 14) that its government had no dealings with the company.

    In fact, it was not even aware until recently, when complaints from Singapore investors mounted, that the United Kingdom-based company operated in Brazil.

    EcoHouse, which has abruptly shut down its Suntec offices, is neither affiliated with the Brazilian national housing programme nor registered as a partner of its state-owned bank.

    “In view of allegations by Singapore investors regarding EcoHouse Group, a company linked to executives in the UK, the Embassy of Brazil would like to state that the Embassy had no prior knowledge of the existence of EcoHouse’s operations in Brazil,” the embassy said in response to TODAY’s queries.

    Some of the investors had approached the embassy. After contacting several agencies within the Brazilian government, the embassy found that there was “no record of any agreement with any company bearing the name ‘EcoHouse’ related to ‘Minha Casa, Minha Vida’ (Brazil’s national housing programme), or any other federal programme”.

    The embassy added that “Bosque Residencial” in Natal, State of Rio Grande do Norte – one of the housing developments offered by EcoHouse for investment – is not listed in the records of Brazil’s state-owned bank, Caixa Economica Federal.


    On its website, EcoHouse claims that it was chosen by the Brazilian government as “the only UK company to date officially authorised to build developments under Minha Casa, Minha Vida”, which aims to provide three million homes for the country’s growing middle class.

    The company was founded in 2009 by Mr Anthony Armstrong Emery. Various media reports have put the number of Singapore investors in EcoHouse projects at between 800 and 1,500. Up to S$70 million had reportedly been ploughed into three housing projects.

    Some investors have begun legal action against EcoHouse to recover their capital investments, which amounted to a minimum of £23,000 (S$47,810) per unit.

    CW8888: Don't Be a Yield Pig! 

    EcoHouse had promised a 20 per cent fixed rate of return for a 12-month investment contract, but many investors said they have not received their returns or their capital despite their contracts reaching maturity.

    CW8888: How not to be a Yield Pig?

    Help your relatives or friends if they came across excellent investment return by benchmarking against the investment return of world well known investors.

    The company was recently put on the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Investor Alert List, which lists unregulated companies that may have been wrongly perceived as being licensed or authorised by the MAS.

    Reports have been filed against the company with the police and the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD). On whether EcoHouse is under probe, a CAD spokesman would only say: “It is inappropriate to comment on police investigations, if any.”

    In response to TODAY’s queries sent on Tuesday, EcoHouse chief operations officer Deen Bissessar said on Thursday that the closure of its offices in Suntec Tower 2 was part of measures to “consolidate into our Brazil operation and managing global affairs from our global headquarters in London”.

    He added that “the position remains unchanged” and the company is trying to “improve the situation with regard to construction and payments”.

    “We absolutely remain committed to our clients and if that was not the case, we would simply shut all doors – which is something we have no intention of doing,” added Mr Bissessar. The company was unable to respond to queries about the Brazilian Embassy’s comments on Thursday by press time.

    The developer’s registered address with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority is in Cecil Street. When TODAY visited the premises, it was occupied by a company called MC Corporate Services.


    For companies regulated by the MAS, investors could seek redress at the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre. However, such a recourse is not available for EcoHouse investors.

    The Brazilian Embassy has urged potential investors considering putting their money in Brazil’s property market to carry out due diligence when they encounter any developers claiming to have projects supported by the Brazilian government.

    Consumer watchdog CASE advised consumers to be mindful of the high risk involved when investing in overseas properties.

    CASE executive director Seah Seng Choon pointed out that the laws in other countries are different from Singapore’s and investors may not enjoy the same degree of protection. “Seeking redress in the event of dispute can be cumbersome and in most cases consumers are not able to get their money back,” he said.

    Thursday, 14 August 2014

    How many die penniless???

    My father left behind $X,XXX but not enough cover his funeral expenses.

    My father-in-law left behind $XXX,XXX. His three sons happily divided among themselves. Daughters have nothing.

    Uncle8888 will not die penniless too. Just don't know leaving behind how many X?

    "When we are in heaven, our money will still be in the bank."

    "We don't seem to have enough money to spend; but, when we are gone; there's still lots of money not spent.


    Read? Is this an Increasing Threat for Young Investors?

    In theory:

    In practice, Real People, Real Return:

    Since Dec 2002 ...

    The Goal of the End Game of Investing - Financial Independence

    What do you think?

    Just one-fifth of Singaporeans confident CPF will meet retirement needs: Survey (2)

    Read? Just one-fifth of Singaporeans confident CPF will meet retirement needs: Survey

    How to have enough to retire at 60s?

    Three steps ....

    Step 1: Manage spending

    Step 2: Increase earned income and saving

    Step 3: Compound investment return through either growth-dividends or growth-cash flow investing strategies. 

    Don't be too focus on income-dividends strategies when we are younger. We may not be that good at re-investing for compounding gains. Sometime, it is better to stay invested with good stocks and let the Management do the job for us.

    Step 1 and step 2? Uncle8888 can't help you much!

    But, Step 3: This is where Uncle8888 can help to show you how he has done it with his not-high and single household income with three children and surviving over his highest expenses bombing for his three children's university education costs.

     Read more?  Retirement Income For Life Planning Model

    Wednesday, 13 August 2014

    Just one-fifth of Singaporeans confident CPF will meet retirement needs: Survey

    SINGAPORE: Just one in five Singaporeans are confident their Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings will meet their retirement needs, according to a survey released by Manulife on Wednesday (Aug 13).

    According to the quarterly survey, conducted online with 500 respondents, 47 per cent thought their CPF savings would not be enough to cover their retirement expenses, and 44 per cent felt the returns were too low.

    Nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of respondents felt there should be greater flexibility in the withdrawal of their CPF savings, while 56 per cent said CPF contributions from employers and the Government should be raised.

    Just 32 per cent of respondents said they actively managed their CPF – meaning that they review and, if needed, rebalance their portfolio at least once every six months – and only 18 per cent were satisfied with the range of investment choices currently available for CPF funds. A total of 59 per cent felt there should be more education on retirement planning.

    About 45 per cent of respondents said they would withdraw a lump sum from their CPF savings at age 55 after leaving the required Minimum Sum. Averaged out, those that preferred to withdraw a lump sum would deposit 30 per cent into a bank account, use 18 per cent to invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds, set aside 11 per cent for travelling and 10 per cent to buy property. The remainder would be used for other purposes, such as to pass on to their children or buy an annuity.

    Tuesday, 12 August 2014

    Investment Book is not your Kung Fu Manual???

    Investment book like this one

    is NOT your 

    to GROW your Money Tree!

    These investment books just provide you with the Seeds of Financial Wisdom to find your own way to grow your Money Tree.

    The Seeds of Financial Wisdom : We reap what we sow!

    Read?  Mind FLip


    Dividends As My Cash Flow???

    Uncle8888's Wealth formula:

    Wealth = Asset value + Cash flow

    It doesn't really matters whether it is monthly, quarterly. semi-annually or yearly payout to Uncle8888 as it is budgeted or forecast amount for next year i.e. to meet 2015 living expenses.

    Likewise when he is spending his bonuses ...

     Read? Your year-end bonus is here!

    Advance cash is King when it comes to budgetting!

    Monday, 11 August 2014

    SembCorp's dividends???

    Read Fool's Lecture on SembCorp? 3 Things You Must Know About the Dividends of SembCorp Industries Limited

    Read Uncle8888's Tutorial on SembCorp

    Real worked example: Second multi-bagger stock. 303% Yield on Cost!


    Keppel : Second XLE jack-up Rig Added to Maersk Drilling's Fleet

    Monday, 11 August 2014 | 00:00
    Maersk Drilling has taken delivery of its second ultra harsh environment jack-up, XLE-2, from the Keppel FELS shipyard in Singapore on time. The rig will start its mobilisation to the Norwegian North Sea in approximately two weeks, where it will commence a five year contract with Det norske oljeselskap ASA (Det norske).

    The rig, which will be named at a ceremony in Norway in October, is the second in a series of four newbuild ultra harsh environment jack-up rigs to enter Maersk Drilling's rig fleet in 2014-16. The four jack-up rigs represent a total investment of USD 2.6bn. The first three jack-up rigs, including XLE-2, will be delivered from the Keppel FELS shipyard in 2014-2015, and the fourth will be delivered from the Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) shipyard in South Korea in 2016. (CW8888: One went to Korean yard)

    The total estimated contract value is approximately USD 700 million. Det norske has options to extend the contract up to a total of seven years. The rig will be working on the Ivar Aasen field, which contains approximately 150 million barrels of oil equivalents.

    Facts about the new ultra harsh environment XL Enhanced jack-ups from Maersk Drilling
    With a leg length of 206.8 m (678 ft) the rigs are the world's largest jack-up rigs and are designed for year round operation in the North Sea, in water depths up to 150 m (492 ft).Uptime and drilling efficiency are maximised through dual pipe handling. While one string is working in the well bore, a second string of e.g. casing, drill pipe or bottom hole assembly can be assembled/disassembled and stored in the set-back area, ready for subsequent transfer for use in the well bore thus reducing the non-productive time. The drill floor features Multi Machine Control - a fully remote operated pipe handling system allowing all standard operations such as stand building and tripping to be conducted without personnel on the drill floor thus ensuring a high level of consistency across crews and an improved efficiency.

    Source: Keppel

    Wednesday, 6 August 2014

    Second multi-bagger stock. 303% Yield on Cost!

     Read? 405% Yield : One realized multi-baggers stock!

    With an unexpected interim cash dividend of 5 cents per share for Semb Corp, Uncle8888 has achieved another round number multi-bagger yield on cost.

    Most of the time, Semb Corp doesn't pay interim dividend.

    303% Yield on Cost over 12 years or 26% p.a.

    Just based on dividends received over 12 years; he has realized another 3 Bagger stock!

    Sembcorp 1H2014 Net Profit Up 6% to S$363.9 Million

    Highlights from Sembcorp’s 1H2014 Financial Results
    • Turnover at S$5.2 billion, up 6%
    • Profit from Operations* at S$598.9 million, down 2%
    • Net Profit at S$363.9 million, up 6%
    • EPS at 20.1 cents
    • ROE (annualised) at 13.7%
    Interim dividend of 5 cents per ordinary share

    *Profit from Operations = Earnings before Interest and Tax + Share of Associates and JVs’ results (net of tax).

    On Blog Leave from 7 to 10 Aug 14

    Read? On Blog Leave from 16 to 20 Mar 14

    Round 2 on BMW-E based on ......

    Tuesday, 5 August 2014

    10th Anniversary???

    This morning, Uncle8888 has cleared his 10th Anniversary.

    In 2004, the day when his doctor brings bad news .....

    Later, he was told that his survival rate is 70% at 5th year.

    Thank God!

    He made it to 10th Anniversary.

    His life is like getting his Life Passport extended on yearly basis. 

    See you next year!


    The day when doctor brings bad news. It can happen to anyone!

    Remember we only live once so we must learn to love ourselves more since most of the time we will know how to love our loved ones unconditionally. Similarly, we should also help others too.

    Read? True joy comes from helping others in hardship???

    But I have the licence. So I’ve been going out to meet other fellow cancer patients, to share with them, encourage them. And I know, because I’ve been through it, and it’s easier for me to talk to them." - Dr Richard Teo

     Same as Uncle8888. He also has licence to help too. Let him know if you think he can help someone out there.

    Cash is Rotting or Cash is Priceless???

    Me. Still thinking hard!

    Where is the Fat Bear?

    Monday, 4 August 2014

    Home for Living and not for profit taking (10)

    Read? Home for Living and not for profit taking (9)

    One way to avoid evaluating it too emotionally is to ....

    Think of it in term of Mathematics.

    Read? Passive Income??? Why must have more of it!

    Uncle8888's Wealth Formula:
    Wealth = Asset value + Cash flow   ------ (1)

    Substitute "Asset value" with "Home" ---- (2)

    Wealth = Home + Cash flow   

    Does your Home currently generate any cash flow to supplement your living expenses?

    Yes or No?

    Don't defend your answer with your emotions.

    In our retirement phase with no or little earned income, we will need to have good level of cash flow coming from our current assets to support our living. 

    Can our Home provide that level of cash flow now?

    Our Home is our future Asset that can generate cash flow with some trade off. That trade off is the necessary Evil!




    Sunday, 3 August 2014

    Benchmarking Your Investment Portfolio???

    Read? Does Your Portfolio Pass The Bolognese Test?

    For instance, if your portfolio is comprised mainly of Singapore companies, then measuring your performance against, say, the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI) could help determine how good our stock-picking skills really are. You could also compare your returns against one of the low-cost index trackers such as the STI ETF (SGX: ES3) or the Nikko AM STI ETF100 (SGX: G3B).


    Uncle8888 fully agreed on the Bolognese Test.


    See what Uncle8888 benchmark?


    Why investing is not easy???

    You are reading, reading and learning too many theories on investing Methods; but only one practice that truly works over long run.

    There is one practice all retail investors must do and do it well!


    No one right Method but only one right Practice. Don't lose money!




    Joining the Camp of Blue Chips Uncles and Aunties as Blue Chips Di Di and Mei Mei???

    Are you among those who will be joining the Camp of Blue Chips Uncles and Aunties as Blue Chips Di Di and Mei Mei from Jan 2015?

    The best thing to happen in Jan 2015?
     STI to be down by at least 20% from now.

    Saturday, 2 August 2014

    Do you have $30K?

    Read? Trinity of Investing???

    One day, one young colleague came to me and said he wanted to learn investing from me (Uncle8888 doesn't even know him. Not sure who in the office asked him to look for me)

    Uncle8888: "Do you have $30K?"

    Young man: "No."

    Uncle8888: "Save up to $30K first."

    Young man walked away. He should be disappointed. Right?

    The Game Plan will change in 2015

    To improve retail investors’ access to a broader range of listed securities, particularly blue-chip stocks, SGX will also reduce the board lot size for securities listed on SGX from the existing 1,000 shares to 100 shares in January 2015. SGX will announce details of this initiative by end August 2014.


    Read? Retail investors to get access to wider range of stocks


    Money not enough?

    No worry!

    From Jan 2015, expensive Blue Chips will become affordable. You too can become Blue Chips Di Di.
     Uncle8888 just realized something!

    Now Uncle8888 cannot brush them off by saying you have $30K or not?

    1,000 shares lot = $30K

    100 shares lot = $3K

    $3K many young investors will have. Right?

    Cham liao!

    DBS : Are more Bulls falling in love with DBS???

    Till some great distance to reach Oct 2007 Bull Peak (After XD @ $20.4)

    Long On Keppel Corp If You Can Afford It (2)


    Read? Long On Keppel Corp If You Can Afford It



    To improve retail investors’ access to a broader range of listed securities, particularly blue-chip stocks, SGX will also reduce the board lot size for securities listed on SGX from the existing 1,000 shares to 100 shares in January 2015. SGX will announce details of this initiative by end August 2014.


    Read? Retail investors to get access to wider range of stocks


    Money not enough?

    No worry!

    From Jan 2015, expensive Blue Chips will become affordable. You too can become Blue Chips Di Di.

    Come and join Blue Chips Uncle8888. Huat in the next market crash!

    Welcome to Ministry of Wealth and Gifts for your loved ones!

    This blog is authored by an old multi-bagger blue chips stock picker uncle from HDB heartland!


    One thing to remember is to ignore those theory and concept people who will point to you that there were few blue chips that became black chips.

    Whatever chips; there always be outliers of big winners and losers. 

    On average-based; most blue chips will be supported by passive investors though STI ETF. Right?

    Joining Uncle888?

    No excuse now. 

    Money Not Enough?


     See you next year!




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