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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Show us your IRAS Tax Return and Tax Payable???

You made millions from trading?

Show us your IRAS Tax Return and Tax Payable for 2014!

Trust, Poke and Verify - SMOL

Ask at your next free previews and share the reaction from the Gurus.

Know Your Net Worth???

Surprisingly, Uncle8888 realized that not many people in his office bother to periodically track and update their Net Worth. Probably, they are not aware of knowing their Net Worth is an essential in their financial planning journey.

Hmm..  may be they are Grasshoppers. 

Why plan so much? 

For what? The Sun will rise tomorrow. No?

How about you?

It is not difficult to track Net Worth. Dr Wealth has free tracking tool to do that or Google for worksheet.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

More homes sold through public auctions

SINGAPORE: Of all the private homes being sold through public auctions, about 70 per cent were put on sale by their owners, according to Colliers International which holds one such auction every month.

The remaining are put on auction by banks. Seventy-four per cent of all auctioned properties this year were condominiums while the rest were landed properties.

Colliers said more homes were being auctioned off due to rising interest rates and defaults in mortgage payments.

"This is because of the tighter financing and regulatory environment, which makes it difficult for borrowers on default to dispose their property on their own in the open market. 

Consequently if they are in default, the bank will repossess the property for auction sale," said Grace Ng, Deputy Managing Director of Colliers International.

According to numbers from the Credit Bureau (Singapore), 25 homeowners were unable to pay their mortgages in the first nine months of this year. This was compared to 10 in the same period time last year.

The number of those who delayed their payments for more than 30 days also rose by about 12 per cent, to almost 9,000.

Market Cycles of What???

Just For Thinking ..

Market cycles are nothing more than past and future cycles of ....

Greed and Fear!

Love and Hate!

Cash is King. Cash is rotting!

Wu Lampar and Bo Lampar!

Read? DBS: Just 1.7% to 2007 Peak

DBS is Uncle8888's No 3.

His most hated one in 2008 now became his most beloved one. The only one in his portfolio to recover near 2007 peak stock price.  The rest of them are far behind 2007 peak. Sianz!

Why DBS is his most hated one in 2008?


Great pain in his ass!

In 2008, when every other day, he read bad news and prediction of Great Depression 2.0 coming. It could last more 10 years! His thought of Ah Boi and Ah Ger going to university in August 2009 getting him more worries. 

Where is the money? 

Simi Create Wealth in the Stock Market???

It is more like Destroy Wealth!!!


His lampar shrunk!

Great pain in his ass became real!

His most hated one: DBS!


Round 17: ROC - 31.1%, 232 days, B $24.20 S $16.80

Round 16: ROC - 21.6%, 222 days, B $23.20 S $18.32

Round 15: ROC - 18.1%, 186 days, B $22.90 S $18.88

Round 14: ROC - 9.2%, 70 days, B $21.00 S $19.20

Round 13: ROC +9%, 65 days, B $20.50 S $22.50

Round 12: ROC +10.6%, 8 days, B $20.50 S $22.60

The highest purchase of $24.20 is $19.07 after adjusting for right issue. It has since recovered its losses too.

No 3 is currently loved by the Market.  His hate in 2008 now became his beloved one in 2014.

No 1 is his smelly Oily man.

No 2 is his Power Less Generators dragged further down by its smelly oily brother.

One great investing lesson in 2009 in Mathematically term he has learned and must remember hard:

The size of one's lampar is directly proportionally to the size of one's War Chest when the market crashes!


Dow, S&P 500 power to new records on China stimulus

STI super sianz!!!

NEW YORK: US stocks rose to fresh records on Friday (Nov 21), easily eclipsing prior peaks following China's surprise interest-rate cut.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 91.06 points (0.51 per cent) to 17,810.06, posting its second straight record close.

The broad-based S&P 500 gained 10.75 points (0.52 per cent) to 2,063.50, while the tech-rich Nasdaq Composite Index advanced 11.10 points (0.24 per cent) to 4,712.97.

The People's Bank of China unexpectedly cut benchmark interest rates for the first time in more than two years to boost sagging economic growth. Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at BMO Private Bank, said China's move was "a huge benefit" for global economy.

Analysts also were encouraged by comments from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi that the bank is ready to immediately expand stimulus efforts to return the eurozone to its inflation objective.
The twin China and ECB moves were "big news," said Alan Skrainka, chief investment officer at Cornerstone Wealth Management. "It's just the prescription the doctor ordered," Skrainka said. "There is a serious risk of deflation in Europe and China was struggling to maintain its growth goal as well."

Equity markets in Britain (+1.1 per cent), France (+2.7 per cent) and Germany (+2.6 per cent) all rose.
Dow member Caterpillar, a big supplier to Chinese industry, gained 4.3 per cent.

Miners Freeport-McMoRan (+3.6 per cent) and Southern Copper (+4.6 per cent) rose on rising copper prices in anticipation of stronger Chinese demand, while oil stocks like Dow member ExxonMobil (+1.0 per cent) and Halliburton (+2.9 per cent) also gained.

Dow member Microsoft fell 1.5 per cent after Jefferies rated it "underperform." Jefferies said the tech giant's position in mobile technology is weak and that chief executive Satya Nadella is unlikely to make significant changes.

Sotheby's bolted 6.9 per cent higher after it announced that chief executive William Ruprecht stepped down. The move follows pressure by activist shareholder Daniel Loeb, who pushed his way onto the Sotheby's board earlier this year.

Hertz Global Holdings gained 4.5 per cent as it named former United Airlines chief operating officer John Tague as its new chief executive. The appointment comes after another prominent activist, Carl Icahn, won three Hertz board seats in September.

Bond prices rose. The yield on the 10-year US Treasury fell to 2.32 per cent from 2.34 per cent on Thursday, while the 30-year dipped to 3.02 per cent from 3.05 per cent. Bond yields and prices move inversely.

Friday, 21 November 2014

DBS: Just 1.7% to 2007 Peak

Reaching Financial Independence???

Is there any confusion over the meaning of Reaching Financial Independence over early Retirees from workforce?

Do you?

Me as a Pig!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

5 Ways to Put Money to Work for You

Most of us need to work in order to get money. But your money can also work for you. In fact, your money can do most of the work to help you retire comfortably if you save and invest consistently. Here's how to make your assets propel you to a secure retirement. 

Start saving.  

The first step is to save a portion of every paycheck in a savings or investment account. Your money can't begin to work for you unless you set some aside for the future. Putting the money in a retirement account can help it grow even faster without the drag of taxes

Savings snowball. 

Once your money starts to generate returns, that amount will be added to your savings and generate its own returns. If you don't spend the income from your investments, the extra cash makes your original ball of savings even bigger. You can also add windfalls such as tax refunds or bonuses to your pot of savings to make it grow even faster. Plus, you can always find ways to make extra money to add to the investments. 

Money works nonstop 24/7

As long as you leave the money in the account it will continue to work for you. Equity valuations can be pretty volatile, but the long term trajectory is always up because the global economy as a whole is always growing. In addition, many investments pay out cash regularly in the form of dividends and interest. You get paid even if you don't do any work. As long as you don't raid the accounts, your money will work for you. 

You may have to pay fees to manage it (But, Uncle8888 doesn't like)

In some cases having money can cost you money. You might need to pay a financial adviser to help you manage it or end up invested in an actively managed mutual fund where a fund manager takes a cut of the profits to help you manage your stash. However, you can always minimize the fees by investing yourself using low cost index funds. Pay careful attention to the expense ratio and other fees associated with each investment you select.

Create a passive income stream. 

If you save and invest for long enough, your investment returns may be able to replace the income you earn by working. The money you have in an investment account can be used to build passive income. As you make long term investments with your money consistently through the thick or thin, the amount of money you have invested will continue to grow. As you accumulate wealth, you build passive income to a point where work is optional. I've been saving and investing for a couple decades already, allowing me to routinely turn down lucrative work opportunities that cut too much into my family time. The key is to understand how equity markets work and to develop a long term game plan so you don't panic and sell at the next inevitable stock market crash. 

Getting money to work better for us is actually relatively easy. Relatively new innovations such as low cost index funds and discount brokerages are making investing more affordable than ever before. It's reducing spending and saving more that is extremely difficult for some people. If you make an effort to manage your own investments and minimize fees you will be able to invest even more efficiently and effectively. Many of us work very hard to earn our paychecks. Saving that money and investing it consistently can make your money generate returns for you. 

Reading this won't make you great! (Think it is a good time to re-read)

Read? Reading this won't make you great! (Think it is a good time to re-read)


He is still having net losses of more than $50K to date after all these reading!


She started in 2006 and read a few books but got bored with reading such investment books. But, to date, she still managed to make $13K net.

Her stocks pick are Blue Chips and Miss Chips.

CDL (miss chip)
CPL(miss chip)
Cosco(miss chip)
HYFLUX (miss chip)
YZJ (miss chip)
REL (miss chip)

From 2006 to 2007, she has done quite well in short-term trading making some money plus collecting many years of dividend income to offset her current unrealized losses.

After she has experienced her great pain sitting papers losses while running out of money in 2009; she has stopped thinking the idea of making money from stock market. It is more productive to spend her time in her career.

Sometime ago, she has made this special request to Uncle8888 for wake up service when it is time to come back to the stock market.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The truth: Passive Income as Retirement Income is not that difficult!!!

Just For Thinking

Uncle8888 is getting tired of keep repeating it to some of his younger colleagues around him whenever they talk about passive income in retirement planning.

Passive income is a direct function of Account Size!

Larger our account size. The easier to reach that level of passive income required to sustain our retirement life.

How to grow our Account size to reach that large size?

1. Earn more and save more

2. Can consider growth-dividend and capital appreciation strategies.

3. For long only retail investors, can consider capital recovery strategy to build up War Chest for the next market cycle. 

It is through higher earning, higher saving, higher capital appreciation and higher re-investment gains; then we may reach that large account size sooner and then change our future investing strategy to generate passive income required to sustain our retirement life.


Not right?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Keppel Infrastructure Trust to combine with CitySpring Infrastructure Trust and acquire 51% stake in Keppel Merlimau Cogen

Creating the largest Singapore infrastructure-focused business trust with total assets of over S$4 billionAttractive portfolio of core infrastructure assetsIncreased scale and liquidity, better positioned for future growth
Keppel Infrastructure to become sponsor of the Combined Trust
Keppel and Temasek to remain the two largest unitholders in the Combined Trust

Keppel Infrastructure Fund Management Pte. Ltd. ("KIFM") and CitySpring Infrastructure Management Pte. Ltd. ("CSIM") in their capacity as trustee-manager of Keppel Infrastructure Trust ("KIT") and CitySpring Infrastructure Trust ("CIT"), respectively, have agreed to combine KIT and CIT ("Combination").

In addition, KIT has today agreed to acquire a 51% stake in Keppel Merlimau Cogen Pte. Ltd. ("KMC") ("KMC Acquisition") which will form an integral part of the Combination.

The Combination will be effected by CIT acquiring all the business undertakings and assets of KIT in exchange for 1,326 million new units of CIT. The swap ratio has been arrived at based on the market capitalizations of S$658 million of KIT and S$753 million of CIT, based on their units' respective volume weighted average prices ("VWAP") for the 180-day period ended on 13 November 20141. Each KIT unitholder will receive 2.106 new CIT units for every KIT unit held. The swap ratio is fixed and is not subject to any adjustment.

Upon completion of the Combination, Keppel Corporation Limited ("Keppel"), via its wholly-owned subsidiary, Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte. Ltd. ("KI") will become the largest unitholder and Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited ("Temasek"), through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, will become the second largest unitholder with approximately 22.9%2 and 19.97%3 ownership in the Combined Trust respectively.

CIT will be renamed Keppel Infrastructure Trust ("Combined Trust") and KIFM (or another related entity of KIFM) will be appointed trustee-manager of the Combined Trust.

KMC owns a 1,300 MW combined cycle gas turbine power generation facility on Jurong Island, Singapore. The aggregate purchase consideration for the KMC Acquisition will be S$510 million in cash which is planned to be financed by an equity fund raising exercise.

Each of KIFM and CSIM believe the transactions to be DPU accretive4 for existing unitholders of KIT and CIT, respectively. In addition, prior to the completion of the Combination, existing CIT unitholders will receive a one-time distribution of S$30 million. After the completion of the Combination but before the equity fund raising, the Combined Trust will make a one-time S$30 million distribution to its expanded base of unitholders.

These transactions are subject to the approval of minority unitholders of KIT and CIT, and Keppel and Temasek will abstain from voting.

After the Combination and KMC Acquisition, the Combined Trust will be the largest Singapore infrastructure-focused business trust listed on the SGX-ST with a market capitalization that is expected to exceed S$1.9 billion5 and proforma total assets in excess of S$4 billion.

Mr Khor Un-Hun, CEO of KIFM said, "With the support of the unitholders, the transactions will combine KIT and CIT into an attractive flagship infrastructure investment vehicle in Singapore sponsored by KI, offering investors exposure to its large and diversified core infrastructure portfolio."

Mr Tong Yew Heng, CEO of CSIM added, "The Combination and the KMC Acquisition are transformational. With greater scale and critical mass, the Combined Trust will be able to better access the capital markets to pursue meaningful growth opportunities in the future. Such future growth opportunities could include assets incubated by KI in addition to other infrastructure assets that meet our investment criteria."

The Combination

The Combination and the KMC Acquisition will create the largest Singapore infrastructure-focused business trust.

KIT's portfolio:
• Senoko Waste-to-Energy Plant, the only incineration plant servicing the eastern, northern and central areas of Singapore,
• Keppel Seghers Tuas Waste-to-Energy Plant, the newest of the four waste incineration plants currently operating in Singapore,
• Ulu Pandan NEWater Plant, the second largest NEWater plant in Singapore, and
• The proposed acquisition of the 51% stake in KMC, a top-tier gas-fired power plant in Singapore.

CIT's portfolio:
• City Gas, the sole producer and retailer of town gas in Singapore,
• SingSpring, Singapore's first large-scale seawater desalination plant,
• Basslink, the only electricity interconnector between Tasmania and mainland Australia (including the Basslink Telecoms fibre optics telecommunications cable),
• CityNet, trustee-manager of Netlink Trust6, which owns, installs, operates and maintains the fibre network for Singapore's Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network, and
• DataCentre One, an Uptime Institute Tier 3 datacentre (estimated completion in 1Q CY2016).
Mr Khor commented, "The transactions will enable KIT unitholders to gain exposure to an attractive portfolio of assets which generate regular and predictable cashflows under existing long-term contracts. In addition, the value and cashflow generating capability of long-term infrastructure businesses such as City Gas, Basslink and KMC are not constrained by existing contract lives."

KMC Acquisition

KIT has agreed to acquire 51% of KMC from Keppel Energy Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of KI, the sponsor of KIT, for a cash consideration of S$510 million. The equity value of KMC is based on an enterprise value of S$1.7 billion, less a S$700 million loan to be raised by KMC.

As part of the KMC Acquisition, KMC will enter into a 15-year capacity tolling agreement with Keppel Electric Pte. Ltd. ("Keppel Electric"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of KI. Under the tolling agreement, KMC will contract its full capacity with Keppel Electric. The maximum capacity fee is S$108 million a year as long as KMC meets the availability and capacity test targets, with most of KMC's operating costs being passed through. With this arrangement, volatility caused by movements in electricity prices and demand in the Singapore merchant power market typically experienced by independent power producers will be mitigated for KMC. KI will guarantee Keppel Electric's payment obligations to KMC. To ensure continuity of operations, KMC will enter into a long-term service contract with KMC O&M Pte. Ltd., also a wholly-owned subsidiary of KI, and will continue to be operated and maintained by the same team which has operated the plant since 2007.

Mr Khor said, "An operating power plant such as Keppel Merlimau Cogen Plant is a highly attractive and strategic asset in Singapore. The 15-year capacity tolling arrangement with Keppel Electric will generate stable and predictable operating cash flows for the Combined Trust. This acquisition demonstrates our sponsor's commitment to grow KIT by delivering investments that are suitable for unitholders."

Benefits from Keppel Sponsorship

Upon completion of the Combination, KI will be the sponsor to the Combined Trust and KIFM will be the trustee-manager. KI has an established track record of developing, owning and operating infrastructure assets and will be able to support the Combined Trust in its growth strategies, whether by developing and warehousing suitable assets or by co-investing alongside the Combined Trust.

The proposed adoption of a revised trustee-manager fee structure for the Combined Trust, based on KIT's existing trustee-manager fee structure, would have resulted in a reduction in trustee-manager fees of approximately S$3.6 million7 for the Combined Trust.

In support of the Combination, KI as sponsor of KIT has agreed that KIFM shall waive its divestment fee for the Combination. Similarly, Temasek, as sponsor of CIT and owner of CSIM, will not receive compensation for relinquishing its role as trustee-manager.

Mr Tong added, "The Combined Trust will benefit from KI's sponsorship and growth plans given its track record as a developer, owner and operator of infrastructure assets. Keppel's sponsorship commitment, demonstrated through the KMC Acquisition, the Combined Trust having first rights over the remaining 49% of KMC, and the first right of refusal to acquire assets developed or incubated by KI, will benefit the Combined Trust's acquisition pipeline."

The Equity Fund Raising

To fund the KMC Acquisition and its related expenses, an equity fund raising of up to S$525 million8 will be undertaken by issuing new units through a combination of placement to institutional and other investors, as well as preferential offering to existing unitholders. The offering price, as well as further details of the equity fund raising, will be determined subsequently.

Keppel and Temasek intend to subscribe for their pro-rata entitlements under the preferential offering and do not intend to dispose of their units in the Combined Trust from the date of completion of the Combination to a date no earlier than 12 months following the completion of the equity fund raising exercise.


In addition to the approval of the Combination by CIT and KIT minority unitholders, it should be noted that the Combination is conditional upon the approval of the KMC Acquisition by KIT unitholders. However, if the Combination is not approved or does not close, KIT will proceed to conduct the equity fund raising to complete the KMC Acquisition if the KMC Acquisition is approved.

The two transactions are subject to conditions precedent including unitholder and regulatory approvals. The Combination is an "interested person transaction" of each of KIT and CIT and the KMC Acquisition is an "interested person transaction" of KIT which will require separate approvals of each of KIT's and CIT's unitholders at their respective extraordinary general meetings to be convened. Each of Keppel, Temasek and their respective related parties, will be required to abstain from voting at the relevant extraordinary general meetings.

Based on the timeline for obtaining the requisite consents and approvals, the completion of the transactions is expected to take place in the second calendar quarter of 2015.

Keppel sells 51% stake of Keppel Merlimau Cogen to Keppel Infrastructure Trust

Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd (KI), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, has agreed to sell 51% stake of Keppel Merlimau Cogen Pte Ltd (KMC), which owns Keppel Merlimau Cogen Plant to Keppel Infrastructure Trust (KIT or the Trust) for a cash consideration of $510 million (KMC Transaction). The agreement was signed with Keppel  Infrastructure Fund Management Pte Ltd (KIFM), in its capacity as trustee-manager of KIT.

Located on Jurong Island, Singapore, Keppel Merlimau Cogen Plant is a 1,300 MW combined cycle gas turbine power generation facility and is the first asset proposed to be injected into the Trust under the expanded "Right-of-First-Refusal" (ROFR) deed between KI and KIFM.

To facilitate the KMC Transaction, KMC will enter into a 15-year capacity tolling agreement with Keppel Electric Pte Ltd (Keppel Electric). Under the tolling agreement, KMC will contract its full capacity with Keppel Electric. The maximum capacity fee is S$108 million a year as long as KMC meets the availability and capacity tests targets, with most of its operating costs passed through. With this arrangement, volatility caused by movements in electricity prices and demand in the Singapore merchant power market typically experienced by independent power producers will be mitigated for KMC. KI will guarantee Keppel Electric's payment obligation to KMC.

To ensure continuity of operations, the KMC plant will continue to be run by the team which has operated it since 2007 under a long term service contract.

Dr Ong Tiong Guan, CEO of KI, said, "As the Sponsor of the Trust, Keppel Infrastructure seeks to help the Trust grow into a flagship infrastructure investment vehicle. We are injecting Keppel Merlimau Cogen Plant, a high performing operating asset, into the Trust, as a catalyst for its growth. The innovative structure of this arrangement also aligns the interests of the Sponsor and the Trust. At the same time, we are unlocking capital for Keppel so that we are better positioned to pursue more opportunities."

The KMC Transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2015. KI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation Limited.

The KMC Transaction is not expected to have any significant impact on the earnings per share and net tangible asset per share of Keppel Corporation Limited for the financial year ending 31 December 2014.

Separately, KIFM has also announced today that it has entered into an agreement with CitySpring Infrastructure Trust Management Pte Ltd (CSIM), in its capacity as trustee-manager of CitySpring Infrastructure Trust (CIT), in relation to CSIM acquiring the business undertaking and assets of KIT. Upon the completion of this agreement, KIFM would replace CSIM as trustee-manager of CIT, which is intended to be renamed as "Keppel Infrastructure Trust".

Luck is a Full Stop??? (2)

Read? Luck is a Full Stop???


Read this.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Planning? More Planning!!! Goal? More Goals!!! Chart? More Charts!!! PowerPoint? More PowerPoints!!!

Just For Thinking ...

Some of you may laugh at those "silly" things that Uncle8888 did.


"We more often regret those things which we do not do than those which we do."

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."

- Sydney J. Harris

"Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did"

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Laugh at things you didn't do?

Go and laugh lor!

The Greatest Lesson I learned from Warren Buffet!!!

Just For Thinking ...

The Greatest Lesson I learned from Warren Buffet ....

But, Warren Buffet also lost big!

Losing money is part of the Game.

What to do?

We need to include these realized/unrealized losses in our investment portfolio performance measurement and then move on to the next opportunities. 

The world greatest investor can't make it. We CAN'T!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Luck is a Full Stop???

Just For Laugh ...

Someone: How did you get promoted every few years?

That Person: Luck!

Someone: Hmm ... (Can't ask further)

Someone: How did you get 4 As in your 'A' Level exam?

That Person: Luck!

Someone: Hmm ... (Can't ask further)

Someone: How did you find that property you sold for $1m profit?

That Person: Luck!

Someone: Hmm ... (Can't ask further)

Someone: How did you discover those few multi-bagger stocks in your portfolio?

That Person: Luck!

Someone: Hmm ... (Can't ask further)

Someone: .......

That Person: Luck!

Someone: Hmm ... (Can't ask further)

Someone: .......

That Person: Luck!

Someone: Hmm ... (Can't ask further)


Reading this won't make you great! (Think it is a good time to re-read)

Read? Reading this won't make you great!

He told Uncle8888 that he has been in the stock market for more than 10 years and has been reading many investment and finance books borrowed from NLB. He has even bought a few books from Popular written by our Singapore local authors as investment reference. Local contents!

But, he is still having net losses of more than $50K to date after all these reading!

How did Uncle8888 help him?

Throw him three more books that he hasn't read.

1.  Book : Create A Secondary Income Stream – Through Long Term Share Investing

2. Book : How to Make a Million Slowly: My Guiding Principles from a Lifetime of Successful Investing (Financial Times Series)

3. Infinite Wealth by Lai Seng Choy.

A Chinese way of curing a poisoned mind. 

Poison for poison!



Working Part Time During School Days???

Uncle8888 started working part-time as stall helper at wet market stall selling eggs when he was in Primary 6 and continued to take up various part-time or odd tasks when became available till JC (Now we call it). 

During his school holidays, he worked at "full time" hours at whatever part-time or odd  tasks that came along.

He worked for needs!

Do you think he enjoyed every bits of these part time works?

All of his three children also worked "PAST-time" during their O and A Level school holidays but not for money. They were quite happy and proud of their school holidays jobs.

See the difference!

Outliers in investment return. In practice, you also can???

Just For Thinking ..

Someone tio ToTo $6m in Hougang. Just one winner!

Same Hougang. But not me!

Outliers in investment return can happen too. 

Headline: They made $1M from their investment portfolio!

Hmm ... 

Three ways that may happen:

1. Luck: They are extremely lucky in their timing and picks.How about beginners luck?

2. Scam: They are among the pioneers in the scam and quit long before the investment scheme was uncovered as scam.

3. Skills: They have put in at least 10,000 hours of consistent and continuous hard works to compound their investing capital through investment and re-investment in their portfolio.

Which way do you want to bet or intend to take?

Me. No luck after so many years betting ToTo. 

Highest prize won is 4 numbers. Sianz!

But, still doing it. 


A Big Dream for just $6 per week.

A very affordable dream!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Like a Saw???

Nowadays, do you have a saw at home?

Children playground also no see see-saw. Right?

CW8888's Vision and Mission Statements

When he first created his Vision and Mission Statements he included one more statement; but was removed after some years when he realized this particular statement is causing him too much emotions.

Asset Draw Down as part of retirement income for life???

Anyone seriously plan to include asset draw down as part of retirement income for life strategy?

Friday, 14 November 2014

Save more than 60%. No need to invest???

Today, at lunch. Uncle8888's female colleague in her early 30s asked this question:

Can save more than 60%. No need to invest. Right?


This is the first time, Uncle8888 tio this type of question: No need to invest!

Hmmm ......

Uncle8888: When do you want to retire?

She: 62 to 65

Uncle8888: How long can you live? 100?

She thought for a while.

She: 100? 

She: OK. 100

Can save more than 60% and that means spending less than 40% per year.

60% saving = 1.5 years of expenses

Assume she retires at 62 and lives till 100 i.e 38 years in retirement

She can work for another 30 years and saves more than 45 years in retirement. 

Plus her earlier saving in her 20s and plus her CPF saving till 62.


Should be more than enough. Right?

Uncle8888: Yeah! No need to invest!

Her face brighten up and smiles!

What do you think?

I am Finance Manager!!!

Tell you a true story!

Once upon a time, Uncle8888 was chatting with one of his Finance Managers after annual budget exercise meeting. 

Somehow, Uncle8888 talked about investing and trying to check out how well she is doing in her investment. She told him she was not really active in stock market.

Hmm... How come? You Finance Manager. Not investing in stock market?

She finally said: "I am Finance Manager and not Investment Manager!"



Want and Need in Investing with long term strategies??? (2)



Previously, 60% of my portfolio consisted of REITS. Over the last 3 years I’ve re-balanced this to 20%.

When I started it was all about cash flow x3, 

But I am young, I’m still working, why do I focus so much on cash flow and give up capital gains.



Read? Want and Need in Investing with long term strategies???

Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (7)

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (6)

Read? Forex Investors May Face $1 Billion Loss as Trade Site Vanishes

CW8888: Many people like testimonials. Right?

Be honest with yourself, do you also believe in our local blog space on those testimonials and newspapers' Ads?

Video Testimonials 


Secure’s website included 54 video testimonials, supposedly from investors; a six-minute infomercial; and three animated cartoons.

One testimonial is from a bearded man wearing a jacket and tie. After introducing himself as Michael, he praises Secure in an 80-second video. He says he’s pleased with his return on investment.

“Every year, I’ve watched my ROI grow,” he says. “I’m getting closer and closer to my retirement goals. They take all the stress out of it.”

Michael is actually Al Eddy from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Eddy, 42, who has recorded video endorsements for a fee, says he was hired by an intermediary for Secure and paid $20 to perform as Michael. He says he’s never invested with Secure, nor traded forex nor even purchased a share of stock. Nothing he said in his endorsement is true, Eddy says, adding that he no longer does testimonials. 

‘Actors Lie’ 


“I’m an actor; actors lie for a living,” says Chuck Hall, another paid performer who did a testimonial for Secure. In his endorsement, Hall, 64, of Fernandina Beach, Florida, didn’t give any name.

He told viewers he easily withdrew money from Secure.

“Had no problem at all doing that,” he says in the video. “I’m thinking now about investing in forex again. I think they’re pretty dependable.” Hall now says Secure’s intermediary paid him $4 and gave him a script. “I don’t even know what forex is,” he says.

US crude tumbles, settles at lowest level since Sept. 2010


U.S. crude oil futures settled at their lowest level in four years on Thursday after data showed crude stocks built up at a key U.S. delivery point last week.
Brent crude also fell to a four-year low and was last below $79 a barrel on concerns that China will see further economic slowdown and as Saudi Arabia kept silent about a possible cut in production.

China's economy lost momentum in October, with factory growth dipping and investment growth hitting a near 13-year low, reinforcing expectations of a slower increase in fuel demand.

Developing economies had been a major support for oil over the past decade, but demand is now failing to keep up with increasing supply from North American shale production. 

U.S. light crude settled $2.97 lower at $74.21 per barrel, it lowest close since Sept. 2010.

U.S. crude stocks fell more than expected last week as refineries hiked output, while gasoline stocks increased, data from the Energy Information Administration showed on Thursday.
But crude stocks at the closely watched Cushing, Oklahoma, hub for U.S. crude oil futures rose by 1.7 million barrels.

Demand for oil from members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will drop to 29.2 million barrels per day next year, almost 1 million bpd less than current output, the cartel forecast this week.

OPEC members meet in Vienna on Nov. 27, when they will consider how to respond to a 30 percent fall in oil prices over the past five months. Some have said they want a cut in output. 

Qatar expects to lower oil output to about 500,000 bpd by the end of November from 650,000 bpd at the end of October and from 800,000 a month before that, an industry source familiar with the matter said.

Read MoreSaudi minister: It's all a 'misunderstanding,' no 'price war' talk

But the most powerful OPEC member, Saudi Arabia, has refrained from backing a cut, prompting speculation that it is more concerned with keeping market share than supporting prices. 

"We do not set the oil price. The market sets the prices," Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said on Wednesday. 

Commerzbank oil and commodities analyst Carsten Fritsch said some traders understood his comment to mean that Saudi Arabia would let prices fall further. "That is sort of benign neglect—at least that is what the market thinks," Fritsch said.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

4 Lessons on Staring Down Fear and Taking Risks from Tightrope-Walker Nik Wallenda


Last week thrill-seeking tightrope walker, Nik Wallenda successfully traversed a tightrope hundreds of feet above the Chicago River, strung between two skyscrapers while blindfolded without a safety net or safety harness.

He’s a seventh generation member of The Flying Wallendas who makes a living by doing death-defying stunts. He holds nine Guinness World Records and was the first person to walk a tightrope directly over the raging waters of Niagara Falls.

Needless to say, the guy knows something about taking risks and facing fears. Every entrepreneur and business leader faces those feelings almost every day.

In media interviews before and after his latest successful stunt, Wallenda shared a variety of insights---four of which apply to leadership.

1. Preparation is the foundation of your success


Prior to his most recent event in Chicago, Wallenda said that he had practiced for months at his customized training facility near his home. He replicated the Windy City tightrope walk more than 90 times by simulating the windy conditions using large, gusting wind turbines, duplicating the incline and distance as well as being blindfolded---all before he stepped foot on the actual Chicago skyscraper wire.

When the day of the true skyline walk came, he simply viewed it as another practice session. There were no surprises. Wallenda says that the practice and training he does before every stunt transforms his fear into a conviction that he can accomplish his goal.

The application for the entrepreneur is that beta testing, market research and pre-launch competitive analysis are some of the ways you can practice your concept and transform your fear into conviction.

2. Success requires balance and tension


Beyond rigorous preparation, Wallenda notes that his success each time he steps on the wire depends on both balance and tension. The walker is at extreme risk if the wire or its support cables are loose or have a fraction of slack. Walking with that requisite tension in place demands tremendous balance and situational awareness at all times.

As in business, every new venture or product launch will cause organizational tension to some degree. The key to success is walking that tension with keen focus and balance.

3. Prepare for failure


Wallenda says that when he’s walking on the wire he doesn’t need a safety net because the tightrope itself serves the same purpose. So, if things get dicey---like big gusts of wind---he simply gets low to the wire until the wind stops and then he resumes the crossing.

If things get really bad and he loses his balance completely, he says he’ll drop his pole and hang onto the wire until his team arrives with help.

Wallenda says that hanging from the wire for extended periods of time, upwards of 40 minutes, is something that he actually practices before a big walk. He says that if you can’t hold your body weight for at least 30 minutes hundreds of feet off the ground you have no business walking the tightrope.

That lesson should resonate with entrepreneurs and organizational leaders.

One of the top reasons businesses fail is that they are undercapitalized. (CW8888: In investing, it is War Chest)  If you don’t know for sure that your start-up can “hang” on its own for 18 to 24 months with little or no new revenue streams, you need to consider whether you should be in business at all. The truth is that most people plan for success but few make necessary provisions for failure in business. It’s an idea that's worth holding onto.

4. Let inspiration guide your vision


Immediately after he completed his towering Chicago walk, Wallenda was asked the next challenge he wants to face. Without missing a beat he stated that he wants to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the walk across the Tallulah Gorge in northeast Georgia made by his great-grandfather Karl Wallenda back in 1970.

That walk would be on a wire 600 feet up in the air, spanning 1,200 feet from rim-to-rim of the ravine.
The elder Wallenda, who died a short time before Nik's birth, did two head stands during his famed Tallulah walk. The great-grandson said that he’s personally never done a single public, headstand on a wire before but wants to do three over the Tallulah---the two to match his great-grandfather and a third to honor his memory.

The key with this lesson is that true vision needs to be driven by more than just making money. A true vision is driven by passion and inspiration. Entrepreneurs understand that, but must never lose sight of it.

The day-to-day challenges for business are not death defying, but they are just as dramatic when an entrepreneur lays it all on the line, or all on the wire.

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