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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

SGX : Sold at $8.74

Read? SGX : Sold at $8.99

Round 4 : ROC +8.5%, 6 days, B $8.01 S $8.74

Round 3 : ROC +8.8%, 12 days, B $8.21 S $8.99
Round 2 : ROC +13.6%, 3 days, B $7.46 S $8.52
Round 1 : ROC +12.3%, 61 days, B $6.87 S $7.76

After Round 4 ....

Trailing stop. LOL!

Sold Round 4 @ $8.74 near the day low of $8.72; but SGX did V price recovery after Uncle8888 sold it. Walau! KNS! 


  1. Replies
    1. Bravo!

      Wah! so U have had quite a number of pretty girls(SGX)

      But can still eye the pretty girl( SGX) for cheap thrill or not?

      Still got chance or not to dance with her?

      i must learn a bit from U leh.

      Serious, not joking.

    2. CW,


      I thought you'll let this 2nd half-position run... That's what most traders would do after banking the profit from half our position.

      Then I saw trailing stop.

      Yes, stops can be a blessing and a curse...

      There was a false breakdown in the morning when STI went below 2400. It stopped at 2390 and then zoomed all the way to 2500 ;)

      Just like that, we are back to former "strong" support at 2500. Between STI 2800 and 2200.

      It will be interesting to see which direction the market will turn!

    3. Next to be watching on two DBS positions. Becoming short-term trading. :-)

  2. i am still scare of DBS.

    Besides eyeing SGX, i eye Singtel too for potential pond fishing - No stop loss for me if i fish. Short term fishing if caught then prepare for longterm fishing. That's why entry price is very important for me that can tahan long term fishing lol. That's me.

    U use stop loss for this special fishing?

  3. This is really fishing in muddy water.

    If water is too clear where still got fishes left for us to fish?


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