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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Years Of Rising Bull Market Will Make Us Looking Smart With Our Investment Portfolio And Mastery Of Investing Or Trading Skills

Rainbowcoin 21 September 2019 at 22:51:00 GMT+8

Hi Uncle8888

If you can relive the 07-08 period, what would you have done differently to prevent a plunge from 157% to 15%?

How did you derive the projected plunge value (41%)?

Seeking some enlightenments. :)

Uncle8888 started his journey in Jan 2000 at age 44 to pursue Financial Independence at Sep 2011 @ 55 years old through short-term trading and long-term investing. He then spent days and nights following news and forums. He read books on investing and trading books from NLB.

Read? Books from NLB

Who are we in the Market?

Young ones may want to check out their older relatives, colleagues, friends or whoever who are veterans in the market.

Uncle8888 with his hindsight wisdom and 20 years of data points will say it out : Mr Market will make us to think who we are in the Market and make us looking smart and act smart.

A multi-years of general rising Bull market will float many boats to multi-years high; and same as multi-years rising Bull sectors too.  Currently; in this low or near negative interest rate environment; Mr Market is making which sector as King?

A good place to witness such exhibiting behaviour of Mr Market making retails proud, smart and mastery is to go to investing (trading) forums.

Below STI chart 

Only look closely at Mr Market from 2003 to 2007

In 2007 Read? Chasing the last $100K (last mile) and may fall hard!

Mr Market from 2008 to 2011

Finally, he reached FI two years later in 2013 instead of 2011 as targeted. 

Who has helped him to reach FI in 2013? 

Mr Market!

Going down the Mountain is never same as climbing up Mountain so his bench-marking is different.

Going down Mountain, Uncle8888 is focusing on sustainable retirement income for life at net worth level i.e interests, dividends and divestment/draw-down of assets.

What is the Moral of the Story?


  1. "What is the Moral of the Story?"

    Hmmm, start de-risking when approaching (or already reached) goal? 😛

    Then, if want to risk-on again ... know when and how much? 🤪

    How did STI look before & during the last 3 Big Bears?

    Asian Financial Crisis

    Dotcom Bust

    Great Financial Crisis

    How does STI look in Sep 2019?

    STI is giving the "I'm still deciding which way to go" look LOL!

  2. It is really strange now looking at rear view mirror driving.

    During 2008/2009 if i invested like in 1987/88 "Lock Stock & Barrels" (still got 40 to 50 % investing capital) at that time, do U think i make money or lose more money?

    If only we know, will the market still exist?

    1. You likely to make money when you have war chest during market crash. I have witnessed one blogger kept buying when most of us in that chat box already out of bullets. In 2010 he started showing off his six digits dividend yield become. Lol

    2. Yes in 2008/2009, my dividends income was the highest in my investing history because in terms of money i invested the most, record highest amount.

      At that time i thought, i just left my money in (all in the best?)the stock market, the dividends income seemed to cover almost all my expenses.

      Who said i was not tempted to do so - to put the rest of my capital in because of the dividends income return?

      Hey wait a minute, what the books say about Asset allocations?

      So i have a very small current rental property lol.

      Must be able to sleep well at night tooo........


  3. "in this low or near negative interest rate environment; Mr Market is making which sector as King?"

    Co-working one of top 6 tenants of commercial properties

    In the next recession a lot of these cash-burning no-profit coworking "unicorn" or "decacorn" companies will collapse.

    Wonder what will be the impact to commercial & office reits? 😛

  4. Yes, which of the companies will survive?

    Real solid businesses which people will need no matter what will happens with the economy or market?

  5. Well said. When the tide goes out, we will see who has been swimming naked.

  6. Hi Uncle8888,

    "Currently; in this low or near negative interest rate environment; Mr Market is making which sector as King?" Now start-ups are in the party's limelight. We've got to learn when the cycle is turning and know how to 'sector rotation' according to the market cycle.

    hmm... so where are we now? How long more will the party last?

    1. Gold is even more prominent in the News.

      Actually my wife have told me more than once to sell her unloved, unwanted gold jeweleries since many, many years ago.

      Gold also has it's own Bear & Bull cycles.

      It really now seems to be in it's Bull cycle by just watching market news and it's Index.

      Tempted to sell now but news on Gold is so bullish, how to?

      Hmmmm.. Human's Greed knows no bounds.

      Actually for us must sell sooner than later because age is really catching up.

      Or leave the jewelries as relics for my only son.


    2. And he may be not interested and don't know "how to sell"


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