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Sunday, 17 March 2019

The Reason To Transfer CPF OA to SA???

Uncle8888 read this morning from FB and smiled ..

“a) I transferred my CPF-OA to CPF-SA because I don't want my future girlfriend to see a single cent in my CPF-OA and push me to buy a private condominium. Today, I get over $10k from the CPF board on my interest alone for my SA and MA accounts.”


Read?Encountering At Least One Major Economic or Market Crisis Is Good For Our Future Prospectives!!! (Time for a re-fresh)

Food for thought for some wives to unduly pressurize your hubby with such thought?

On Housing Upgrade

For years, he has resisted Auntie8888 from housing upgrade and he chooses to be debt free for the rest of his life without having sleepless nights over future economic and market cycles.

A man is not a man; until there is a house that he may call his castle. A woman is not a woman; until she has a place she may call her home. And neither a man nor a woman can say anything about their house, until they are the masters of it, and own it outright and unencumbered. - Albert Yang

Yesterday morning; one new Starfish and his wife bought Uncle8888 breakfast at Hougang mall for chatting and he told him he did the same thing on housing.

For years, he has resisted her wife from housing upgrade from HDB to private condo!

Now the couple is talking about securing their retirement planning and retirement income for life; and realized the financial benefits of staying in HDB heartland. Heartland is good those don't feel a hole in their heart in a place called home!


  1. If you are feeling the pressure to upgrade your home by your wife. Jio me to have kopi or ask your wife to read this post

  2. CW,

    You have found your own path that is in harmony with your personal situation.

    Of course its comforting to mix with your own kind ;)

    Those who took 2 bites of the cherry and upgraded to private and later downgrade to HDB 4 room also is debt free. Only difference they got a lot more cash lying around...

    Then they are those who have 2-3 properties, still in debt (but good debts), the monthly rentals more than enough to cover the monthly bank borrowings. Yield accretive. They are their own nano private REIT manager? Free cash flow every month anyone?

    Achievers may look at those who are "conservative" as having no drive, no ambition, no goal...

    Conservatives in turn may denounce the achievers as "reckless"...

    At the end of the day, its all about survivorship bias :)

    1. "Those who took 2 bites of the cherry and upgraded to private and later downgrade to HDB 4 room also is debt free. Only difference they got a lot more cash lying around..."

      You mean those didn't upgrade and downgrade has less cash lying around. Chun bo??? :-)

    2. Life combinations are more than Monte Carlo calculations.

    3. CW,

      You can verify yourself if you had sold your HDB 4 room and upgraded to condo 10 or 20 years ago, then downgrade back to HDB 4 room within the last 1-2 years whether there is money left over ;)

      Of course, its not always about being financially literate.

      Everyone knows to get really rich is to start our own businesses. But whether we can do it is another matter...

      Some cannot stomach risk; some eat risk for lunch ;)

      It begs the question whether entrepreneurs are born or trained?

      And whether successful investors are born or trained?

      Oh! You remind me of those people who go to toilet must jio others along to feel more comfortable...

      Eh! Want to go go yourself lah! You scared to be alone?


    4. Quote : Life combinations are more than Monte Carlo calculations

      Last month; my ex-colleague in his 40s tio stroke and now half side paralyzed. Married late with young kid and foreign wife not working. Sad case. That is life! We can never know how our future will become.

    5. The difference between a believer and non-believer is "Life combinations are more than Monte Carlo calculations" lol.

    6. Pls don't think I have all the blessings and no "burdens" to bear that's why I am a believer until now.

      Remember I think to be Christians are having it easy today compare to Roman's time.

    7. And may your ex colleague recovers fully to support his young family.

      My late MIL had suffered stroke too.
      But at quite old age.

    8. i mean the burdens Christians bear today are really peanuts if they can really feel how Christians beared their burdens during Roman's time.

  3. Downgraded to a HDB EA to house a family of 6 plus 2 cats. I am debt free and unencumbered at 54. Each got his chosen path. MY path of less resistance

    Some 58% of retrenched residents had degrees, while 19.9% held diplomas. The bulk of the individuals who were retrenched in 4Q18 were aged 40 to 49 (34%) and 50 and over (33.6%).

    1. Ya. Enbloc is like tio property lottery!

      My ex-colleague tio ToTo Group 1 once and three times Group 2. Most of us can't strike big ToTo prize and yet he can tio so many times.

  4. Based on single data point of personal experience with a freehold 1-rm 1-study investment condo in RCR:
    Rough CAGR over past 15 years inclusive of capital gain, rental, and expenses (e.g. mortgage interests, property tax, rental income tax, conservancy, maintenance) --- about 7% p.a.

    And this is after a doubling of the property price. If I had bought it when property prices were higher in 2005 or 2006, the returns would be even lower.

    According to MSCI, the total returns (incl. dividend reinvestment) of large-cap Singapore stocks in the same timeframe is 7.1%. Let's say use STI ETF with 0.3% expense ratio --- that gives 6.8% CAGR.

    So with all the extra work & stress in managing rental property, my returns is likely less than STI ETF taking into account non-monetary expenses. LOL.

    The only way to get exceptional gains is for enbloc ... I better make daily pilgrimages to Kwan Im temple! Hahaha!

    1. U just reconfirmed taking the Reits route is more lucrative and so much easier.

      Not to mention less or no freebees from our G.

  5. Hi CW8888,

    Ha! Ha!

    It was the opposite case for us.

    i was the one who always wanted to upgrade from HDB to a FH property.

    But always in the sense of investment nothing at all about status.(i really the Boh Chap what other people think type because i always think life is difficult enough without what other do or think).
    So who cares is my "motto" really.

    So i really think we would have made some money from brick & motar because at one time i wanted to buy FH Semi D only at about 600K+.

    The property is at CCK or some where in AMK.

    But i don't regret because we never get into debt and the stock market has been kind to us too.


  6. Hitting the FRS and fully paid up my bto in my early 40s give me great peace of mind

    1. That peace of mind in time of turbulence worth a lots.

    2. If able to be always out of debt is the secret sauce to $,$$$,$$$.


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