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Thursday, 28 March 2019

Fixed Or Variable Compensation For Time & Effort Spent???

Hmm ..  may be some job related unhappiness is due to fixed or variable compensation for time and effort spent by us.

For variable compensation, we work more and get paid more so there is sense of fairness and achievement. Want more! Work more! So simple!

But for fixed compensation; there may be a threshold or tolerant level or some benchmark against our peers exists somewhere in our mind  . 

When this threshold or tolerant level or benchmark has been persistently crossed; we may become unhappy!

Hmm .. somehow Uncle8888 came to realize this thinking. :-)

Fixed or variable compensation may affect our mind on fairness on time and effort spent. Song or bo song!


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    Workers may think like that, but unfortunately bosses & companies reward not for time & effort spent, but for results & profits.

    Bonuses & stock options are thus used to motivate & reward for performance. But of course we all know performance appraisal & evaluation can be influenced if there's no clear cut link between a worker and say, XXXX sales or revenue.

    Commission based salary easier to implement for jobs with direct link to sales / revenue. But still will have stress & unhappiness one lah. Stress cannot hit targets, unhappy with commission rates, angry with co-workers for stealing clients etc. And majority of commissioned workers spend a lot of time & effort for zero sales. Bosses & govt call this low productivity. LOL.

  2. i always believe it is not how good or how hard U work, U also must master office politics and able to talk, talk, talk,

    Go and ask SMOL, LOL.

    1. temperament,

      More than 1 person, there will be "jiang hu".

      That's why communism does not work. Sooner or later, we will realise... "Wait a minute, that idiot do so little get the same as me!? What the f...!"

      Then everyone will do the barest minimum.

      Capitalism is closer to human nature. Works best if paired with meritocracy.

      But it breaks down when corruption seeps into the system...

      Just look at the US when the rich and famous can "buy" university places for their children :(

      On the other hand, not everyone can take the stress of capitalism or variable compensation.

      Just take my weekend sales gig. Precisely because of commissions, there's bullying, arguments, and yes, actual fist fights over customers...

      Its no different from the "fights" between the telcos and between Grab/Uber/ComfortDelgro.

      You lose, you go extinct.

    2. "actual fist fights over customers... "

      I thought these fist fights happened at hawker centers. Fist fight at shopping centre too. Earning a living is tough!


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