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Sunday, 10 March 2019

How Soon Should You Start Investing Your CPFIS?

Read? How Soon Should You Start Investing Your CPFIS And SRS?

Read? Did CPF Savers Really Lose Out To AVERAGE CPFIS Investor?

How soon?

How do you know you already have competency to beat 2.5% compounding interests Wonder?

See for yourself!

Average CPFIS return from 2011 to 2018.

That guy mentioned in the earlier blog post is 6 years into investing his CPFIS i.e. starting in 2013.

Here is the truth and fact:

How much opportunity cost did CPFIS market timer really lose out from 2011 to 2018 waiting for market crash in SGX?


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    If we were Americans or Vietnamese, your ex-colleague would probably be smiling at his investments! :)

    Some countries smiling, other countries crying! LOL!

    A broad global index fund or ETF will have generated 4.5% CAGR (dividends reinvested) from the top of previous bull Q3 2007 till today. Not very spectacular. But many will be worse becoz they sold near the bottom in 2008 or 2009.

    Unfortunately till today, no CPF-approved low cost global or S&P500 index fund or ETF. Only expensive unit trusts.

    I took a look at my own performance for cash + equities for the same 11-years period --- only like 5.5%, barely better than passive global index!

    Yup, not easy investing ... Oh I almost forgot .... Happy 10th birthday to the Bull, at least for S&P500 ... it hit the bear low back in 9 Mar 2009.

  2. I think it is a more a question of when and what rather how than how soon and how much!

    1. And of course the sooner the better if the situation warrants a Nuclear Bomb.

      Which I have posted earlier how i have been using CPF's O A as like a NB.

      Of late because of new phenonmenon of QE, no chance to use as NB leh.

      Never mind still got panadols of 2.5% interes leh.


    2. Ya I forget, still got chance to use as NB if "suitable" IPOs appear.

      Which I did for Keppel DC Reit and Fraser's Logistics Industrial Trust.

      The latter I have been trying to sell at $1.19 - Peak price now is 1.18.


    3. Keppel D.C. REITs sold too early because of FEAR.

      FEAR OF.....?

    4. Which is better?

      Regret of not making more or sorry of losing money?

    5. Nvr wrong to take profit. No one can predict what is the high or low. Tio bo?

    6. FOMO and FOGC are always at odds with each other.

      Or Bull & Bear stories.

  3. Never regret in the stock market because over-all still making some money is O. K. already lah.

    Always tend to buy and sell too early one for me. FOMO & FOGC).

    Only reminiscience once in awhile - how nice and how much money i would still have if i didn't think it was house money so i could risk it all. (at least 40K
    to 50K).


    Those i considered still Beikaming days of investing.

    Hope not to relax my guard and think the same way.

    1. Er....

      i managed to damage control about 20 to 30K from S-CHIP(cheats).

      If that is some consolations?

    2. i speaking off the cuff if want me to show proof it may be plus or minus in amount.

      But then why should i?

      Any fair exchange?

      i am sharing my experiences, i think is good enough.

      It up to U to believe or not and how to interpret it.

      To me really, at the end of the day, really who cares(either way)?

      And most important still making some money is good enough already lah.



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