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Sunday, 24 March 2019

A Hole In The Heart. In Investing Too

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In Dec 1999, Uncle8888 after reading that book "Rich Dad. Poor Dad" and had a mind flip and strongly believe that he can get out of rat race through Investor quadrant. He knew himself very well so he won't bother with Business Owner quadrant. 

He gathered all his spare money as his investing capital and dedicated one bank account to hold his investing capital and investment. In this way; his investment money is always physically and mentally separated from all other money and liquidity needs. Every single cent is tracked!

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Unknown at that in Jan 2000; he had dug a BIG hole in his heart for investing journey to be filled. Indeed a big hole to fill by Sep 2011 at age 55! 

As a single household income without more capability to continue to inject more capital; it was indeed a risky path to pursue financial independence; but when you have a big hole in your heart to fill; you probably don't think too much of the negatives!

That investing capital on Jan 2000 is the only capital he could afford to inject into his investment portfolio till today.  Lucky; he is still not too blinded by this hole in his heart in investing and over the years built up other taps for his retirement plan.

For his money management and position sizing since Jan 2000; it has been consistently sized and positioned to this total investing capital.

Towards 2006 and 2007; he tasted bigger investment gains and cash flow from short-term trading and became aggressive and kan cheong spider to quickly fill up this hole and declared "I am Financial Independence" even ahead of his planned FI on Sep 2011.

Shiok man!

Any way; that was history!

Now; that hole in the heart has become so much smaller and  there is no more urgency to fill up this hole. In fact; this small hole has become a leaking hole. Instead of filling up; it is about topping it up whenever it is possible to slow down the leak

To slow down a leaking hole; he knows that he will have more time to do it! Not worry about it! BTW; investment is one of his three taps solution model for sustainable retirement income for life!


  1. Replies
    1. U had your difficulty & restrictions at the beginning of your investment journey.

      We had an easier circumstances, that was why i invested " Lock, Stock & Barrels" when I first started at the age of 40.

      Kudos to your FIRE in a much more challenging circumstances.


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