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Sunday, 3 March 2019

CPF Shifting Goal Posts. Did Merdeka Generation See It Coming???

Read? The Credibility a Stage Lends You

Quote : 

Naturally, his talk on CPF’s structural risk was also woefully inadequate. If he had been a Financial Advisor, he would be penalized or sacked. I’ve written on it a couple of times, like this one. 


Hmm ... What if Mr 1M65 is in the Merdeka Generation and he was shouting loud and clear on his 1M55 movement to those Merdeka peers who were in their 20s and 30s to top up their CPF to reach 1M55 and retire at 55 as millionaires. 

Remember those days in 1970s and 1980s; the official retirement age for Merdeka generation was 55 and CPF withdrawal at 55!

20 years later, those Merdeka generation folks who have listen to Mr 1M55 movement would scream or f.. him instead of thanking him big time!

Shifting CPF Goal Posts for Merdeka generation from 55 to 60 to 62 to 65!

Did Merdeka generation see it coming? NO? Right?

In those days in 1970s, Mr 1M55 might be shouting loud and clear ......

Top up your CPF to earn risk free 6.5% and let 8th wonder of the world compounding interests help you to reach 1M55! 

Top up liao. Mai tan!

See for yourself what happen after that!

Why like that?


Did Merdeka generation tio screwed? No?

Government policies can change!

Government can also change in the future too!

Remember this Hokkien phase .. Kiang Jiu Jo, Mai Ge Kiang which means smart can already but don't  act to be too smart!

Hmm ...  Luckily, Mr 1M65 is not in Merdeka generation for his 1M55 movement!


  1. So still money in your own control is the best.

    Even if U screw it up, 心肝情顏

    1. Don't screw up our CPFIS and console ourselves it is okay with your quoted thinking

    2. Ha! Ha!

      No lah.

      CPFIS is use like a country's nuclear bomb.

      Same, same, but not the same.

      It is still money in our control to a certain amount. i think it was we could use all our OA in the past.
      Better still profit we could keep. Any loss we didn't have to top up.
      Now, any loss still don't have to top up but all CPFIS stocks sale proceeds have to return back. Any profits are locked until 55 or 65?

    3. Profits in CPFIS are locked and compounding at 2.5% wonderfully till 55. Wah. That is power of compounding. Follow Warren Buffet Rule. Never lose money

    4. Yes agree 2.5% is something nowadays.
      But when CPFIS just started 2.5% was nothing much in comparison to banking FD rate.

      i remembered, including my wife's, we withdrawn the CPFIS's stocks sale profits to the tune of about 130 to 150K.

      That was also the first time my family dared to splurge on restaurants. My son loved to eat shark fin then.

      See it could help the economy and some families could eat better now rather than always waiting for a raining day(aka save for tomorrow. But tommorow may never comes for some of us).

      YOLO & FOMO should be appreciated and applied from time to time, for our remaining tommorows may really never come.

    5. At that time FD rates were much higher than 2.5%.

      Also the idea of CPFIS was implemented at that time because of too many people cow-father, com-mother about 2.5% was too low compared to FD rates.
      They want something more than 2.5%.

      That was one of the reasons then-people want more from their CPF's funds.

    6. 心肝情愿.

      Here it means blame nobody lah or Malay "puas hati".

  2. Hi Uncle8888,

    I'm quite confident it will be 1M67 soon. But at least it sounds much better than from 1M55 to 1M65. 😛

    Well, supporters will point out that you're still able to withdraw excess SA and OA after 55. Or continue to use CPF as high-yield bank to earn higher interests. 😉

    I think the big shock to current generations is when can only take out after 65, or maybe cannot take out at all -- all go to CPF Life. 😱 kekekeke!

    1. Lucky generation only sees one small goal post shifted. Not sure about future. 1SDB?


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