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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Why I Am Going To Avoid The Upcoming SIA 5 Year 3.03% Retail Bond???

To lend at 3.03% interest rate in hope of Return OF Capital???

Got screw loose somewhere???

Why need detailed analysis???


  1. If really over-subscribed then masses are very hungry for yield

  2. Just have to make sure SIA will not be like Hyflux. But 3.03% is low....

  3. Put in SSB and squeeze our spending a bit can get about equivalent of 3% :-)

  4. If JeePo confirm dovish tonight, sure will have plenty of people apply for this SIA 3.03% bond.

    Many may even sell in the next few months to lock in a quick 4%-5% capital gain.

    Just like now Astrea IV with last done at 7% gain, and Temasek Retail with last done at 3.1% gain.

    Both Astrea IV and Temasek Retail will go up further if JeePo sounds meek tonight. LOL.

    1. Spur,

      What you say may fly across the heads of equities only pandas...

      Most savvy bond traders/investors buy bonds for capital gains ;)

      This coming to soon 40 years bond bull market just refuses to die!

      Shorting bonds has been a widow making trade :(

    2. SMOL,

      JeePo capitulated, QT stopping in Sep, and 10 yr treasuries shot up 3% in minutes. Usual suspects benefited: bonds of all sorts, oil, gold, silver.

      Normally will see a surge in stocks all round, especially here in Asia & EM. But then Trump had to say he wants to keep tariffs forever & a day, or until he is happy with China.

      I'll take a peek at Astrea IV and Temasek Retail end of the day to see whether they've moved. Lol.

    3. The Best ones know when to step down and quit. They are quitters?

    4. Hi Uncle8888,

      Seems like bad luck (in the long run) to be named Bill in the investment biz ... first Bill Miller, now Bill Gross. Gross is now blaming Asperger's for his erratic behaviour in the last few years, as well as for his investing ability in the earlier decades. (?!?!)

      Unless you're Bill Gates, the 2nd fellow to recently join the $100B club ... but then he's more of a biz man than investor.

      Jeffrey Gundlach has replaced Gross a few years ago as .... the Bond God ... better than king LOL.

      Bill Gross’ Bond King Crown Now Firmly Sits on Jeff Gundlach’s Head

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. 1) Spur,

      Thankfully I covered my small short position in the Simsci on Monday for some kopi money ;)

      Better to be on the sidelines BEFORE big data events; especially when the Fed is fast losing its credibility.

      Now the market wags the Fed!?

      2) CW,

      Quitting when we are ahead is not the same as quitting. Of all people, you should know!


  5. Astrea IV went slightly up to 1.078

    But Temasek Retail stuck at 1.031 ... guess people think the yield too low for 5 yrs liao LOL.

    Going forward likely the SSB overall yields will go lower. 5-yr and 10-yr SGS yields has been dropping for quite a while ever since JeePo turned dove.

  6. Applications amounting to about S$1,036,000,000 received under the Placement during the initial
    book building period represent a subscription rate of 5.18 times based on the initial Placement size.
    The valid applications amounting to about S$526,285,000 received under the Public Offer represent a
    subscription rate of about 1.17 times the final Public Offer size of S$450 million, or just over 1.75
    times the initial Public Offer size of S$300 million.


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