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Saturday, 16 March 2019

How Soon Should You Start Investing Your CPFIS And SRS? (2)

Read? How Soon Should You Start Investing Your CPFIS And SRS?

Is SRS fit for its purpose i.e. to secure our retirement fund?

Super low interest rate at 0.05% and some tax saving will quickly corner most retail into investing ASAP to beat inflation and grow their retirement fund at faster rate. Compounding wonder!

Wonder any statistics on SRS investment performance like CPFIS statistic?

Another real life investing story on SRS, trading and investing to show that it is not that easy as we often hear those success stories presented in previews, conferences, talks or seminars.

Armed yourself with sufficient trading or investing knowledge; you are on your way to compounding wonder???

Where are the missing parts?

How come after many years you are still losing money?

Did you ever wonder why?


  1. I didnt take courses and just read on my own online and books. Luckiky i am positive for past 10 years. Wonder how long it can. last.. Pray hard

  2. Anyway in your post above. Should be the answer "timing the market"

  3. Self learning and self discovery to find investing method and strategies that matches our Mind and most important our ACCOUNT Size. Understanding financial numbers just require primary school Maths

  4. No lah primary maths?

    Need supplementary maths from WWW.COM as when needed.

    At least understanding the main concept of the maths.


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