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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Warriors, Monks And Farmers In Large Corporation

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There will be few warriors surviving long enough to tell their motivational stories how to become a warrior. I can. You can! Uncle, chun bo?

There are more monks than warriors hiding quietly at every corners of the large corporation smiling, cruising and waiting for time up to FIRE or officially retired with more savings.

The rest of them in large corporation are just farmers and many of them are hoping for re-employment at 62 and work till 67.

You are not warrior? Don't bang your head against the wall as warriors by nature is fewer in number. But, you can still choose to become monk as there is no limit in number by nature. 

How about staying on as farmer?

Most farmers will retire unappreciated and you don't mind that. Can lah!

Your life! You decide!


Same same as warrior, monk and farmer.

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  1. Do we or how many of us really fortunate enough,can be what we want to be.

    i believe very few.

  2. Other than those people close to us; who else will bother or care whether you are warrior, monk or farmer. We think too much! When we walk on street nobody bother unless our actions affect them. Right?

  3. i remember in my kampong days, there was a teenager whose brother was ace in his study.

    This teenager was unlike his brother only interested in playing his guitar day and night.

    He was of course quite good at it and become a band musician.

    Will U consider him a warrior too?


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