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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Penghu, Cimei and Wang An (3)

Read? Penghu, Cimei and Wang An (2)

Two options available i.e. rent a scooter or join 4 hours guided bus tour. As expected; it will be 15 mins photo taking stops where the guide will show us the best spots to take photo. 

Bo pian! Got to join this bus tour. 1.5 hrs at Wang An and 2.5 hrs at Cimei. Actually it is just 2 hrs as 30 mins before ferry departure is for us to take lunch at the food street opposite ferry terminal. W

We booked the 8 AM ferry and was back to Magong ferry terminal  around 2.45 PM.

Guide has repeated a few times that residents in Wang An and Cimei worked hard and saved lots of money as there is no entertainment outlets or shopping mall to spend their money. The guide mentioned it should be close to 100% that all residents saved enough money to invest properties in main island Taiwan. Many have more than one property.

Also they can plant vegetables, rear chicken and goats, and catch seafood. For those are willing; they will spend very little on food! 

CW8888: Save even more. Invest in more properties!

One asked joking: Also can keep siao san in Taiwan. Ha ha!

Wang An and Cimei is Savers paradise!

Hot tip for savers thinking of migrating!

Wang An


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  1. The only concern is don't suffer from sudden and acute illness as there are only two doctors on the island specialized on all medicine. During stormy days, all ferries to Pengu and flight from Penghu to main island Taiwan are cancelled. No free lunch!


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