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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

4 Risk-Free Investments That Singapore Investors Should Not Overlook???


Fall off the chair!

Can like that meh!

1 CPF Top-Ups

 2 Singapore Savings Bonds

 4 Fixed Deposits

Financial educators themselves need tutorial!

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  1. Click bait or what?

    I thought they have good lobang! KNS!

    1. CW,

      You left out no. 3's Endowment Plans ;)

      I guess the author honestly does not know the 4 examples he mentioned are about "Save More" vehicles ;)

      Give chance.

      He never said he's a financial guru.

      He's just a writer that happens to work for a financial website.

      Paid to write; not paid by generating investment returns ;)

      But then again, quite a few in our community that should know better are more clueless than the author...

      If topping up CPF is considered an "investment", what then do we call when we tap our CPF funds under CPFIS?



    2. Some endowment have certain components of underlying investment funds

    3. CW,

      Fantastic! Can poke you liao!

      When we put money in banks - be it savings or fixed deposits - what do banks do with it?

      A portion of our money is "invested" to generate higher returns so banks can make a profit after paying the interests on our deposits ;)

      How is this any different from endowment/wholelife policies from insurance companies? And CPF for that matter?

      Is that why some are "upset" Temasek and GIC make so much... But pay us so "little" CPF interests... Well, we are definitely not treated as "shareholders" or "investors" in CPF... LOL!

      (If Temasek makes losses, can we accept capital losses for our CPF? Now we say we are not "investors"!)

      If we want to call ourselves an "investor" for putting money in endowment policies, then does the warcry, "Buy term; invest the rest" has any meeaning left?


    4. How different is endowment from buy term and let insurance manage the investment part for non guarantee return and guarantee return i.e. bond portion of endowment

    5. CW,

      Just having fun with you and other "very free" readers ;)

      What's the difference between buying Singapore Savings Bond and regular Singapore Govt Bonds?

      Big daddy is already quite crystal clear:

      Its to "SAVE" for the long term. And the fact its called a Singapore "SAVINGS" bond!!!

      When we "save", we don't expect any capital losses in nominal terms. Its "safe" to recommend to widows and ophans.

      When we "invest", we accept there could be capital losses in return for higher returns. Its risk taking. (You're an idiot or bei kambing if you thought otherwise)

      Buying bonds is an "investment" as some "investors" have found out the hard way when countries or companies defualt, they could lose 100% of their capital!

      So now the difference between buying a mutual fund and an endowment/wholelife policy perhaps can be clearer? Even though in both cases, we are letting others invest for us ;)

      Its all about playing with words. Better to manipulate others with words; than to have words used on us!

      By the way, savings can lose money big time. Just ask those savers in Venezuela, Turkey, Iran, and Argentina ;)

      So if Singapore has double-digits inflation and our exchange rate with Malaysian Ringgit goes back to 1:1, then any savers who followed the article's 4 "risk-free" instruments are pretty much screwed too :(

      And I thought after Lehman 2008, risk-free is no longer in anyone's vocabulary anymore!?

      Evidently, not!

  2. Haha me blur until I did some googling to find the article ... yeah too free lah :P

    To be fair, the info not really rubbish ... except maybe not use the word "investments" in the title ... but perhaps put in by editor & not writer. End of the day it's a company that needs revenue and to pay staff. ;)

    They did categorise that article under "Fixed Deposits" rather than "Investment" .... so already can tell where the focus is, heheh.

    PS: Using CPF monies via CPFIS? That's "asset allocation" ;)

  3. Historical statistics say huge family's wealth if in bonds only will diminish in a few generations time.


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