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Thursday, 20 September 2018

How To Charge More? Cai moi is not same as cai fun???

Eating porridge at unfamiliar cai fun stalls can kena chop!

For cai moi; they can generate more revenue by using different mode of serving!






  1. Need to pay more coz more effort to wash more plates & bowls LOL!

    1. Don't understand why single plate cai moi is not applicable for these stalls. May be discourage eating moi. :-)

    2. Since they are washing extra bowl for moi; should then add few more smaller plates to wash and charge more. LOL!

  2. If in the pictures, all the stores are nearby each other, which one will U patrionise most likely, in the first instance?

    1. No direct competitors nearby so they can play this game of serving CAI moi in different mode

  3. Ya!

    Some stores may ask which way U like to be served?

    If no experience, kena chop lol.

    But to be fair to some stores, if cais are served individually in plates, the quantities will more, usually.

    1. For two or more, sharing on plates look fine but for single person eating CAI fun. More likely to save money than spend more. Lol

  4. Hi bro cw

    I dont usually eat cai moi. But when I have the mood for cai moi, I will usually jio my fren go eat porridge buffet. Some place their $ quite reasonable like around $15 lower price if go hotel moi buffet will more ex. recently my fren tried 1 at pasir ris there only charge $9.90++ food wise ok standard, can eat more, better environment, got fruits also, most important they don't chase people away after food then can talk long like that :)

    1. We can hold investment casual talk there. Value for money. Better than Starbucks

  5. Hotel cai moi is it eat all U can eat one like most hotel buffet?

    For once in a while being a glutton i am definitely capable.

    Just don't eat in the investment world buffet of penny stocks.

    Or even disfavoured blue chips.

    Ha! Ha!


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