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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Singapore's "Sukura"???


  1. Hi bro cw

    I like this local sakura tree. Last time my work place have a lot of this tree along roadside.
    But some people might don't like it bcos of maintenance of the roadside due flowers will drop a lot on the ground. So all being cut down... So sad...

    1. Roadside. Later some people will complain that cleaners not working hard to clean up. How to clean? Let them rot?

    2. Have to engage workers to sweep away lor... instead of paying workers to sweep the floor some management choose to cut it away... if want to plant the tree then have to maintain mah...

  2. 1) CW,

    When we don't put on blinkers for the singular pursuit of corporate KPIs and personal goals, we can leisurely appreciate the beauty around us:

    Spring or Autumn in STI?

    2) sy sy,

    Lucky lao lee loves tress and flowers. He started the tree planting day in Singapore.

    If not, some idiot bureaucrat will come up with the "brilliant" idea of cutting down the trees and removing all the plants. Look at the money we are saving by not requiring Parks and Recreation workers to maintain and sweep away the dead leaves!?

    1. I like how Mr Lee plan for A garden city.
      Plant is like that, have to maintain. If all the management want to cut budget to prove they are capable perform with small budget instead they cut away all trees then how will a garden city turn to become only concrete wall?

      Even human also same. If want to looks healthier must spend a some time to exercise, spend a bit for vitamins or something good for health... all need to maintain and consume time & money also. Just my thinking :)

  3. After Lao Lee had plants along the few kilo meters of road from just driving out of our airport, i think many airports of other countries copy cat.


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