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Friday, 13 April 2018

Uncommon Happening During Off Peak Public Transport


Super bo chap!

Eating rojak!

Auntie not stupid hor. Her back is facing bus driver to eat her rojak!

Then Uncle8888 moved up one seat in front of her and stared at her. She also bo hew and bo chap! Her father's bus . LOL!

Auntie didn't like to eat tau gay!

Let see how many such uncommon happening can be posted here!


  1. Hmm i tot now buses have cctv's at the back too.

    New buses actually quite open concept ... Prev older buses with same-level cramped seats easier to hide LOL!!

  2. CW,

    The last time got one 70 plus old man cutting his finger nails openly on the bus. His wife was so embarassed when I glanced at them...

    With seniors like these, how you expect their children and grandchildren will turn out?

    But to be fair, these people probably grew up in an era where such behaviours were "normal", or they never went to school...

    Its how we behave when no one is watching - that's the true us!


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