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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Food - Live to eat or Eat to live???

Read? Eat To Live or Live To Eat???

For common folks like Uncle8888 and especially when he slowly lost his taste and then completely lost his taste for many months after radiotherapy. He slowly regained his taste over the years but and never 100% as before!

Tasting nice food is your gift that many of you may never appreciate it!

Eat to live is about edible food. 

Live to eat for common folks is about taste and smell and it should be looking good as well. 

Why fine dining is so bloody expensive? It is more than just taste and smell. Right?

Banana cake is sold everywhere?

Why Banana at JB is so good and people are so willing to queue on hourly basis for the next batch of oven hot banana cakes.

Many will proceed to the nearby coffee shops to smell and eat a slice or two while the banana cake is still hot! We always do that. 

Don't let the queuing effort goes into waste!

When we kept the leftover of banana cake in the fridge for next day breakfast. It didn't taste and smell that good anymore.

Same as freshly cooked meals!

Live seafood, fresh seafood, and not so fresh or worse rotting seafood.

Rotting seafood is still edible when they are deep fired or cooked it in curry or make it real spicy!

Taste and smell will always make that difference! Live to eat or Eat to live!

Eat is live is simple! When bad time hits us hard; we can survive by eat to live. Surely we can! 

In the mean time enjoy your taste and smell! YOLO!


  1. Hi bro cw

    Sorry to hear that ur taste is not as good now compare last time.
    I have a fren who lost smell... can't smell any taste after some sinus problem then become like that... but now still enjoying food like last time...I really 佩服他 :)

    I heard some people said...according some study, we have a memory on smell & taste in our mind once eat certain food that last time we ate before, the memory we activate the taste & smell... I don't know how true it is...

    I am that kind of people who live to eat :)
    I really can't imagine if I lost my taste or smell... I really appreciate my taste & smell now.

    Wish u 身体健康!!!


    1. Live to eat is far better than eat to live; but NOT glutton eating till health issue. :-)

  2. I have sinus and nose problem. I eat to live when alone but live to eat while with families. Additionally, live to smell the nice smell of my kids/babies while I can. Different ppl different liking, I prefer smell!

    Anyway treasure health while still have it!!

    1. Those who have family tend to spend more on food experience


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