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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

$3 Teochew Fish Ball Mee Pok

When comes to food at unknown places; we can Trust the queue and then Verify!

Three fish balls, 1 meat ball, 1 fish dumpling, few slices of fish cake and some bak chor.

Selling at $3. Value meal. Right?


  1. Where is this at?

    Pl continue to post on more value for money food stalls =)

    1. West Coast Wet market food centre. There is a bus stop directly in front known as west coast wet market stop

  2. CW,

    Its too simplistic lah!

    Follow the queue is just follow the herd - nothing more; nothing less. Monkey see; monkey do.

    For eg, ask anyone staying at Tanglin Halt will tell you the Laksa stall is the most famous store there. Next is the wanton mee stall that opens in the night.

    The chicken stall you "featured" is new and "untested". That's why they give more mah!

    The more popular chicken rice stall is opposite at the food centre. Its the one from Margaret Drive. Lunch time very crowded.

    Insider knowledge versus data point of one not the same!

    That's why if you bought Comfort Delgro based on your own conviction you won't panic when opinion leader sells his ;)


    Easy test to see if you follower or opinion leader :)

    1. Lol!

      May be those queue are frugal eaters going for value.


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