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Monday, 9 April 2018

Part-Time And Free Lance Jobs

There is difference between part-time and free lance jobs. Auntie8888 is working on 3 half-day part-time and Uncle8888 is working on 8 HWW (Hours Work Week) and free roaming across the island of Singapore in MRT trains and buses with plenty of walking up stairs and escalators.

Read? One Year After Retirement From Full-time Job As Employee

Part-time workers by Law still entitled to pro rated annual leaves, medical leaves and medical benefit e.g. $10 claim per consultation visit. They still need to apply for annual leaves for absence from work and needs boss's approval.

For free lance jobs; there are no annual leaves and medical leaves. 

For any absence from work, we just need to notify job co-coordinator to arrange for job covering. No approval needed!

Many of us may not like our full-time job with tough KPIs thrown at us by our bosses. How about part-time or free lance jobs?

Some time; Uncle8888 passed by and stopped at job fairs to browse; there are plenty of vacancies for part-time jobs. :-)

Actually; the true objective of seeking financial independence is about getting out of Rat Race in the corporate world of Bell Curve rating and job appraisal which help to promote peers back-stabbing and office politics to get or stay ahead of peers.

Once we get out of Rat Race after financial independence; whatever we choose to do after retirement from full-time employment doesn't really matter much.

Last Saturday; Uncle8888 met his senior ex-colleague who is now in his 70s. He told me after a few years of retiring after 55 (last time retirement age is 55); he went to work on part-time (on demand basis)  to deliver spare parts for workshops until he realized he had difficulty to walk longer distance and stopped working. 

Nowadays; he has to find more kopi drinking kakis to past time. He quickly jio Uncle8888 to lim kopi! LOL!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Uncle CW,

    That's the thing lor! Not everyone can 'afford' to do part-time or freelance because they want to continue on with their current lifestyle. Most importantly must reduce expenses first :)


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