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Thursday, 5 April 2018

5 Nights Busan and 1 Night Seoul (1)

Read? On Blog Leave 29 Mar to 4 Apr 2018

Day 1 : Take a train to Busan!

From Incheon International Airport we took Airport Train to Seoul Station and took a KTX train at 2F (second floor) from Seoul to Busan. We arrived at Seoul station around 10+ am; but the train to Busan were fully booked. The next available train schedule was 12:30 pm.

We went to have an early quick lunch at Seoul station. KRW 13,000 for two.

While waiting for 12:30 PM train, Uncle8888 surfed his mobile phone and Auntie8888 went to Seoul Station Lotte Outlet to past time.

KTW train to Busan has free Wifi on board; but hourly we have to reconnect to watch some Ads video to resume free Wifi connectivity. Where got that many free lunches in real life other than some temples, churches and charities?

KTX train from Busan to Seoul costs KRW 59,800 per person.

We stayed at Plus Motel for 5 nights for KRW 192,950.

Simple DIY breakfast provided i.e. bread, strawberry jam, butter, orange juice, milk and fresh eggs at common kitchen. Cook your own eggs.

The room is spacious with daily room clean up and replacement of bottled water, tea, coffee packs and towels.

The night wet market is 3 mins walk from motel; where we bought two boxes of strawberries at KRW 7,000

We have popular Pork Rice dinner at nearby 24 hr outlet as recommended by motel owner.

KRW 17,000 for two


  1. CW,


    Your wife must be happy. So many "honeymoon" trips after your retirement ;)

  2. Hi bro cw

    I am thinking what is the soup on the 1st picture... looks like wanton noodle soup with lil mushroom & tofu... Is it nice???
    Enjoy your honeymoon trip :)


    1. Prawn filling. Simple meal. When we finished eating our kimchi, owner served another plate

  3. Wah Uncle CW enjoy!

    Why didnt you fly direct to Busan instead of Seoul?

  4. i flied Silk Air once and i didn't like it either.

    If O. K. fly and eat better.



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