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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Way Of Ants

CW8888 as role model Ant?

Plan in decades: His matured life insurance as now into self-insured for next few decades.

Think in years: His financial and investment goals including emergency goals. His household expenses tracking. All in years!

Work in months: Make a living from his monthly salary. Tracking his monthly CPF contributions. Month after month; this is how he build up his sustainable fixed income cash flow for life.

Live in days: Living on borrowed time; he certainly aware that tomorrow never come. LOL!


  1. CW,

    Nah! Good try attempting to be an ant.

    Glad you are fully cognizant of living in days!

    That would make you 1/4 grasshopper. Wink.

    Ideally its living in the present, but baby steps ;)

    The more I'm aware how many more years my dad can have, the less I care about his smoking, his "happy" trips up North with his friends, or what he should eat or not eat.

    I'm not filial; I don't nag at my parents. I let them do whatever makes them happy.

  2. Ya SMOL,
    Talking about how many more years we have left, (of course God's willing in my case), i think i have only 14 years to go based on average longevity of Singapore man. i. e. 68 + 14 = 82.
    Very little time left isn't it even if nothing goes wrong?
    Shall i live like YOLO now?
    Or live like no tomorrow is best?

    1. Brother temperament,

      At 68, that would make you our "Da Ge"! (I now giving you the kung fu palm and fist greeting)

      As far as I know, we only live once ;)

      Unless you are into reincarnations that sort of thing.

      For someone who has received the "Good News", you have the answer ;)

      Peace be with you.

  3. I have about 20-25 years before I revert to dust. I better make full use of 25 years. At 56, I work 9 months, YOLO 3 months. Bucket list would be to write 3 books, work odd jobs like fruit picking while traveling and voluntary work. My family gave me their blessing. Live a meaningful life to you


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