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Monday, 16 May 2016

Give The Cat A Fish!

What do you expect from this fat Cat?



  1. The cat must be thinking, "Simi sai? Expect me to eat raw? Hello! I only eat fried ikan OK? Can some idiot fillet the fish for me too? I don't like bones..."

    The cats at my HDB estates are spoilt by 3 groups of cat lovers who feed them the whole day. At night little mice run in front of them the cats don't even give a 2nd look.

    Say no to communism and welfare state. Never has so much evil come from such good intentions...

  2. Alas! over all these years, actually who becomes the "FAT CATS"?
    You can see for yourself in the news or internet media.
    And actually who are the feeders?
    Me still trying to look for fat fishes in the stock market.

    1. temperament,

      Looked into the mirror recently?

      Be careful if you visit Chinatown without your wife.

      Gold diggers may be looking at you and thinking, "This one Fat Fish!"


  3. Ha! Ha!
    i can tell you i still look like what people used to say to me, even now.
    "Who is that Botak Apek?
    With his hat on he still looks like Johnny Walker leh?"
    Not look like so many "FAT CATS" at the "TOP of Singapore" - Just by looking at their faces.

    To me, communism, welfare state, or "what notlism", all look after their own interests and backsides first.
    Nothing more, nothing less - it is the "Law of Nature" before they can start looking at yours.


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