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Friday, 13 May 2016

I pay. I pay .... (Re-fresh)

Real Overheard!

Kay Poh with ears open wide!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Read? I pay. I pay ....


  1. If you know your friends well, you should know who should pay.
    This reminds me of :-

    “The person who possesses wealth is not made happy by having it but by spending it, and not spending it haphazardly but in knowing how to spend it well.”
    This isn’t advice from Jean Chatzky or Suze Orman, but Don Quixote.

    So still don't know who should pay?
    Then don't friend lol!
    Or in fact it's you?
    No lah may be it's me lah?

    But it's the truth that alive we worry about not enough, dead we leave too much behind.
    But still there are people who needs millions to billion by hook or by crook.
    For what?
    Do you know?
    And you know who are they, don't you?

    1. The one who called out for makan session is likely to pay. No?

  2. Hi Uncle CW

    The one need more face pays no?

    1. ha ha. Now we know who to jio if we are thinking of free meals.

  3. Successful Sales people normally pay.

    Not because sales people want more face, but sometimes giving little will actaully bring us more. EQ!

    But must see who is the target pple also.

    For finance pple, every cents count! So better just bring enough for urself when out in meal with them.



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