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Monday, 9 May 2016

Cost Of Freedom or Option To Choose???

The cost of freedom or option to choose what we like to do is the cost of receiving less financial compensation or none. Sometime, we may even have to pay or trade off for it to happen.

Even for blogging, there is "cost" of freedom or option to choose whatever we like to post knowing few of these blog posts may be distasteful or disliked by some.

Freedom and choices are never free!

What "business" can we pick and choose our "customers" as we like and when like and then drop them whenever we dislike them?

Any idea?


  1. Have!

    Popular hawkers.

    I've seen such hawkers shout at customer:

    Don't disturb me. Cannot wait don't wait!

    Sorry hor! Chilli or no chilli only. Want ketchup put yourself!

    More veggie, more chilli, more mee? How much you paying?

    Really fierce man!


  2. What do you expect?
    Service from Michelin star restaurants?

    These are high pressure, high turnover, on the spot per dish food order.
    You have to queue for your food like beggars.
    Don't like?
    Nobody ask you to queue lol!

    And don't play , play.
    Some of these hawkers belong to "GOD FATHER 2"
    Some even "GOD FATHER 1"
    So don't play play hoh!

  3. Hey!
    Only Black Magic Woman trying to sell " Portion No. 9".

    1. temperament,

      You power!

      No blog but your Black Magic Woman story can continue until here!?


      Now all the naughty uncles will visit Chang Mai to find your voodoo woman ;)

      Many uncles flushed with CPF cash are more than willing to be buy "Potion No. 9"!

      My money for you!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. So far my job is ok.
    Colleagues treat me well:)

    Will still continue to work. To keep myself occupied and also contribute to society

    1. See the difference on type of employer. Other type of employers. Prolong MCs will be medically board out with some compensation.


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