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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Long Distance Jogging - Do it "Naked" and "Boring" Way And Listen To The Hints Of Your Body!

Read? Sickness or Longevity having close association to a person’s character and the exercise he or she does! (Part 2)

Keep it firmly in our Mind!

Exercise is PREVENTIVE measure and NOT corrective resolution to our developing poor body condition and health. Exercise can't! 

Exercise is not our medicine, drugs or surgery. But, one thing  that long distance jogging can help to throw out some symptom of poor health and body condition much earlier BUT, often we ignore them until it is too late or never. It is our job to catch the hints from failing body!

Uncle8888 admitted to AProf in TTSH; the root cause of this 4 days stay was due to his own carelessness of health care.

A 4 days hospital stay due to common FLU. Shit man! 

Read? Acceptance and Becoming Senior Citizen! (2)

Long Distance Jogging - Do it "Naked" and "Boring" Way And Listen To The Hints Of Your Body!

Prevention is still better than Cure!

Uncle8888 doesn't run in any official Marathon Race. The last one Marathon Race was some years after NS and then no more.

He runs his own race at his own pace and does it naked and boring way i.e. no music earphone on his ears and listen to rhythms of his heart and breath. Stress out? Tired out? Listen and take note!

Our body will always hint out before any major failure!

1 comment:

  1. When we have taken the known preventive measures with our diligence and yet our body failed before our timeout then blame it to fate! LOL!


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