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Friday, 11 March 2016

What Happen To Our Investment Portfolio After Us??? (2)

Read? What Happen To Our Investment Portfolio After Us???

When we are Lao Jiao in the stock market; we can ride the price volatility in our investment portfolio like nothing has happened. But can our successor to our investment portfolio behave like us in the stock market?

Can he go and tell Auntie8888 that Warren Buffet said ..

Price Volatility is not risk.

Risk is permanent loss of capital.

When our investment portfolio reaches certain level; the daily price movement or volatility in portfolio may be damaging or scary to untested investing mind.

May go into depression. Right? Especially in the Land of Retirement.


  1. Hi CW8888,
    May be can leave a "letter of your intent" for your spouse.
    Get one of your children who is interested to guide her base on your "letter of intent"
    Your "letter of intent" should be equivalent to the decree of the ancient Tang's emperor

    Meanwhile try to get her interested as much as possible what you are doing in the world of finance.
    My wife is the same not really interested (maybe afraid) but i let her know everything - what and why i am doing this or that.
    My only son can think like me but NATO so far.
    Never mind me, if i sound like i am telling a fiction.

  2. Buy some annuity (CPF or private) for her lor... not price volatility.
    At least Auntie888 has fix perpetual income for life.

  3. Hi CW8888,

    My wife belongs to the same category of Auntie8888, and sad to say, my son also bochap. I am trying very hard to educate her/them on investment. If this is not successful, my plan B will kick in:

    Find a suitable time to cash out all investment and put in FD for her!!!!!!! Question is: when is the suitable time?

    1. Actually the most difficult part is how to prevent her from being con or scam of the "equity or cash " you left for her.
      Even for us we have to be very careful because i believe no one is immune to the disease of "Hua Hee Too Ho."

    2. Agreed on scam and con. Just too many of them out there. Sometime relatives are too helpful to help out with their good investment ideas.

    3. Yes! most of the time people you know and know well and not strangers that you let your guards down.
      Cold calls is easy to handle not relative's or friend's call.
      In that sense, we are all not immune to con and scam.


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