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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Investing in O&G: Past, Present, and Future!

Kep Corp and SembCorp Ind are not pure O & G play.

Uncle8888 has been in them long enough for active long and short plays to tell the real story behind them. 

No concept or theory whatsoever!

It is Real People, Real Holding and Real Pain in the Ass when they are the top 2 holding in his portfolio with their daily stock price movement!

Kep Corp since Sep 2001 after Sep 11 WTC Attack and SCI since Dec 2002 after Solitaire case caused its stock price to tumble.

How bad after so many years of Buy and Hold?

How great is trading in and out?

See for yourself and deduce your conclusion ...

Market timing and Time in the Market?

or Both?

No Right Method Ever?

Stop looking for one?

Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $9.64 for Round 95

Read? SembCorp Industries (SCI): Bought @ $4.97 for Round 54


  1. My conclusion...
    Method: Market Timing
    Mind: Patience
    Money: The amounts bought/ sold (which would translate to the profit/loss)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi SMK, LOL means have something to poke about "Method"? All ears.

    2. nope. I fully approve of market timing. It is a technique. but a double edged sword.

      you realize I am quite impartial to almost types of investment styles: cigar puff, growth, TA, FA, asset play, income, fixed income, indexing, special situations, timing, neff, buffett..etc.

      the only one I am fully opposed to is passive investing for the active investor. if everything don't know or cannot do, then and only then, passive investing comes in.

      all singaporeans are passive investors in CPF anyway.

      22d, uncle style is not marketing timing, you need to read his blog title again.

    3. Hi SMK,
      I know uncle's style is pillow stocks strategy.
      But method wise seems like market timing using TA and FA to trade around a core position If no market timing used, how to do so many trade rounds? Or is there some other elusive 'kungfu'? :P

    4. his blog title is "create wealth through long term investing and short term trading"

      he does what he says he does.
      have you been reading properly? lol

    5. As long as 14.5 yrs and still counting and can be as short as one day. LOL!

    6. Of course I can see la, the words so big lol.
      If we read beyond the words, interesting part on method would be HOW & WHEN Uncle8888 decides on his long and short plays. :)

    7. that one he already show you liao.

      drew so many horizontal lines for you to see each time he does it. careful now, this is a terriority FA people frown on.

      he is long only. when he is short, he only shorts it to become long again.

      I feel pillow stocks strategy (pss) caveat is nature of business and investment time horizon.
      pss, i personally feel, is a construct of the human mind in response to sunk cost fallacy due to missing the point of getting all out due to inertia.

      I could be wrong.

    8. Nothing complex. Just don't lose our hard earned money to others while collecting earning from invested companies.

      Read? Where Does The Money In The Stock Market Come From? (Time for a fresh as it is timeless!)

  3. Hi CW,

    For cyclical, market timing! Long term positive evolution is possible consider the track records of the both companies evolving strongly over the years. For your info, Keppel at one time use to focus on building more tankers and merchant ships than offshore.

    Over time, it keeps evolving. LNG, Wind and onshore business can have big potential for both as far as oil and gas, while they will still continue to look into diversifying and evolving.

    But just want to seek your advice? Is it a good time now?

    1. If they can't evolve they will end up like Motorola and Kodak.

    2. take long time.
      this oil situation may get worse before it gets better.
      the retrenchments by local firms haven't started yet.
      how to repurpose or retrain huge groups of employees when singaporeans' mentality is generally opposed to change?


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