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Monday, 7 March 2016

Ron Sim Makes Unconditional Cash Offer to privatise

Offer Price of S$1.32 represents a 31.8% premium over 1-month VWAP and a 33.5%

premium over 3-month VWAP

WTF: One round tio suck finger!

1.32 + 0.05 (Panadol) = 1.37. Lost $0.06+ brokerage!

 Net loss @ -4.5%


  1. CW,

    Hee hee.

    You think everyday Sunday?

    But you got good heart.

    Others only share their winning trades, mislead newbiews into thinking just follow CW buy the dip sure make money.

    Hello! It's not like buying durians! Where got all "bao jiak" ones?

    Sometimes entries not so good never mind. With enough panadols, patience, and luck, still can make money. Sometimes it matters :(

    Same corporate action. Some make 32%; some lose -4.5%.

    Some will curse Ron Sim; some will praise Ron Sim.

    1. Will there be more corporate actions soon?
      Singapore tua ka got more than one method to jiak but at least very logical.

  2. If they decide to take Sembmarine private at the current price many investors who bought it at $5 will tio suck finger also......

    1. Wah, not possible lah please.
      Give me chance to kio liu lian leh.

  3. Thumbs up for the reveal. Thumbs down to ron. Thumbs down to those who bought and huat the 10% for not sharing in advance.

  4. Down to Ron Sim!

    Looking at the size of the float. Minority are the retail investors sitting on their massage chairs.

    1. CW,


      I can understand why you a bit miffed.

      It's not the -4.5%

      That's only a paper cut.

      It's you going to a restaurant, food only eaten half-way the bloody owner start chasing customers home because they want to close early for the night.


    2. SMOL is good at watching people. LOL

    3. •Institutional shareholders own only 10.3% and is not enough to swing the 27.7% in acceptances he needs to compulsorily acquire. It will be a close race Shareholders run the risk of being stuck in a suspended stock if Mr Sim gets only 153.9m in acceptances. That will take him over 90% of issued shares but not enough to delist entirely.

    4. Now we know why he was buying back shares so aggressively. Is it a preemptive defensive measure or an aggressive supporting show of force?

    5. ron sim succeeded!

    6. What the hack is Ron Sim doing?

      Halt again!

      Tio threathen by fund mgrs. to disrupt his taking OSIM private as they collectively own more than 10%?

    7. personally, I think:
      1. ron sim is flooring the price at a point where there is still good volume.
      2. he was never going to take it private, the offer is indicative.
      3. the new offer is not much better and he said it would be his final offer.

      so this whole thing is a show.

      now we entering the final act.

  5. Hi Uncle, I thought u made money when I saw the news. Never mind, recoup capital for another battle. My Nol also same fate, with bigger loss.


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