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Sunday, 6 March 2016

DBS : He Didn't Get Them Right But Not Judgement Day To Condemn Him To Hell!

Read? DBS: Bought Back @ $16.01

In trading for a living, they have to be right and wrong to make money to survive; but for retail investors with full time job, they just need to have plenty of gut and patience and most importantly NO EMPTY wallet to be right once again to make money. See the difference?


No worry! Reasonable dose of Panadols will ease the pain.


  1. lol this time don't know if it is heng or skill.
    but surely got some luck?
    if any news come to knock the market, this rebound will not happen.

    that was some risky buying! like the OSIM that time.

    1. clarify: not saying no skill involved. just referring to the trade depending MORE on luck or skill.

    2. 1) SMK,

      You got watch 笑傲江湖?

      When gian bei just displayed his 排山倒海, you don't "ji ji wai wai".

      You just clap!

      2) CW,

      Clap, clap!

      These 后辈 are making my pokings to you look like roses ;)


    3. Did you see OSIM Round 2 here? How come?

  2. Hi CW,

    I agree. As I am quite busy in work, I absolutely have no time for hourly or even daily monitoring. So only way is patience, guts and hehe my definition of deep pocket!

    Good to know it more clearly now!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Most importantly we must NOT have empty wallet or else game over. LOL

  4. Another example of hard to fish the bottom.
    Anyway I am too slow to react. My work does not allow me to monitor the prices, can only do so at home.

    1. Download this apps My SGX (Singapore Exchange) to your mobile. You will not be the same anymore. LOL

  5. But since you have sold at the high range, buying back at $16.01 is still a gain. :)

    1. Slowly, slowly stuffing more feathers to make pillow stocks and then sleep soundly on pillow stocks and never ever worry of losing our hard earned money.

      Modify Buffet Rule 1: Don't lose our hard earned money. Once done, just keep playing without losing sleep.



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