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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Time, Effort and Knowledge Doesn't Really Make Us Successful Retail Investors??? (2)

Read? Time, Effort and Knowledge Doesn't Really Make Us Successful Retail Investors???

This is so vague
What did he buy?
If he bought index fund, he would at least perform with the index

So what is the issue?
His fault?
No. But, can blame his Horoscope not aligned to the Investing Star when he decided to start investing!
Remembered that he has started in 2006.
The Luck Factor in Investing!
That is TRUE! This is NOT joking or kidding!
Who still don't believe in market timing? See the chart!
How was the investing climate in 2006?
FOMO in action?
Buying on the way up.
How was the investing climate in 2008?
Incredible bargain hunting season!
Averaging down for those have bought higher in 2006 and 2007. Why not?
But, how many RETAIL investors with deep pocket who could still be in the Game of Investing after 2 to 3 years of actions in the stock market?
But, whoever has JUST started in 2009 or 2010 would tell a different story on Real People, Real Story?
Will that Man said something here?
If not wrong, he came in 2010 with large Pot of Gold from his earned income?
The rest of his History is about Leisure!
The Luck Factor (Market Timing?)


  1. CW,

    No lah. Not pot of gold; just pot of silver only... I started in 1999. I was lucky - I experienced the 2000 Nasdaq crash when my portfolio was tiny in comparison to today. So can recover with earning more and saving more.

    And with lots of self-reflections based on my actual TRACK RECORD (not plans or hope); when 2009 came, I had the cash to go in big ;)

    Lucky or what? Anyway, its all told in "My Story".

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. CW,

    As with fashion, Passive Indexing is only popular in Singapore within the last few years.

    That means all those who are practicing it now (or promoting it) do not have a 10 years ACTUAL track record to show.

    At best can do back testing; and we all know how easy it is to manipulate the results.

    That means the practitioners in Singapore's context are basing it more on HOPE or PLAN.

    Let's wait 10 years to see who is brave enough to show REAL PEOPLE REAL STORY like what you have done.

    Any idiot can show good results for 5 years or less - especially if they started in 2009.

    But with a 10 years track record, that would include a -20% bear market and maybe several -10% corrections ;)

    The biggest drawback of Passive Indexing is the efficacy can only be seen some decades later. If the practitioner finds it does not work for him and decides to change strategy, well, money lost can be recovered... Time lost?

    Take away 10 years from the effects of compounding returns in your excel file, and all of sudden, the final compounding results you have hoped or planned for isn't so sexy anymore :(


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