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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Beware of Self-enhancing transmission bias Among Us - The Investment and Finance Bloggers! (2)

Read? Beware of Self-enhancing transmission bias Among Us - The Investment and Finance Bloggers!

Uncle8888 has been following two local Gurus (investment blogger or cyber investment influencer) for years till their RIP.

One of them poked until his RIP also no answer from him. It is simple Yes or No. But it is damn morally difficult to answer!

Did you make your millions from your investment portfolio's gains or from your business?

How did they make EVEN MUCH MORE money after becoming successful retail investor as influencer?

They become Business Owner!


  1. BO is where many become rich and not many from Investment. What more commonly heard is many became poorer from investing. :-)

  2. Many want I to supplement E,
    I is the only one that can go with E or B or S, u dun have to DIY remember

    But E are the people trying to turn I into B

  3. now got even more such businesses!
    they no longer sell results-based mark to market investment courses.
    they sell concept investment, guru talks(btw guru is not a trending word anymore), that they are hardworking, that they are positive, community building (in a place where people take money off each other lol), sell buffett ...

    they are now very skilled people-asset allocators.

    sometimes, I wished the really "real people real results" bloggers would create and manage their own online courses instead of lending their credibility to these types.

    * any criticism of actual results-based investment course developers and fund managers in this comment is purely in your mind only.

    1. SMK,

      They did.

      Don't have to do it yourself. We can become an investor and fund those creating on-line courses or offering seminars ;)

      It's like I always "jio" my friends and colleagues to a bar or restaurant; but I conveniently forget to tell them I have a share in that bar or restaurant. Shh...

      Contrast this behaviour with I openly tell others to support "MY" restaurant that I have a share in and I give discounts to my friends to thank them for their "support".

  4. there are no courses under the sun that can make you successful!

    there is only one guru that will assist you in your quest and that guru is none other than yourself.

  5. There are also many failed BO not mentioned. 9 out of 10 will failed biz. Same as I.

  6. Kiyosaki forgot to mention the risk and sustainability of becoming BO.


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