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Sunday, 14 February 2016

SembCorp Ind: The Past & The Present. How about The Future?

The Stock Market may NOT be for you!

Looking at the Number especially on Percentage drop. It is then bloody scary!

It will scare the shit of us!


  1. CW,

    The price of entry is quite important right?

    If entered at at $0.72, stil sitting on a 3 bagger and collecting panadols. Even in the darkest days of 2008/09, still a 2 bagger and more. Sleep soundly at night. Long term investing works! Buy and hold works!

    But if entered at $6.70... Just when the glimmer of hope to breakeven after 8 years, now I guess have to wait another 8 years?

    Even after "breakeven" 15 to 20 years later, its a pyrrhic victory... We know $6.70 15 years later is not worth the same $6.70 in 2007 :(

    Long term investing works? Buy and hold works?

    That's why I can never bring myself to encourage others to "invest"; or reprimand others for letting cash rot in the banks.

    What my kindergarten teacher told my grandma rings true: "Your grandson own self don't know still like to teach others..."

  2. The ones who want to follow trend must know what is '见好就收'。The ones who want to value invest must know what is 'waiting for trough'. The ones who just invest without any entry and exit in mind are just buying 4D.

  3. already kept, waiting to enter again. the question is: my enter is long or short? :)

    1. SMK,

      You average 7 posts a year...

      All of sudden so "active" over here???

      Lucky you not prolific so can revisit your blog to "study" you.

      Interesting. You can be a very good indicator ;)

      STI near 2500 then you come out of the woodworks... Impressive display of patience...

      You 身藏不露!

    2. i am average person. 2 eyes 2 ears 1 nose 1 mouth. lol nothing to study.
      just only question more. sometimes too skeptical, see so many scams in my life already. just lucky I never kanna-ed.
      write posts need more inspiration, effort, consistency and purpose.
      i have none of the above. I only wake up at certain points.
      stock market is mostly a study of emotions coupled with a bit of fundamentals, nothing to shout about.
      most reasoning and explanations given for surges and drops are all conjectures and attempts at correlation of 2 independent (mostly) events happening at the same time.
      when the real sages in investing say to pay no attention to news, did people really understand what they mean?
      when copernicus formulated his theory, it was based on facts causation rather than what people of that era are doing in projecting their wants onto natural occurrences.
      can we be sure we are not doing the same all the time? that's why sometimes I also 2nd guess a lot. but let the market prove the hypotheses instead is the best option.
      by the way, fundamentals are also affected by emotions, it is a feedback loop.
      company decisions are not made by computers but by humans and even computers are a pale imitation of the human being's transition in emotion states.
      I prefer life skills as these directly translate to active income.
      I like cw8888 because he is genuine and not hypersensitive/defensive all the time. (hope this doesn't go to his head.)

    3. by the way, again, my next enter is long or short? :)

    4. SMK,

      Ah! See? This one comment already shows you are a few leagues above me ;)

      Don't worry about CW.

      You play the good cop role. If CW lets it goes into his head, I'll play the bad cop role to bring him back to reality ;)

      CW's generation not strawberries.

      P.S. I hope others will be sporting enough to answer you.

      My take is that bulls and bears will make money; yield hogs will get slaughtered ;)

      My sampan and your yacht may pass each other in the fog of the night.


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