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Thursday 4 February 2016

Day 7 & 8 : Taipei

Read? Day 5 & 6 : Taichung

From Taichung Railway station to Xinwuri station : NT$15 per pax

Taichung HSR Station

From Taichung HSR station to Taipei HSR station: NT$700 per pax

Taipei - Yang Min Shan

Take MRT to Jiantan Station and then take Bus Red 5 or Bus 260 to Yang Min Shan.  You have to choose either bus stop to queue. We chose Bus Red 5. LOL!

It is the same MRT station to Shilin Night Market, 士林夜市

Last year trip to Yang Min Shan was at wrong season so we didn't manage to see any nice flowers.

This time it is flower season at Yang Min Shan!



Last trip, we were at this same bus stop watching clouds while waiting for mini bus Small 9 from Yang Min Shan to Beitou MRT station and then from Beitou to Tamsui MRT station.

This time we took Bus 26 from Tamsui MRT station bus stop  to Fishermen's Wharf to see ...

This time ...

When comes to food, don't analyse too much, just follow the crowd is seldom wrong!

Last trip we went to Taipei 101 to look down -->
This time we travelled to Xiangshan station to walk up the hill's stairs. The hike takes a total of around 15-20 minutes to the top, and includes lots of stairs so it was quite a climb up until we saw this old man putting many of us to shame. See for yourself ...
One slow step at a time and reaching the destination matters for him and not the time taken.
How about that for investing lesson?
We spent close to two hours at top of Elephant Hill ( Xiangshan (象山). How come?



 BBQ Beef Cubes


NT$95 for lots of small rib bak tu.
See the leftover bones!
Worth the queuing for it!

That's all folks!
End of Taiwan Round 2.
Will start planning for Taiwan Round 3 near Nov 16. :-)


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    1. I have really covered most parts of HK so the next country is Taiwan as it is easy to move around and no language barrier. After Taiwan, it is either to cover Australia or New Zealand. But too big a country to cover


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