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Monday, 15 February 2016


CW8888:  So true! Even better for those who don't expect return in any kind!



我當時根本就沒有任何的辦法! 就在銀行期限只剩下兩個禮拜的時候,有一間經紀公司的老闆要...和我簽約,簽完約之後,我跟他說:「我馬上要破產了,老闆! 你能不能幫我渡過這個難關? 我沒錢付貸款了。」然後...他二話不說開了一張支票給我!





  1. CW,

    The highlighted words make a lot of sense. However, those with weak minds must guard against snake oils as they are frequently abused by wolves pretending to be shepherds.

    賺到的就要給人 - altruism is a virtue; not prosperity gospel.

    學到的就要教人 - not when the one teaching profits more than the students.

  2. Give to crooks who do harm... lagi worst

    Teach the selfish who keep just for himself to profit, also lagi worst.

    Give or teach sometimes also need to see to who?


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