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Monday, 8 February 2016

How Much Will You Miss Your Job In your Retirement? Are You Really To Retire Soon?

 Read?  Happy Retirement: The Psychology of Reinvention



  1. Hello CW,

    Read, plan, think, dream, etc...

    They can only do so much.

    Get our feet wet then we'll know.

    Don't worry. Crash got sound one.

    If I didn't go into the shop, how will I know I didn't need anything in the first place?

    It's never a binary black or white decision. After 1.5 years of sabbatical from full time work, I discovered working weekends was a better fit for me. It's all about awareness of the present and adjusting.


    Wait till you got bored of travelling overseas... It will be interesting to hear you share about your retirement experience in 2 years' time.

    Whether you happy with all the free time, or you cannot take it anymore and went back to full time work! Minimum wage job you also do!


    1. This book is more like Head Up for those wishing for early retirement. LOL! Too much free time is a serious problem!

      Read? "Early" Retirement???

      Just a few days before my Taiwan holidays, I met him again for lunch. This time, he said after CNY he will start looking for some admin job and will stay with the job if job is not too stressful.

    2. CW,


      Lucky you have your fishing and travelling all over to taste the good food, and I with my trading and people watching to keep us "distracted".

      Unless one has children and prepared to be a stay-at-home dad, most who retired young usually will start a business on the side, work part-time work, or do volunteer work.

      Of course even better when we have hobbies or sports. Some may paint, write the book they have always been putting off, or hustle the newbies at golf or snooker at the country clubs?

      Those who say they want to achieve financial freedom full stop? Likely wanting to escape from a miserable job.

      Those who say they want to achieve financial freedom followed by a clear idea what they want to do after? These are the ones seeking to achieve ;)


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