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Friday, 12 February 2016

DBS : At What Price Is Undervalued???


  1. The graph looks to me like it can drop some distance more.

  2. Looks like the TA group doesn't give a hoot where is the NAV now and 10 years ago :)

    1. Seems that way.

      I wondered if the NAV at 6.45 in 2008 is lower than the NAV at 8.45 in 2002.


  3. It’s official: DBS is no longer Asia’s largest bank

    Singapore Business Review

    Indonesia’s BCA snatched the crown.

    Indonesian lender Bank Central Asia is now the region’s largest bank in terms of market capitalisation, toppling Singapore-based DBS from the top spot.

    This chart from Bloomberg shows that BCA's market cap has exceeded US$24 billion, while DBS's market cap has dropped below this threshold.

    DBS’s shares have lost 37.8% of their value since August last year. The group’s share price dropped to $13.140 per unit in Thursday’s trading, compared to its recent peak of $21.120 in August 21.

    In contrast, BCA’s share price has risen 18.6% from a low of IDR 11,252 per unit in August 24 to close at INR 13,350 per share as of Thursday.

    1. They should have changed it to "37.8% of price". Tsk tsk are they trying to incite a retailiation rally by the FA group?

  4. tech tebound if u look at 07-08 b4 Lehman crash?

    Prefer short term trade?

  5. if history repeat, oh...$4.45
    some expert said history never repeat :)


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