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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

CPF OA Interests and Dividends (2)

Read? CPF OA Interests and Dividends

Bond as asset allocation?

Why bonds?

Uncle8888 has zero bonds.

In Singapore, we have CPF OA and CPF SA; they are Bond-like.

He still maintains his CPFIS account for simple reason.

When stock market is too bearish; he will swap some CPF OA interests for dividends and when stock market is too bullish he will swap dividends to CPF OA interests.

Counting interests is no stress!

Better to count interests most of the time! Hee Hee!


  1. CW,

    Better enjoy while we can!

    Big daddy not stupid.

    That's why they want to link CPF retirement, medisave, and special account interests with 10 years Singapore bonds.

    Preparing the grounds just in case the world's major central banks go full retard with negative interest rates...

    Then its just a matter of simply removing the minimum CPF floor rates ;)

    Keeping my fingers crossed the US Fed don't copy cat with negative rates :(

    1. hohoho you also see the SG rate and US rate strong correlation.

  2. i always think USA is the smartest financial engineer in the world.
    Nobody can beat them yet.

    Why would they want negative interest rate?
    i think they always want to be the biggest Towkay to the world.
    You can't be the biggest Towkay if you have negative interest rate.
    In fact i think Jenet commented that US constitutions may not allow it.
    i think it is just not for fun for her to comment.
    Or is it?


    1. temperament,

      Swiss central bank told the public it will defend the EUR/CHF floor, no worries. Then what happened?

      BOJ communicated negative interest rates not on the cards. What happened?

      But when everyone is devaluing their currencies, and strong USD is threatening Big Corporations' repatriated profits, never say never ;)

      Its quite clear central banks are looking out for the landed class...

    2. Personally, I think: don't look down on the fed. we can take a look at the overall situation to think about whether they can live with slightly higher rates. it is probably not about 3% or 4% rates but 2% after 2 years?

      Own thoughts:
      if the rates higher, they can offload some more of some stuff, they can afford to raise rates slightly without spooking domestic consumerism due to depressed ______ prices, higher rates also mean higher ________ value (feedback loop), no central bank can stop them (but one is actively siam-ing them), it will also encourage their own countrymen to __________ (not that they need to, they can just keep playing politics and signing).

      the next 2-3 days will be interesting.

      still, over the horizon, nothing major to knock them off course to 'fulfill' their objectives.

    3. Maybe slightly positive to the least negative among all is enough for them to remain the Towkay of the World.


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