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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Book : Tell Me the Truth: Conversations with my patients about life and death

'Cancer patients put up with the most and complain the least, endowed with an uncommon wisdom that is a privilege to observe. It is not simply that they see the big picture; if you spend long enough with them, they help you see it too.'

Oncologist Ranjana Srivastava, working in one of Australia's busiest hospitals, is constantly present at the moments that change people's lives forever: when they are told they have cancer. As her patients face this hardest of truths, Dr Srivastava  is privileged and humbled to see the wisdom and clarity with which they bear their illness. Here she allows us to witness the intimacies of the world of medicine and shares the unexpected truths that she has learned about what is genuinely important.

Tell Me the Truth is an acknowledgement of the incredible courage of ordinary people as they confront the big issues of life and death.

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  1. Read carefully the lessons from the doctor

  2. Interesting book..I lost my mum to cancer last year end. I saw the dignity of my mum as a cancer patient being tested during her final 2 months in the hospital when she stopped her chemo treatment. The cancer pain took away her mobility and her ability to eat and perform toiletry functions, and her life too.
    She went through 4 sessions of hell-like chemo sessions. She stopped only when the side effects became unbearable and she lost a lot of weight. Her oncologist introduced palliative care only when my mum indicated to stop cancer treatment. Many cancer patients did suffer in silence.

    I wish more people would learn from life lessons.

    1. We are likely to learn more and deeply from real life lessons. Chemo and radiotherapy have side effects and may have long-term side effect on quality of life too.

  3. The longer you live, the more you will realise the spiritualistic side of life triumps over the materialistic side.
    You have witnessed so many deaths that you wonder at times why you worry so much about your material well being rather your spiritual well being.
    How often we succumb to "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"?

  4. With due respect to all the doctors and research being done on cancer and many other major illnesses like stroke, heart failure, etc, the search seems to be on a continuing trend for better cancer drugs. More money is pump in year after year to resolve this yet the death cases in developing countries (SG is one of them) is climbing up.

    Sadly, many of us tend to rely on the doctors when our very own health should be our own responsibility to begin with. And the best place to begin with is to watch the food we eat. Recently, there is a program on CNA talking about the amount of food wastage that we have incurred year after year. I felt sad that in many countries that is still famine and poverty yet we are overeating (buffet), and not watching what and how much we eat , to the detriment of our health.

    I blog briefly here - about my diet change and hope to encourage more people to make a change in their diet and see the transformation for themselves.

    I wish I had acted earlier so that my late mum who passed away from cancer several years ago would have a chance to prolong her life instead of relying on chemotherapy.........

    Trust Nature - it has healing power beyond our human intelligence. God created Nature and I am sure he has well thought out plans what food is good for what illnesses. God bless all


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