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Saturday 23 January 2016

When We Are Very Sick We May Have That Feeling of Entitlement that PAP Govt Owes Us Something!

WTF! Wait so long! So crowded! Not same doctor har!



  1. CW,

    After 2 years of weekly, monthly, and now yearly follow up hospital visits with mom, although I'm not into fishing as a hobby, I'm now quite Zen on waiting times.

    Excellent cultivation for my investment side of the portfolio ;)

    Always see the bright side of things!

    1. You are right!

      I also waited for a few months on queue to start treatment but during that few months I was busy googling for alternative and self treatment. Learn more on how to live well if given a second chance.

      How about eating raw garlic, raw almond seed, raw bright color vegetables? Even the dentist with his mask attending to me couldn't tahan the smell of garlic. Walau! You!

      Agreed. Always see the bright side of things!

    2. no leh, my doctor just give me a new appointment visit him one month later after i discharge 6th Jan.

      i think quite ok leh.

      i rather he see me in two month later:(

    3. Hmm ... frequency got meaning hor.

      Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, every three months, every six months, and yearly

  2. Some people believe (NOT me) faith in religion n read bible can cure!

    Actually it was said that God created a human body as perfect with no illness. It was the satan who inflict fear in a "matrix" unreal world that you sense the pain. If u can uphold ur faith in religion that u r created w/o illness n stop gg to the hospital n keep on praying until the minute u r almost dead, satan will eventually leave ur mind/body having unable to control u with all the wealth/status/lust/fear/pain.

    Miraculously u will be then cured going against the scientific proof. Yes, seen real examples!

    Sometimes I wonder I have relatives n friends who take care of their health all their life but die of cancer n terminal disease.

    I also always wonder if doctors are the main culprit!

    I have an auntie who smoke since teens until today mid 80s, never sleep a lot, work long hrs, eat unhealthy, n worst reall money not enuff, but still gg strong!

    Maybe she is always optimistic, positive n happy, n she is so kind hearted n always reaching out to help people.

  3. I think the world today is so NOT altruistic! Sad..


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