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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

2015 Household Expenses

2015 overseas travel expenses is about 17.6% of total household expenses.

Uncle8888 will need to increase "passive" income from 2017 to be sustainable.


  1. Understand.
    After "retire", suddenly we found we have more wants not less.
    Most probably we have more free time and realizing we are born with nothing, so we have to go with nothing too.
    Keep on investing.

  2. make sure you don't think of getting them out from the stock market! it is not meant for satisfying your expenses!

    1. Who says so?
      Why then we invest?
      What are the dividends income and (heng, heng) some capital gains too.
      Just make sure you don't swallow your seeds money.
      What did i say with my last sentence above.

      For you trader, i know you will have as much capital(plus gains) as possible in the market, if i am not wrong.

  3. 2009 and 2015 spending amount ~ the same. How come spending don't reduce when you don't need to support kids education?

    Your spending on utilities increase 300%?

    1. Wah!

      Raymond got sharp eyes and verify all data points. LOL!

      Amended the Category from Utilities to Utilities/Credit Card Charges

      It is due to POSB changing the code type for credit charges by GIRO from "CCC" to "IBG" in Apr 2015.

      Now under IBG code, it has credit card charges, PUB, phone and TC bills via GIRO.

    2. 2009 is recession and depression fear. Budget cut and in expenses control mode of operation. :-)


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