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Monday, 4 January 2016

Entries/Exits and Goals??? (4)

Read? Entries/Exits and Goals??? (3)

Passionate Grasshopper: You see. After three years of many Entries and Exits, I got a Virgin 10 Bagger. Here is the Maths. It's 11 bagger in 3 years - 1x2, then x3, then x1.88.

Planning Ant: Like that count ah! Me too. 6 Entries BUT ZERO EXIT. It is really an Old Virgin 10 Bagger who is more than 14 years old so not pretty!

The Moral of The Story ...

Two opposite sides of the SAME coin may lead us to our final destination. One way is to take the faster side to Rome but we must always be on the Ball and focusing our eyes sharply on Entries/Exits and the other way is old and boring, patiently and focusing on Entries and less on Exits.

With many Entries/Exits, soon you will find your Virgin 10 Bagger or with a few good Entries and let Time takes us along the ride and we will see an Old Virgin 10 Bagger too.  We decide and choose our own poison.

That's folk!

End of Chat on Entries/Exits!


  1. Yes encik!

    I've already let the woman down when we crossed the bridge ;)

  2. Who are more likely to own 10 bagger?
    The short-term traders or long-term investors.
    Err... i mean long-term traders.
    As long as we are in, we all have the chances to own a 10 baggers.
    But who have a better chance.
    i have missed many 10 baggers.
    Always buy & sell too early lah.
    That's why.
    It's O. K.for me.
    As long as make money too Ho.
    Make less never mind because make less money more times may be same as making 10 baggers only once in a blue moons. And somtimes "green moon" (black swan) then kaput!

  3. I prefer the grasshopper way but will still carry a measuring stick.


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