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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Ind : How bad now?

You can see for yourself.

Click on the image for Enlargement.

Life of retail investor is never sweet but sweet and sour hor!

How about Kep Corp's future dividend?

Can we speculate the amount of cut before 21 Jan 2016?

Worst case between 19 to 35 cts?


  1. CW, do you think KepCorp maintains 40c dividend as panadol for FY2015?

    1. Updated the above post with Dividend history chart

    2. EPS for Fy2015 is 80~100c.

      If base on worst case payout ratio of 0.5 (2008), Kepcorp likely to pay 40c dividend.

      Else Agong is not happy. :)

    3. why today keppel corp drop so much?

      like Ray said, keppel corp and semb corp not only doing O&G...well, price has drop >50% from their peak liao.

    4. may be some pple follow Rolf and cut losses. LOL!

    5. CW,

      I am sure Rolf can defend himself; but since he is busy working, I'll have his six for the time being ;)

      Taking money off the table last year is not the same as cutting losses now...

      Come, come. How can you say what you've said when Rolf just wrote a post sharing how he went into 60% cash end 2015?

      Naughty, naughty ;)

      Your old virgins no longer 10 baggers also don't like that mah... Be a man! Suck it up!

    6. yes. SMOL
      if i want to cut losses, i would have done so last year at 3.5 or 3.3.

      no need wait till now.

      now just let them in sleeping mode.

      focus in my recuperation and 食疗

      next time i may share how to eat properly to get better health:)

    7. life of retail investor is sweet and sour. Learn to accept it and move on.

      Past is not Present. Present is not Future.

      STI is still long to go. Buy super slowly. :-)

    8. wah uncle
      history repeat again?

      so we see 1500?

      my next buy is around 2600-2550


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