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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Entries and Exits. The Opposite Way Of Grasshopper and Ant!

Grasshopper: We focus on our setup, better Entries and Exist to grow our trading account. We are living in our PRESENT since we can't control our FUTURE!

Ant: We look back at our PAST to calibrate and re-calibrate our PRESENT for our FUTURE! 

We believe we still have some control (SMOL: You mean influence?) over our War Chest to generate the desired level of investment income for our PRESENT and most importantly it is all about our FUTURE!

We have Goals for our FUTRE!

But, some Ants do have better Entries and Exits strategies! 

So not all Ants are Black!

Uncle8888's War Chest, Plan and his Goals

We often hear from investment bloggers in the cyber world on ..

Buy slowly!

Sell slowly!

Do you have any ideas?

How slow is slow?

How fast is fast?

Real person with real deployment and re-building of War Chest.

You may need to know this small background information to understand the images better ...

He didn't add a single cent from his CASH saving to his war chest since Jan 2000 as he didn't have the financial muscle to do that.

He is from single household income feeding five mouths and strictly risk control and management in place to protect his family against more than expected financial losses. He only loses what he can afford to limit the financial impact to his family! Be a responsible spouse and father!

Read this. You may understand why?

Not Interested In Investing or Too scared To Invest???

Major STI market cycles - Horrible Bears and Beautiful Bulls!

Since he has fully paid off his cheaper HDB loan in five years; all his CPF contributions made up bulk of his savings.

How slow?

How fast?



  1. Respect & appreciate for your unselfish, tireless sharing of thoughts and experiences.

  2. Uncle 8888

    So 2000-2008 becomes family chest, 2008 on wards then is your real "war" chest ?

    Dunno is it interpret this way.

    1. Hmm ... Wah!

      True leh. 2000 - 2008 the so-called war chest is actually money coming out of family chest. It is just naming convention that is changed. From 2008, the money was taken back from the stock market through War so it is rightfully the War Chest.

      clap clap clap!

  3. Bro8888,

    Wah, you going into the lecturer/trainer circuit ah? Hahaha, time to show your slips of transaction for audit! LOL


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