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Thursday 7 January 2016

DBS: Bought Back @ $16.01 for Round 21

Read? DBS : Bought @ $16.98 for Round 20

Sold @ $21.04 Bought Back @ $16.98 for yield @ 3.5% and Lock In $4.06 in CPF OA for 2.5% interest

Sold @ $20.31 Bought Back @ $16.01 for yield @ 3.7% and Lock In $4.30 in CPF OA for 2.5% interest

Collecting dividends and interests for cash flow in the Land of Retirement.

Round 19: ROC +178%, 4,385 days, B $7.53 S $21.04  
Round 18: ROC +144.7%, 2,174 days, B $8.27 S $20.31  
Round 17: ROC - 31.1%, 232 days, B $24.20 S $16.80  
Round 16: ROC - 21.6%, 222 days, B $23.20 S $18.32  
Round 15: ROC - 18.1%, 186 days, B $22.90 S $18.88  
Round 14: ROC - 9.2%, 70 days, B $21.00 S $19.20  
Round 13: ROC +9%, 65 days, B $20.50 S $22.50 
Round 12: ROC +10.6%, 8 days, B $20.50 S $22.60


  1. Holding of DBS back to the same level in portfolio with slightly higher cash flow

  2. uncle
    i just bought 500 share at 15.84

  3. I iniitiated 700 shares at $15.8 using CPF OA. Slowly accumulate more if go lower

  4. CW,


    Never give qiang bei face.

    One by one start coming in buying at better prices...

    The one who buys at $15 and below for the win!

    1. yeh,

      My hands not itchy. Still early days. DBS breaking $15 is not that far off if STI breaks 2700.

      This bout of volatility is not even close to the one we experienced end 2011 during the US fiscal cliff. There's also an off chance we may see 2008 all over again. Not a market call! Just saying...

      Can't control; but can prepare.

      As a trend follower, I rather buy on the way up than on the way down. My "ba wu" different from qiang bei.

      He must have bought during the market opening BEFORE the RMB fixing and market suspension in China. Ouch!
      Near daily high of $16.03 some more ;)

      Well, you beat him at daily entry!

      Well done :)

  5. My next buy is probably at around STI 2650. Waiting to open by cash war chest. CNY depreciation Is causing the market turmoil. We have the makings of AFC again.

  6. Banks r volatile during this period.

    Today my hands v itchy like most on DBS n Ocbc, two strongest banks in the world. Almost hit buy at below 16 for DBS and Ocbc at below 8.4... then I ask myself again... m I sure. Inner voice never give me an answer.

    I took few hrs break n go back focus on work. Once I forget everything about stocks, I m back again on the screen. This time Inner voice say don't buy bank stocks now!

    For uncle, he wrestle DBS over the years via many many rounds. He know the temperament of DBS better than many retail investor.

    So make sure dun follow blindly, which I know most pple understand but sometimes r so tempted. Health is more impt than wealth. When health is weak, mind is not as clear, this is the time to forget about wealth n stocks! otherwise it may weaken ur health further.

    My way of thinking...


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